Monday, September 28, 2009


Had been away from my lovely computer for 2 weeks, curse the Power Supply Unit who showing it’s attitude for not booting up normally.

This morning went Lowyat to took it back. I don’t think there is anyone can get me there during this final exam week, so I decided to take public transport there alone, since I quite free.

But lucky I am, I saw Ben while I walking out. He wanted to go KL Sentral, so I got a ride, haha. Thanks.

My PSU. They upgraded it to modular version, old one discontinued, need quite some time for replacement.

After claimed back my PSU, I went for my laptop survey and tryout. Still loving the Dell Studio 14~

(image from Dell) Arr~~ Too sexy~

But when I tried out Dell Studio 14, I realize the Function key is so different: Normally when we terminate a program, we press Alt + F4; but what I experienced just now is, Fn + Alt + F4… Shit, means I have to get other brand… all new Dell series work like that.

What made me frustrated is, when I looking around, no one will serve me or assist me… I was standing in front the laptop, even started to try it on, and the salesperson is still standing there chatting with his college; but when a mid year man passing by(just passing my, not even stand) , they will go forward “Sir, can I help you?” Not only 1 booth, a lot are like that.

There are maybe few reasons:

1. I am so unlucky, all of them didn’t see me.
2. I am so immature, confirm no purchase power.
3. I look not computer literate.
4. I am too smart, they don’t dare to serve me, scare me shot them back when they say something wrong.
5. I am invisible.

Non of it make any sense. FUCK those people who judge other from look. Basic working attitude also can’t have, go home drink Dutch Lady 123 please.

Maybe is my problem too… Sometimes feel hard to mix in a new group. People who treat me like an adult, is only my close friend and family, that’s why I appreciate you all. Haha.


Found out the function-key problem can be adjusted to the normal one~ I will get one of it, here I come Dell Studio~

Saturday, September 26, 2009


This few weeks are my planning weeks.

Last 2 weeks I was planning my next semester timetable. "To take, or not to take?" become the question in my mind for days. At the end, I decided to take Computer Graphic, it's definitely useful in my FYP.

This is definitely not what we learn in Computer Graphic class.
(taken from


My industrial training will end on 10th Oct, means another 2 weeks. Yesterday finally has some time to plan for the Cameron Highland trip with friends.

Accommodation, ok.
Transport to there, ok.
Places to visit, ok.
Map of Cameron Highland, ok.
Transport in Cameron Highland, NOT ok...

From reviews, everyone said there is no car rental on Cameron Highland, and the next alternative is by taxi from 1 destination to another. Fees are not expensive, compare to KL, but, still lose the flexibility.

And 17th Oct 2009 is Deepavali.



Yesterday 5pm during my working hour, the feeling of doing something big just happen.

"I want to climb Mount Kinabalu."

Immediate ask some friends who want to crazy with me, and lucky, Bobby and Calvin turned in. Plan to conquer during our next semester break Dec 2009 - Jan 2010, trip will cover primarily Mount Kinabalu and other Sabah Town for about 10 days, cost about RM1k.

Need to save money from now.

Soon I will have a photo of me standing on the peak~

I sense the ending is approaching. The last summer of university life has ended, but I still have few very important things that must complete before graduate.

Stay tune.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Don't know should feel glad or bad...


Wednesday, September 16, 2009







My stupid drawing during work hour, I got stuck by this new Custom Pane thing...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

There are a lot secrets in District MMU...

Early morning at 7am, me and Bobby has a crazy idea: to explore the hidden lake in MMU.

"MMU got lake?!!"

Yup, a lot of people don't know that.


From Cyberia, we jogged by FIT, FOM, and rest a while this haunted pondok.

And also this haunted observation tower. Not dare to climb up, the stairs seem like will collapse anytime.

And just beside the observation tower, noticed this scary scene! A burned down building! The atap roof melted and sank!



The metal structure melted and sank down.

Just behind the burned down thing, is the hidden lake of MMU, reach~

The lake seems not very deep, populated with lotus, fish, birds, and polystyrene food container. Means someone actually come here, should be MMU cleaning kakak.


The lake is not big, but the quietness is creepy~

Wish there won't be a giant monster come out from the lake and pull me in from behind.


Around the lake are cempedak trees. Weird, I remember cempedak tree at my grandma's house is so tall. The tree at lake side has white liquid come out from the cut on the trunk, like rubber tree. Hybrid Alien Tree.

The lake is full of this kind of weird fish, like those in our aquarium to clean the surface.

Ish, found one dead on the grass! Don't know how it came up. Must be some kind of alien fish.

There are so many more! Alien fish!

Guess where is this place? Is in MMU too.



