Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A stat report of The 1 Months old Blog

Time passing fast, January passed. I started this blog from 4 January 2007, and now she already 1 month old. Of course, as most young webmaster do, I will install script from 3rd parties to track down my blog's performance.
I started the Statcounter account from 17 January 2007, and currently I have 684 page loads, 597 Unique visitors, and 537 first time visitors. I love this statistics counter, as it provide an instant result when some reader visit my blog.
From the name, I believe most people can guess the function. Yes, Feed Burner provide feed services. To understand what is feed, visit my previous post, Without RSS, you're Outdated!!!. Another services provided by feedburner is a quite complete statistic counter. From the same starting day as StatCounter, I recorded 405 Unique visitors, and 30 pages view per day in average.

Some additional function from Feed Burner that make me more understanding my reader were provided, like the top internet browser, the top language setting, the top Operating System, and the top screen size that used by my readers.

Here is the result:

1024X768, what a popular screen resolution setting! Of course, most people just using 15 or 17 inches monitor only.


This is a result that most people out there will guessed. English is the primary language to communicate in this virtual world.


Now for the browser. As you can see, Firefox is the best browser used by my readers to read my blog, it's 242 out of 406, or 60%. But I believe this phenomenon is just happen in blogger's world, as most internet users in my university computer labs are using Internet Explorer.

top OS

The data shows that Windows XP is the most popular OS, while MAC OS X users are quite low, just 10 users out of 450. But this is not accurate enough, as most of my readers are just from Malaysia.
For this section, I don't have much to write, as my blog is still not strong enough to generate revenue, but I already start planning, and hope before I graduate the first year in this June, I can generate 199 USD to buy myself an iPod Nano(I know this is a small amount, don't laugh la!) While the Chitika that I used for 1 week was canceled, as it wont generate any cent for me, read my previous post Chitika is not profitable in Malaysia.

That's all for the report of this month, I will continue to work out to improve my blog's value. To receive my update, please subscribe to my blog, click here.

Windows Vista's packaging full view.

Windows Vista and Office 2007 was officially released on 30th January 2007 worldwide(but not in Malaysia), and I believe some blogger already get his or her own copy. So yesterday night, I search on Google Blogsearch to find some info about the packaging, and, ... it's awesome.

The packaging is not like ordinary DVD cover. The box has a clip at the right side, and for the first time you hold it, you need some time to figure out how to open it. A hard cover to protect the DVD and the colorful manual book too. It's really cool!

Take a look at these pictures, you will understand how beautiful is it.




Now you know why I feel so high when write this blog. Believe me, you won't throw it away after you installed your Vista.

Picture from:, thank you!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Chitika is not profitable in Malaysia

Week ago, I found a new online advertiser, its Chitika. From my first impression, I believe Chitika can really bring revenue for me, because of its colorful ads with graphic added. But, after I use Chitika for a week, the report there never record any click!! Then I try myself to click on the ads once. Until the second day, I check my report again, the click is still 0. I immediately sent an email to Chitika and they respond quite fast, but the answer disappointed me.... Here is the respond by Chitika:


The reason your click did not register is that you live in an unsupported country. We only accept clicks from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, UK, and The United States. Any users from those countries that click an eMiniMall will register a click.

Best Regards,
Chitika Customer Service

Chitika is really a GOOD advertiser, if compare with Google Adsense. Here is the screenshot of Chitika eMiniMall:


Hope in the future, Chitika will be supported in Malaysia.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Streamyx new Competitor in the future.

Help~~~ I really can't stand for Streamyx sucks speed!! In this situation, Streamyx already monopolize the market(I know there is some ISP, like Maxis3G, Jaring, but all lack of marketing).

Penang and KL residents, please read this!!!
Now, a company Optical Communication Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (OCESB) is providing Fibre Optic Connection, and is running in 2 major cities in Malaysia. In Penang, the services is Provided by PenangFON, while in KL, the services is provided by MetroFON. Both ISP is from the same mother company, and the services that provided is almost the same. Click to check for your area coverage. Penang | KL and Selangor

How is the rate?
For the rate, you won't believe it. RM60.00 (only) per month with download and upload speed 2Mbps(Megabit per second)!! I ask my friend who is a  PenangFON user, he said that the download speed can maintain at 100~200KiloByte per second. (attn: 1KiloByte = 8kilobit), and 200kiloByte = 1600kilobit. For streamyx, we paid RM88 for a much more less than average connection speed, not worth at all. Same like Streamyx, PenangFON and MetroFON also charge installation fee and activation fee, and just cost RM120 total.

