Thursday, October 9, 2014


One of the rare night.

Must be the can of coffee at 3pm. So tired yet the sleepy mood is not kicking in. This is again a long procrastinating night.

Study shows that the more time you spent on Facebook, the more terrible you feel. It might be true, mostly by peer pressure, especially looking what others had achieved, while I am still standing at the same spot. Feel like I am not the master of my life, unable to achieve what I want.

This is the place that I was quite active during my university moment, read back what I wrote, I seems to proceed not much since I stepped out that gate.

Felt into the trap designed by the society, money, capitalism, live the life that society wants you to live, to serve the needs of the power, everything is about profit and value.

So many things want to do, to achieve, yet so little time to do it. Seeing time flies, chances wasted, doing uncertain things, and still try to persuade myself to push a little more, just a little more, and more, just because I believe every time is so close to hit the jackpot, yet still see nothing.

Guess I just need to try get back to sleep.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

After A Year

As I promised last year, I would follow up my new year resolution when another new year came, and it is time now.

These are my 2012 "Resolution"

  1. Run my first startup.
  2. Travel to Tibet, and hike to Himalaya base camp.
  3. Being able to do Toe Fake 20 cones (inline slalom move).
  4. Join a major freestyle slalom competition at overseas.
  5. Gain weight to 55kg. (I find it the hardest challenge)
  6. Skydiving. (See if Groupon provides cheap one or not)
  7. Travel to East Coast Malaysia, include .
  8. Get a MacBook Pro 15. (ouch!)
  9. finish 3 books: In The Plex, Steve Jobs Biography, and one more still pending)
  10. Sponsor a child with WorldVision.

How many had I achieved? Technically, 0. Will elaborate more on this.

Run my first startup
Running a startup is not easy, especially a tech startup. Partners play a very crucial role in the process, and self determination and the guts to take risk comes first. Gave up to start mine, but glad, I joined a mobile game startup, Top Fun Cool Games, published *uncountable* games for Android and iOS. Sushi Friends is our hit game, not sky high, but is our first time taste the juice of success. Still much to learn, much to fail, and finally, great success. Startup is not easy, but I enjoyed it so much, even working on Saturday and Sunday seems so fun, when you see the numbers are growing everyday.

Travel to Tibet
This should be a group resolution with Bobby and Nana, and when one can't make it, mission postponed. A lot researches had been done, flight route, cost, tour guide, and all I need, is time, time, time. Startup is crazy.

20 Toe Fake
Startup is crazy.

Join Slalom Competition
My last competition was Malaysia Slalom Series in June, which participated by Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. It was Malaysia largest international freestyle slalom competition, thanks to the support from Penang Inline Skating Association. My skills can hardly catch up the young one, and I know it's time for me to focus on what's matter now. I still love slalom, just that, startup is crazy.

Gain weight to 55kg
When I said it was the hardest, I almost achieve it. Current weight is 52kg, and growing. Unfortunately, it is the fat that count, not the muscle. The culprit is lack of sports. Again, startup is crazy.

Let's blame Groupon for not offering a cheap offer! The truth is, I totally ignored this. The arm injury caused me difficult to use strength while lift up my hand, which is very important to control the parachute. Let's see.

Travel to East Coast Malaysia
Startup is crazy.

Get A MacBook Pro 15
Haha, a free MacBook Air 13 from boss, so, mission success or failed?

Finish 3 book
The only moment I read, is in the train, while traveling from Cyberjaya to KL Sentral everyday. Still in the first book, In The Plex. I do enjoy reading the every details of the Search Engine giant, Google, their business strategy, and their ultimate mission to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. But, I would only read while standing. Every sitting moments I got are spent on coding. Yea, coding, in train, with internet access, extra 20 minutes of productivity. Startup is crazy.

Sponsor a child with WorldVision
Regret to say that, I have not done this. In the last hour of 2012, when I reading this blog, this particular task, I immediately entered World Vision website. World Vision US allow us to choose which children to sponsor, so I chosen a boy from Brazil who loves Mathematic (programmers first choice). Sadly World Vision is operate by country, and I was redirected to World Vision Malaysia. Malaysian site is not allow to choose children, and I can only make choices by country. While checking out, credit card failed, and bank debit system offline-ed. I promised to sponsor for a year, tomorrow.

Update: I sponsored a child on 1st of Jan 2013, for a year. So, 1 task completed.

Screw New Year Resolution for 2013, startup to the max. Work hard, play hard.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I am back, with 2012 Resolutions.

Can’t imagine, the previous post I wrote, is about 1 and 6 months ago. That period was my working life, a lot of up and down, was fucking busy, and glad I grown up a lot in this 16 months of working life. I mentioned ‘was’, as I am in a jobless position, yet it feels so great.

I don’t have a clear 2011 resolutions, which makes me slightly regretted, so I will have 2012 resolutions. hehe.