MMU is hiding something from us. HAHA. 

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kind of pissed off…

Was suppressing this for quite long time.

I working from 9am till at least 6pm for 5 or 6 days a week, cracking my mind finding solution and improvements for my project. It’s very tired, but I love my job, I love to code, and see my code doing the work.

Also, as a friend, I try to help.

When some of you face problems, you come find me. OK, glad, glad you all remember me, and I trying my best to help.

But please respect my principle: I will only HELP you, not doing it for you.

I read your problem statement, giving you algorithm to solve it, use which library, which function, which architecture, and can explain and draw a lot of diagram until you understand, BUT, you do it, not me.

“HELP you” and “Help you do” are 2 different things.

I “helped you”, but seems like I did not meet your expectation, you want me to “help you do”. Fuck, please understand that I have only 24 hours a day, same like you all, with same workload too.

There are even much smarter people around you all, but why me? Because I have good temper? Because I will try my best?


(Sorry if this hurts some of you, I just hope you all can grown up, put effort on something before you asking help, don’t just come and say you don’t know how to do)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Places I need to leave my foot print in my life.

  1. Feel Cameron Highland breeze and pluck fresh fruit and eat directly, yum.
  2. Snookering at Pulau Pangkor.
  3. Skate in East Coast Park, Singapore.
  4. Explore Sarawak rain forest.
  5. Conquer Gunung Kinabalu (must fast, I am getting old~)
  6. Visit Bangkok city, feel their culture.
  7. Angkor Wat, Cambodia.
  8. Skate at Great Wall of China~ (hope it’s skatable)
  9. Eat seafood in Zhu Hai, China.
  10. Ride bicycle on Jeju-Do, Korea.
  11. Night life in Seoul, Korea.
  12. Take photo under Sakura flower in Jeju-Do. Sakura flower only blossom for few days in a year, very difficult to catch the timing.
  13. Taking public transport from 1 city to another city in Japan.
  14. Re-experience childhood in Japan DisneySea.
  15. Skiing in Hokkaido, Japan, and soak in hot spring after skiing, wow~
  16. Mumbai and the iconic Taj Mahal, India.
  17. Dubai, the City stacked up by money and gold.
  18. Swimming in Dead Sea, Israel. (wonder as a Malaysian can go there?)
  19. Stargazing under Giza Pyramid, Egypt.
  20. Observe wild animals at Africa.
  21. Watch football in UK (I am not fan, just want to experience the environment of live match)
  22. Posing with Statue of Liberty, US.
  23. Visit Google Headquarters in Silicon Valley~ It’s like a playground, my dream workplace.
  24. Warner Bros Movie World Theme Park at Gold Coast, Australia.
  25. Outer space. (Dreaming~~)

Woke up in the morning and suddenly got this idea in my mind. Straight away list out most, if not all, the places I dreamed for so long to visit. Guess I really need vacation, working is really stress me out…


Huh… Maybe by the time completed these, I am already 70 years old.

To total up, I need roughly RM60,000 or more, not include the last outer space travel~

Now I am 21 years old, plan start when I have my own income, first is to get a passport first. Wishing there is someone who can with me through these adventures~

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to you, Doraemon~

Had been the hero for me since 9 years old.

I notice this robot cat in a school magazine, 《星星报》,and deeply believe that this creature exist in real world.

Started to read his comics, draw their cartoons, learn his super advance gadgets, etc. Do you know that I have 50++ Doraemon comic at home? haha.

His birthday is 03 September 2112, with originally yellow body and a pair of ears. In an afternoon nap, robot mice bite away his ears. He was too sad and cry, his tears washed away the yellow paint and become blue.

The big eyes, red round nose, with a giant mouth that big enough to put the whole pail into it, and also the round hand that can never win Paper-Scissor-Stone game.

Remember last time with my terrible math, I counted: If I need to survive until 2112, how old can I be that time? Is 124 years old. Told myself need to take care, eat healthy, stay healthy, to live until 2112, so innocent thinking huh?

When I facing exam, how I wish the Memory Bread exist;
when I swimming, how I wish I can dive in there for hours;
when I was bullied, how I wish I can stop time to bully them back;
when I need help, how I wish I can separate my body work together;
when people is moddy, how I wish I can read their mind to help them;
when I fall in love, how I wish the Cupid’s arrow is real (but not really want to use it~)

Most wanted gadget that I want is Time Machine, wishing I can rewrite the past, change my future~ But when grown up, start to realize that all these are fiction.

“Never regret in what you do, because there is no time machine.”


Thanks you for giving me extraordinary childhood and imagination.



Happy birthday Doraemon! ドラえもん,誕生日おめでとう~ HAHA~

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