Connect with the speed of light!!!
This is not bombing about PenangFON and MetroFON, this is true! These 2 ISP provide services with fibre optic, and the way to transfer data through fibre optic is using light. This explain why fibre optic connection is so fast.

Next time when you pass by TMpoint or TM Clicker, show your tongue to them!


Another benefit of using PenangFON(or MetroFON) is the user don't need to subscribe a telephone line, at all. PenangFON service is delivered to your computer through a new UTP network cable that is newly pulled into your home. The methods of delivery is the same as subscribing to a new satellite television channel, like ASTRO. besides that, PenangFON is currently providing 2Mbps, but it fibre optic network is scalable from 2Mbps to 1Gbps, and ready for upgrade.

 Please subscribe to me to have my blog's update.

NES Nintendo Games that look like DNA Sequence.

This morning, I found a bid on eBay, a man(or a woman), is selling off his or her NES Nintendo game. What so serious? Yes, he or she is selling off ALL the games ever made by NES Nintendo, with a total of 670 license all in great condition.

For now, the current bid is already achieve 8885.00 USD, and the bid will end on 3rd Feb 2007, 22:00:00EST. The collector must be in a serious condition... see the collection:


This is the great collection of ALL NES Nintendo game, a serious gamer. Is it look like DNA Sequence?


DNA Sequence...

This post is not sponsored.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Best Magician known in this world

Levitation, moving trains with hands, lifting lifts, all these seems not difficult for this best magician of the world, see this:

 Technology, make "magic" possible!

Vista will only Available on Feb 3rd... in Malaysia

Malaysia always slower than other country, even launching of Vista. Microsoft just announced that Windows Vista will launch at Low Yat, Feb 3rd, Saturday 8pm (night!?). After seen Tien Soon's Tech Blog, I visit Low Yat website to find some info about it, and I am really impressed by the Windows Vista Ultimate Edition sign by Bill Gates himself.

How to get it?
I won't gonna buy Ultimate Edition, it's too expensive. But I still hope there will be a special price for Malaysia's market. To get the special Ultimate edition with signature of Bill Gates, one has to group up 3 or 4(maximum) members to join the Vista Walk Hunt, and only the winner team can get it. I think I will find some friends to join the hunt and grab some prizes. Visit the site and download the registration form.

Really hope can win the prize, and save up my budget to buy Vista Home Edition, yeah!

Friday, January 26, 2007

What you will do with Death Note?

Based on the popular manga (Japanese Comic), Death Note and Death Note: The Last Name (pronounced as Desu nôto in Japanese) were filmed into movies, and I were impressed by the detective storyline. The story is about a university top student, Yagami Light, accidently picked up a book of Death God, and who ever name written in that book, will die. Light use the book to kill the criminals who successfully survived from law, and his action were strongly disagreed by law taker. A genius detective, L, were hired to find out who did that. The story goes on while Light try to kill L, but L try to find evidences to jugde Light.


If I got a death note...
I really dont know what to do with it. Killing people by using it, I really can't make it. But imagine if this book felt into one of the politician, what happen to Malaysia? Haha, just kidding, no such thing in the world... No matter what, we can't give death to other by our own.

Yagami Light ( Tatsuya Fujiwara )

A handsome university student, accidently picked up a Death Note and decide to bring a Whole New world by killing criminals with his Death Note. People call the person(Light) who killing criminals as Kira.

L ( Ken'ichi Matsuyama)

A genius detective that hired to find out who is killing those criminals. A wierd and horror look, and always eat sweet foods.

Misa Amane (Erika Toda )

A singer that admire Kira. She has the second Death Note, and she combined with Light to help him success. Has a cute look, and very mentally strong.

This is really a good movie, must watch. Maybe not as good as Oscar movie, but for action movie lover, this is enough. But before you watch the second episode, please watch the first one, to understand the story. What you think? What you will do with Death Note? Comment it.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

funny zune and ipod

funny zune and ipod, originally uploaded by YGGG.

If Zune and iPod can talk, this may be their conversation...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Vista is counting down...