Been asking myself, what’s the purpose of life (yet, until now, I don’t quite able to answer that, by the fact that, everyone dies at the end, LOL), at least when achieved goals, make me feel life is meaningful. It’s a journey, a game, with strategy to win it. While it can be won, it can be lost too, that’s the fun part of it. It’s important to make sure the goal is clear and specific.


Here are the resolutions of 2012, in summary, start from most important.

  1. Run my first startup.
  2. Travel to Tibet, and hike to Himalaya base camp.
  3. Being able to do Toe Fake 20 cones (inline slalom move).
  4. Join a major freestyle slalom competition at overseas.
  5. Gain weight to 55kg. (I find it the hardest challenge)
  6. Skydiving. (See if Groupon provides cheap one or not)
  7. Travel to East Coast Malaysia, include .
  8. Get a MacBook Pro 15. (ouch!)
  9. finish 3 books: In The Plex, Steve Jobs Biography, and one more still pending)
  10. Sponsor a child with WorldVision.



That’s it. Check back 1 year later, and see what I done.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

10 件毕业感言


离开了大学生涯,虽然带有一点点伤感,但整体来说,还是蛮开心的~ 因为这段期间认识了好多人,大大小小,明明暗暗,好好坏坏,(大多数都是好人啦)。


  1. 钱不是最重要,开心才是关键。但不要搞到自己没钱吃饭。
  2. 对不起不要随便说,说了就要实践它。
  3. 这时间很大可能会遇见生命中的伴侣,请认真地考虑和珍惜她/他。
  4. 课可以旷,但请确定自己有本事旷。
  5. 除了学业外,最好有一项会让自己骄傲的运动。
  6. 不要凡事都怪老师不会教,只要是看你自己要不要学,Google已经很发达了。
  7. 很多时候都是朋友陪我们度过一切,所以要好好珍惜他们。珍惜,其实就是感激。别忘了自己也是好多人的朋友。
  8. 控制好自己的脾气,否则很容易犯下后悔一生的错误。
  9. 在这段时间跌倒,只需要站起来笑一下,然后继续走,没有人会笑你的;如果你坐在地上不肯爬起来,才会被笑。
  10. 不要装可怜来让别人注意,因为没人会每一次都同情你的,遇到问题就要自己去解决,写一大堆和说一大堆,要给谁知道?




Saturday, May 1, 2010








毕业后,一大堆的问题会跳出来:PTPTN怎么还?在哪里找工作?什么样的工作?hometown 还是 KL?




Thursday, April 15, 2010


Finally, I completed my FYP.

FYP is Final Year Project, a term that widely used in MMU, but most local university prefer the term, thesis.

And I believe, most people hate it. (right?)

This project had been started since last year November 2009, duration until April 2010, about 7 months of planning and implementation, which I learned A LOT A LOT A LOT A LOT A LOT x 10000.

Project successfully implemented on time, with most expected features. When I submitted it just now, a sudden feeling of emptiness in my mind. Not because I had nothing to do anymore, but this project already took about 85% of my brain capacity, and I need time to get balance.

Computer was my best friend, my primary language become C#, sometimes woke up at 8am with the whole brain full of codes and algorithm, ish.

I can’t remember the last time what movie I watched… I can’t remember when is the last time I walk in a mall… I can’t remember when I got haircut, I can’t remember when I back hometown…

(actually I do remember, just the time is too long~)

This project, makes me realized that everyone has weakness. I have my weakness, you have your weakness, and I shall not assume everyone has the skill that I have.

To my FYP partner leekian, sorry for some quarrel during this project, I learned my lessons, and thanks for your all kind of support, directly or indirectly, you do did a great job. I did promise will score A for this project, and I can see we really tried our best, thank you to make this project complete on time, the rest is up to the moderator and supervisor. Thanks again to be my partner.

So, FYP completion present came early. I bought a new Seba iGoR skates for myself, and train hard to get to Korea for my first big competition~ (hopefully)


Congratulation to everyone who completed the FYP on time (and myself). I need to slowly get back my life!

Saturday, March 20, 2010





Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Finally, you are gone…

Remember the first time I saw you, you seem special, and you were my only one. I spent quite some time with you, until she appeared.

She had a foxy tail, and, definitely, better than you, in everything. So, slowly, I gave up on you…

Ok, enough crap. It’s just about Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox.

Since Google remove the support for old browser like IE6, it forced organization to upgrade their browser to the supported version. This is Google’s initiative to push the Internet forward, and I totally support it~

Internet Explorer 6 died on 1st March, 2010.

Aten Design Group organized a funeral for IE6, which quite hilarious, but it’s a respect for a browser which been on the Internet for 8 years… RIP.

Visit the official website at

Photos of the funeral, from flickr.

Handwritten message from Team Microsoft. SAD.


IE6 last look.

Don’t cry my friend, IE6 will be remembered.

Before closing the coffin.

We will miss you.


Wonder will they make a funeral for Windows 98 or 2000?

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