5 years of development time, and soon, Microsoft will release her next generation of operating system(OS),Windows Vista. And after several delays, and Windows Vista will be schedule to released on 30th January 2007. Now, when you Froogle for "Microsoft Windows Vista", you will see that many online retailers already start receiving orders for Vista, from Home to Ultimate Edition. But, after I seen the price, it is much more expensive than what I thought... but I still believe there will has a special price for Pirated Heaven like Malaysia.

This is the average prices for all versions:

Version Average Price
Home Basic About RM357
Home Premium About RM770
Business About RM1067.50
Ultimate About RM1435.00

 *all the prices is converted from USD with currency 1USD=RM3.5
*this is just for reference. Actual price may lower in Malaysia.

Now, another 6 days, 23 hours, 55 minutes, 5 seconds, Vista is release!!

Please, if you can afford, please buy original.

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What are we paying for Streamyx?

Since the Taiwan Earth quake that cause the submarine cable damaged, I always thought the very slow connection is due to the damage. But weeks ago, the report already said that the submarine cable already fully repaired, and my Internet connection still works like hell!!!

Can you differentiate slow? And jam?
What is slow? Slow means the traffic is still moving, just with a smaller pace; but jam!! Jammed means not moving at all!! I paid RM66 a month for a static traffic?! I can't even Ping my blog in !! I tried 3 times, all timeout!

Compare with Singapore.
I know this is a common issue that people always use to compare Malaysia's network with Singapore's network. Singapore, with 2 strong ISPs(Internet Service Provider), SingNet and StarHub, can provide Internet access with cheaper rate at the speed of 15Mbps!! Malaysia? Sit aside la, just 1Mbps but still feel so proud... When come into IT Fair, Singapore's ISPs use branded desktop computers and 34" TV as promotional gifts, but in Malaysia, the best you can get is just a modem...

"Because Singapore is smaller ma!"
This is not true. Although Singapore's geographical area is very small if compare with Malaysia, but Malaysia has more resources and more men-power, why still fall behind Singapore with so large the gap?! Malaysia's government SUCKS!! This is easy: just provide another license to a new ISP and give it equal power like Streamyx! I hate market domination.

PenangFON is rising.
A small ISP in Penang, name PenangFON, is rising. PenangFON provide full Fibre-Optic Connection, instead of traditional copper wires. With just RM60(only) per month, the user can get 2Mbps upload and download. With proper and effective advertising, I believe PenangFON can beat Streamyx unexpectedly, like AirAsia beat MAS. More streamyx things, see here.

Conclusion, as a consumer, what we want may not be limited, but at least we had a bottomline that need to be fulfilled. What I want for my connection is just a steady connection, not a jammed connection!

update: please visit

What happen to Blogger today?!

This morning, I try to login to, I can view the main page before login, but after login, I saw this error:

google server error

After several times pressing F5(refresh), at last I successfully sign in into my account, but when I click 'Layout' link, I saw this page again... Hope this error will get rid of me ASAP.


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Saturday, January 20, 2007

What happen to

Yesterday night, I visit, one of the most active politic blog in Malaysia, by Lim Kit Siang. Funny, in the morning, I still can view his blog, at night, the blog died....

Yesterday night, I saw this screen:

Lim Kit Siang

It said that "This account has been suspended", "please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible."

And this is today:

Today, it display "sorry, please come back later."

What happen to Lim Kit Siang's blog?

Blood Diamond, by Leonardo Dicaprio

I watch this film just now, and I think this is another best film I even watched. The story set back to 1990 during a civil war in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Revolutionary United Front (RUF) captured a fisherman, Solomon Vandy( Djimon Hounsou ), to work in the diamond fields and the diamond from the mines are use by the RUF to buy arms and finance their efforts. Solomon found a 2 inches giant pink diamond in the field and hide it. The story goes on when a diamond smuggler, Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio ) found out about the diamond and agreed to save Solomon's family to exchange for the giant diamond, with the help of a New York Journalist, Maddy Bowen ( Jennifer Connelly ).


Why this movie name Blood Diamond?
Blood diamond, or conflict diamond, is the diamond from a war zone that use to finance the military, and to get it, many lives had been sacrificed. In the movie, RUF will just sweep the whole village, killing spree, and the weak survivors' will be chopped down their hands, so they can't vote; while the stronger one will be sent to diamond fields to dig diamonds.

Child Soldiers in civil war.
War, is never be an excuse, although many leaders said: I fight for freedom!! (bullshit) Until now, there are still 200,000 children soldiers in Africa alone, as they are more easily to influence. They were trained into emotion-less killing machine. this is the fact I learn from this movie.


Don't buy Conflict Diamond, please!

"Diamonds are forever" it is often said. But lives are not.
We must spare people the ordeal of war, mutilations and death for the sake of conflict diamonds."

Martin Chungong Ayafor, Chairman of the Sierra Leone Panel of Experts

When you buy diamond, no matter for your lovely Wife-to-be or anyone, please, think for the lives that sacrificed, DON'T BUY conflict diamond!! The effective way to differentiate between legitimate diamond and blood diamond is, a legitimate diamonds WILL come with a well structured certificate that show the country of origin, to ensure the diamond is from government-controlled areas.

Some scenes that deeply touch my heart.
When Solomon brought the blood diamond from Africa to London to trade with the De Beers Group, I found that in the same planet, but the people and environment are so different. Another scenes is when Solomon looking at the giant jewelry in a shop at London.

This is really a great movie, please watch it, to know a little about what really happen in the dark side of this so-called peace world.

Friday, January 19, 2007


Queensbay Mall is giving away free GSC movie tickets! For those who live in Penang, this is the good time to get free tickets to watch your favorite movie!! Details:

Date    : 20th-24th January 2007
Movies :

Film Title Time
Casino Royale 1130, 1430, 1730, 2030
MI:3 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100
Happy Feet 1230, 1500, 1730, 2000
Don 1315, 1645, 2015
Vettaiyadu Vilaiyaadu 1330, 1700, 2030
Cicak-Man 1320, 1550, 1820, 2050
Rob-B-Hood 1215, 1515, 1815, 2115
Eragon 1300,1540, 1810, 2040

To get the free tickets, you had to be their member. Sign in with your name and password, then click "Hot Offer" at the sidebar, then click "GSC QUEENSBAY MALL FREE SCREENING REDEMPTION COUPON" and print out the vouchers. Each voucher can exchange into 2 tickets, and maximum 4 tickets per person. Like this:


The movie tickets redeemed must be on the same day of screening date, no booking(of course, it's free, what you expect? ). I think I will get one, no, is 4 tickets. Haha!

My Live Messenger gone Crazy!!!!!!

Just now I sign in with my Live Messenger, and I found that the small icon in the taskbar there appear sign out!

live messenger gone crazy

After so long time since the Taiwan Earthquake that cause the submarine cable to destroy, the connection seems like still very terrible in Penang. Is this related with the sucks Streamyx Connection?

**This is a screenshot during Photoshop startup.

iPod VS. Zune

Although this market has many mp3 players, vary from size and design, but Apple's iPod successfully to dominate the mp3 player's market. This is a miracle, when people mention about mp3 player, its iPod. From the very first version to now, iPod Nano Gen 2, the design still very attractive. Imagine holding a Nano in hand, wow! So excited!


Microsoft Zune
Microsoft not willing to sit aside and let Apple to play in that game, so he came out with Zune. For now, Zune just available in US, and will arrive to every corner on earth soon. Now, if there is iPod and Zune, which one you will buy?


This is the detail comparison of these 2 players:

iPod 30GB
30 GB
30 GB
File Sharing
Landscape Mode
Portrait Mode
FM Tuner
Preloaded Audio
Preloaded Video
Battery Life
14 hrs
14 hrs
Preloaded Virus
Custom Background
Gapless Playback
Screen Size
White, Black, Brown
White, Black
Scroll Wheel
Tactile Control
Online Service
Zune Marketplace
Unlimited Downlaods
Podcast Playback
XBOX Marketplace Integration
Unique Online Tag
3rd Party Accessories
Social Networking
5.6 ounces
4.8 ounces
Official Insider News Blog(s)
User Forum
Mac, PC
Replaceable Batteries
Semi-Transparent Case
Special Edition
Other "Brand Family" Products
Nano, Shuffle

File Compatibility
iTunes (Protected)
Zune Marketplace (Protected)
Plays For Sure (Protected)
WAV (uncompressed)
.aa (Audible)
JPEG (Photos)
BMP (Photos)
WMV (Video)
MPEG-4 (Video)
H.264 (Video)

Which one I like?
This is a tough question for me. From the value per performance, I choose Zune, as Zune's function is more complete if compare to iPod Video, especially the communication part, Zune support Wi-Fi, file sharing, and FM tuner.
But from the design, I prefer iPod, with its sleek and shining design, and a well know name--- iPod!! Who don't know iPod?! Or, who know Zune? But this is just about the time. Will Zune kill iPod? I don't think so... let see.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Funny clip! My LECTURER got cheated!

My friend send me this funny clip. I play it in my class, and the English Lecturer, Siti, get shocked! She asked us where is the sound came from. My friend, Falix, who sit beside me, took his bag from the floor and smacked it on the table. Siti rush to the back and ask:"Where is the cat?!", while her hand keep slapping Falix's shoulder. Haha! There is not cat! Anyone who want this clip please use your brain... Haha!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

比卡萨:Tips to manage your pictures.

Every times you came back from a vacation or a party, with your 1GB memory card full of photos, you will quickly download all the photos into your PC. However, after several times of 1GB photos, your "My Pictures" become messy: all photos mix together, maybe you arranged it in folders, but you want to find 1 photo in 5GB of photos...imagine that.

Use Google Picasa 2!!
Let you see the interface first:
Is it cool? The picture organizer allow you to sort the photos by date, by folders, and by albums. This organizer can also show caption, like: "Cash Printer is here!! haha!" .
picasa caption

For beginner editor, Picasa 2 provide an ease to use editor to edit your photos, like this:

picasa editor

Besides that, bloggers will feel easier than ever when they blog about their favorite photo, thanks to Picasa 2's "Blog This" button. Share photo by e-mail become easy too with Picasa 2.
picasa controlbar

To download Picasa 2, please click on the BIG Gray BUTTON at the RIGHT SIDE BAR, thank you and try it! Thrust me, Google is cool!

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New Desktop customization.

Currently using a 3-year-old Acer laptop, let's put aside how sucks is Acer's products and services, now this laptop is getting slow and slow(actually is the software installed in it are getting  complicate), and I can't wait 3 minutes for startup Windows and 2 minutes to startup Photoshop.

My dream PC (for now only)
I don't target a laptop anymore, because I not really need the mobility of it(maybe last minute will change my mind, who knows?) This is my target for now:

Processor          : Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13GHz            RM840
Memory             : 1GB Kingston DDR2 667 RAM                 RM395
Display              : BenQ 19" FP92W TFT LCD                    RM725
Mouse               : Just a simple SAMSUNG mouse               RM28
Keyboard           : Logitech... maybe... need to try out
Motherboard       : Intel 945PLRNL                                   RM309
Sound Card        : not highly demand, use build in.
Display card       : not a gamer, later.
Harddisk            : W/D 250GB buffer size 16MB                 RM290
Floppy              : Only buy it when needed( it's outdated!!)
Optical Drive      : LG DVD Writer                            about RM125
Speaker            : A simple Sonic Gear TATOO 303              RM38
CPU Fan            : Cooler Master LGA775 FAN                     RM80
Power Supply     : Cooler Master - Extreme Power 430Watt RM139
Webcam            : decide later
OS                   : Windows Vista Home Premium Edition  RM600++

(all prices are from

The total is RM3569, plus some additional accessories like keyboard and webcam, maybe still under RM4000, yeah! Inside my budget! And the price is keep falling too!

BenQ 19" FP92W TFT LCD
This 19 inches monitor let me feel that this is just a Show-Off goods... But I very like it! Nice for my favorite activity--movies, and also good for programming task, wide screen looks wider.

86009 CP-127-IN
Actually, I facing difficulty while choosing between E6400 and E6600. E6400 has a lower clock speed and just 2MB L2 Cache, while E6600 has 2.4GHz and 4MB L2 Cache. At last, I remember a technique call Overclocking. However, the new Core 2 Quad shook my decision towards Core 2 Duo...

I feel very annoying when I hear the noisy fan's sound from the lousy Intel CPU Fan of my friend's computer, so I decide to change it to Cooler Master CPU Fan.

Actually, I just make a time-to-time comparison for this system, see whether new products came out or price fall. To my surprise, the first time I customize the PC, it cost me more than RM4500!! I will only buy my PC after my 3rd semester, while that time I move to Cyberjaya MMU Campus, wow! Still collecting suggestions from seniors whether a laptop or a desktop is better.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

First High Budget Malaysian Animation

Malaysia will release her first High Budget Animated Series, name Saladin. This project was carried out by MDeC (Multimedia Development Corporation) to develop the information and communication technology industry and selected services in Malaysia.

Who is Saladin?
Saladin, or Salahuddin Ayyubi(so-lah-hood-din al-aye-yu-be), is an Islamic Warrior who united the Muslim world at a time when the Muslim factions were in disarray. This animated series that have 26 episodes cost about RM10 RM10million! Yesterday, I watch a 6 minutes trailer of the animation, the graphic is quite detail, and feel 3D, but the producer said, the trailer already cost RM400,000!!


The future of this animation
With this high-cost, we all expect a high quality animation can be produce. However, Saladin is a story of an Islamic Warrior, and in this unstable time of Islam-Christian relations, I think this animation may not has good response from the West. In my opinion, the reason why the producer want to choose this theme, may because this is Malaysia, without an Islamic theme, Malaysian government won't give full support on the development. This is a risky bet, because if this project success,
Malaysia will become a new region of Multimedia Development; if fail, this will give a heavy negative influence to Malaysia's IT industry, and it will be difficult to carry out another high budget animation project. As a part of the learner into this industry, let us hope this project will success.

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Gmail's shortcut key

"Ei, why no function one? Hey! This is not Gmail!"

Since I know about Gmail's shortcut key, I always use shortcut key to manage my Gmail account. Sometimes, when I visiting Friendster and other websites, I press 'u', and still hope it will bring me back to the main page....

How shortcut keys work?
To use shortcut keys, you need to enable shortcut key first. To do so, go to settings, under general tab, you will see 'keyboard shortcuts', turn it on. Basic key is:

u -- go back (I love this function!)
o -- open a mail
c -- compose a mail
r -- reply

and many others!! Learn more.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Just now I watched again the famous trilogy, The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King, I think this is the 3rd or 4th times I watch the 3rd part of the trilogy.... Still so nice. I noticed that most war movies, especially ancient war movies, will use a very huge amount of armies to win the battle, and every wars will sacrifice thousands of lives.

As I notice, horses already been part of human society since very very ancient time. They let us ride on their back, go where the riders want, even to war, but I wonder whether the horses know where their riders lead them? Do they know that war is a field of death? To train a horse to has such high discipline is not easy.

I feel very pity for the front line army, they seems like put there to die. Enemy's arrows will fire at the front line soldiers first, and they will just die like that, let the soldiers behind them to have the chance to kill the enemies while they 'reload'. To grow up an infant into an adult, then put them in war for just a few minutes...

I feel annoying when watch certain ancient war movies, because the wars in the movies were so easily to trigger to fulfill a king's desire, for example, women, or so-called-honor(Like Denethor, steward of Gondor). Just to satisfy a king's desire, thousands of lives had sacrificed, for almost nothing. What a self-centered lousy king!

War is like a childish game. Just to prove that which side is stronger, millions of lives already been sacrificed, it's just like using 1000000USD to buy a bottle of mineral water, not worth at all.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

DaVinci Code.......... Not!

The next generation of DaVinci appeared in Sunway Pyramid, and he repaint the Mona Lisa's Smile. This time, he didn't hide any clue to the Holy Grail. (Note: The pain brush is just a virtual tool, not real)
Posted by Picasa

Generate your own E-MAIL Signature

Oh no! 1000+ spam again?!

How they got my mail?
Actually, those spammer got my e-mail when I display my e-mail publicly on other website, like forum. An e-mail scanner will scan through the websites and send spam to me.

How to fight this problem?
One effective way to prevent other spammer to get your e-mail is to display your e-mail in image form, because the scanner can only read text form, for example:


How to generate this cool signature?
I always thought someone custom made it, but many website use the same signature style, then I start to realize that there must be a generator. Try this. This generator can generate e-mail for any other service provider, like MSN, Hotmail, etc.

Other way to bypass the e-mail scanner is to write your e-mail in this form:


try it.

Wonder where is Bill Gates stay?

Even wonder where is the billion dollar rich bastard stay? If you have Google Earth, enter this coordinate:

N47 37'40" W122 14'33"

For those who don't have Google Earth, can install it from here, you can also view it through Google Maps.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

iPhone commercial

While iPhone is now struggling for legal problems, we just wait and see the result, now sit back and look at this iPhone commercial:

If iPhone can really has the function like a rat trap... you imagine.

Friday, January 12, 2007

The new iPhone from Apple.

Apple just announced their new product----Apple iPhone. I feel so excited to write this blog, I can't believe Apple's achievement, by year 2000, it almost fall, but iPod save it; then convert to Intel's Processor; now, it came out with a widescreen iPod, a phone, and a Internet communicator, but all these things are not 3 separate devices, it's is in ONE device, call iPhone.

hand on iphone

Compare to other Smart phone
Ok, let say Blueberry: Blueberry has a complete QWERTY keyboard below the screen, and the body is quite wide and look fat, each keys will only have 1 function, and cannot change easily. Even you don't want to use the keys, the keys will still there. For other smart phone without QWERT keyboard, I will just skip it.

Now we say HP iPaq: HP iPaq has a touch screen that allow us to input data....... with a stylus(oh, come on!). In a hurry, it will read Apple as Apply, and not enough sensitive. Most of the time, iPaq user will end up using their fingers to input data rather than a stylus, because their troublesome styluses were lost, or too slow. 
I think the comparison is enough.

Screen size          :   3.5 inches
Screen resolution:   320x480 (160ppi)
Input method      :    Multi-touch, of course!
Operating System:    Mac OS X (OS X in a phone?!!)
Storage                :    4GB or 8GB (Standard iPod storage)
GSM                     :    Quad-band(850,900,1800,1900)
Wireless data       :    Wi-Fi (802.11b/g), EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0
Camera                :    2.0Megapixels
Battery                :    5 hours for talk/video/browsing
                                 16 hours for Audio playback
Dimension           :    4.5 x 2.4 x 0.46 inches (Quite small)
Weight                :    135 grams (only)

Slide to unlock

Look at the name, you can guess what it is. Yes, this is a technology invented by Apple, to replace the keyboard, and no stylus require, all by fingers. Apple promise that this touch screen will different from ordinary touch screen panel, as Multi-touch is more sensitive and more accurate than ordinary touch screen. Another most obvious different is Multi-touch can receive multiple touch on the screen at the same time. Ordinary touch panel can only receive 1 touch. You can't press 2 spots at the same time. Like a mouse pointer, all computers have only 1 mouse cursor, but in Multi-touch, Apple make it possible to have multiple cursor. (The mouse cursor that I mean is your fingers). This will definitely bring revolution to cell phone design.

Other extreme feature
iPhone has a motion sensor. Motion Sensor? Yes, the screen will automatic toggle into vertical view if you hold your iPhone straight, and it will change to widescreen view if you hold your iPhone horizontally. iPhone is fully multi-tasking, so you can read a web page while downloading your email in the background over Wi-Fi or EDGE. iPhone also come with build in Google Map!

My opinion on this New Gadget
After some comparison, I found that Apple iPhone just sell at a relatively low price, just from USD499 to USD599, depends on the storage size. It's RM1,754.06 and RM2,105.57, with 1 USD = 3.51515 MYR.  This phone sounds like a phone, and actually, it's a MAC. Why I said that? This phone has a OS X installed in it as OS, and it also has some MAC stuff, like Widgets and Safari(MAC Internet Browser). 1 thing that I feel disappoint for this phone is the lack of WCDMA, or we call it 3G.

Apple lawsuit over iPhone name
Networking giant, Cisco sued Apple to forbid Apple from using the name 'iPhone' a Cisco trademark since 2000, so it won't make any confusion to consumers who want to buy Cisco's iPhone. Who will win? Even now I search for iPhone, all the information are related only to Apple iPhone, Cisco iPhone seems like never visible.

ASCII Football match

"Oh no! Overtime again! My favorite country is in play! Look like I gonna miss it again..."
~overtimed worker

Last year, FIFA World Cup 2006 was held at Germany, and that game nearly burn the entire planet. I quite agree with the Coca-Cola Advertisement that has a theme "Bring people together". But in reality, this always blocked by your big bosses and assignments. Luckily, during the World Cup Season, we still can watch it  LIVE through ASCII WorldCup Match! Here is the way:

  1. Open up your command prompt by pressing 'Windows+R', type cmd, and press 'Enter'.
  2. Type in 'telnet 2006', and press 'Enter'.
  3. Enjoy your live broadcast!

For a better image, use PUTTY:

  1. From the protocols, choose Telnet.
  2. Change the port into 2006.
  3. Type '' in the Host Name.
  4. Click 'Open' and enjoy.


The Real and Ascii


It's black and white, I know, but rather than nothing, isn't it? The bandwidth is not much as the real and full color one, so it won't cause serious traffic to your company's network.

Now the football match was over, but you still can try this ridiculous way to watch random match. Hope next FIFA World Cup, you office worker still can watch it in ASCII, but carefully, don't let your boss know about it. 


Tips: To get a clearer view of the whole match, sit far from the monitor.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Without RSS, you're outdated!!!

"What is the orange icon?"
"It's cool, but I don't know about it."
"Maybe is a link for slow Internet connection."

Look like many people still don't know the function of RSS. RSS stand for Really Simple Syndication, the user need a Feed Reader, or we call it aggregator, to read RSS Feeds. It helps to save time to load webpages, and you will only be notified when the site that you subscribed updated. For a serious blog reader and time-not-enough-men, this will greatly save up a lot of time.

To simplify it, it works like subscribe to newspaper. When you click on the Orange Button, you are subscribing newsletter from my site, and when my site was updated, I will send my post to your feed reader, and you don't need to visit my site every time to see whether I updated or not.


Why it's not that popular?
I know it is good, and I am using it, but when I ask other people, they will just simply say: "I don't know", "Is it same like CSS?(they know CSS from Friendster)". A survey to the people in China, only 2% use RSS Feeds. What a small percentage for a largest population in the world. The small orange icon appear in every blogs and news, but not much people put attention to it, the reason is maybe no clear instruction to teach people how to use it. When they click on the subscription button, it link them to a page without colorful background, nice background music and fancy font or title. Most people will related that RSS is for low speed connection that don't need much download.

How to use RSS?
Actually the simple way to use RSS is just to copy the URL or address of the 'boring page', and paste it to your reader to subscribe it. IE7 has a build in Feed Reader (see the orange icon), while Firefox come with Live Bookmark.

In IE7, just click on the Orange icon, then click on the 'Subscribe to this feed' link in the yellow box at the top of the page, next time, just click Favorite button in IE7, and click Feeds tab to choose the feeds that you want to read.

Mozilla Firefox
In Firefox, click on the Orange icon, too, then click the 'Subscribe Now' button in the yellow box at the top of the page, and choose where to save the feeds. To read the feeds, click on bookmark and then the Feeds that you subscribed. Easy?

Other Feed Reader
There are so many Feed readers in the market, all the readers have the ability to read both XML and Atom Feed. (RSS is a type of XML format, while Atom feed is another feed format). In standard Feed Reader, just copy the link of the feed, and paste it into the readers. A freeware feed application, Feedreader, is a good application to read your feed.

This small Orange Icon rocks.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Visit Malaysia Year 2007, I think this time it'll success

Almost every year, Malaysia Government will launch Visit Malaysia Year(VMY), and in previous year, this seems not successful enough. Yesterday, I watch the launch of VMY 2007 live through TV1, and the open ceremony really shocked me. 1 coolest sentence by Pak Lah(Malaysia's Prime Minister):

"You don't need to go China to learn Chinese's culture; you don't need to do India to learn Indian's Culture, come to 1 place, pay for 1 price, and you will learn all 3 cultures, Visit Malaysia!"

The open ceremony was held at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur. That night, the whole sky was projected with green laser beam and spot light, colorful fireworks brighten the sky of the dark night. Anita Sarawak and Michael Wong were invited to heat up the night, Although the initial part of the open ceremony was raining, but the 30,000 people crowd never decrease, all were attracted by these 2 celebrities' strong vocal.

The stage during the open ceremony.


Wow, is this London?


No no no, you are not in London, this is Malaysia New Ferris Wheel, named Eye On Malaysia, measuring nearly 60 meters high at the center of Lake Titiwangsa. This ride offer a chance to catch a panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur, and all 42 gondolas are FULLY air conditioned. The entrance fee is just RM15 for adult, and RM8 for children and old folks. The fee included a ferry-fetch from a mini-port at the Lake Titiwangsa to the small island where this Ferris Wheel located. similar to the `London Eye`, ' Eye On Malaysia' will be one of the major attractions to lure tourists here for Visit Malaysia Year 2007. If can go with girlfriend, I can imagine how romantic is the environment. (just imagine only, I am still single...haiz)


Fantastic Firework!!

In that night, I guess the firework already cost more than 1 million Ringgit.


Hope this time the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 will much more better than previous year.

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