Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Summary of 2007

So fast, just a close of eyes, 1 year or 365 days, passed. This year is not very very remarkable year, as some of my wishes not yet achieve. However, it's consider the highest achievement I been.

Here goes the Train, from January to December...

  1. January, was born, while her successor, was abandoned, due to it's low flexibility towards customisation and control. My blog is not yet 1 year old!
  2. Windows Vista Launch, I joined that Vista Hunt event at LowYat Plaza, with team name Bill Gate's Son, although not winning anything, but our team's name seems to be the hot topic~
  3. Trinite 2007: The Last Temptation, a very high cost prom night organize by MMU's club and society, and I am a small working comm in there. Due to certain ass hole people in this event, I grew stronger and smarter and knowing my own weakness. Still need to thanks to him.
  4. MMU Vista Launch, in MMU Melaka Campus, again, the event's director make me learn that: don't be a loser and cocky like him!
  5. I went to the first PC Fair in my life! At KLCC, and realise that how crowded is this city.
  6. I received my first income from blogging, very happy!
  7. My first birthday Cake since 6 years old, I think, thanks to my roommate Tjun Kit and my gang in campus... So touch, but that day I was not happy...
  8. June is the first month I move to Cyberjaya Campus after study at Melaka for Foundation for 1 year. Then I realise, Cyberjaya's living cost is so so high... I can't breath!
  9. The first time I broadcast my voice to the world, thanks to MMU DJ Club, I got the chance to be a on-air DJ. I admit that I am not a professional DJ, mainly due to my deep voice and style, but I very thankful to let me this opportunity to know myself and enjoy~
  10. Malaysia 50th Independent Day Celebration, I am one of the marching member~ Represent PIKOM, and earn RM100 allowance. This is the first time I put attention to Merdeka celebration and towards national affair.
  11. Putrajaya Boulevard Skate is so fun! This is the first time I been there to skate with Su, Hao, and Kok. I started to addict to inline skating.
  12. This is not directly related to me, but Al Gore win the Nobel Peace Prize, of course I very happy! As an environmentalist, this is a good encouragement to all of us on this planet, to love our only house before too late.
  13. My new dream machine! I name him HungryPC, a cute name, but I don't do downloading with him(I respect privacy~)
  14. Christmas Eve at Bintang make me hate KL more. some of the moralless place(and people) make me sick...
  15. My new Wife! Is actually a Seba Skate, but this is just the beginning of Slalom Skates.

New Year 2008 should be much much better than this year, and have to. Glad that my whole family and friends are in good and healthy condition now, and all the time~

I have a simple New Year wish, and I realise only me and her can make this happen...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

My new Wife!

Sorry to attract you all here with this "attractive" title, the "wife" is not really a wife, but just is my new pair of skates, Seba High!

stand view

Is she beautiful? Sexy? Of course, imported from Singapore, with all money I earned from blogging~

**noted: this post may seem boring to some sportcellless people.

I am so excited to write about this post, as I waited this skates for almost 1 month. Thanks to Kok Min who get it for me. This is the last size 7 in Hvper Sport, Singapore, and won't be ordered anymore, as new model is coming out(more expensive, not enough money).

What is Seba Skates?
Sebastian Laffargue, or Seba, is the designer of this skates. He is crowned as the Slalom King of Paris, and with his skater profile, he design the best skates for slalom.(What is slalom?)

The first glance...
Micro Skate Box
The skates box, not very cool, very simple.

Seba High Black
My wife in the box. Came with 3 pairs of Heel Dampers and alley keys.

Seba High Black Side
Side view of Seba High Black.

foot strap
To my surprise, this pair of skates are much tighter than I thought, as it still new, not yet adapt to my foot's shape yet. Another reason is the Foot strap in the picture above, which make it feel very tight.

Heel Damping System, a pad that put below your heel to absorb impact when doing jumping stunt.

front wheel
Frame length 231mm, very short.

wheel with screw
I assembly my skate wheel. See the screw is so special, straight twist into the frame instead into another female bolt.

The wheels are labelled 85A, which is consider the hardest wheel in market(maybe there is some harder, but 85A is standard for hard wheels).

The bearings are ABEC 7, which is so fast for me who use only ABEC 3 previously. ABEC is the standard to measure the energy required to spin the wheels, the higher the value, the less energy required.

on skate
Skate On! So tight! But maybe 2 or 3 weeks later will adapt to my feet.

Seba signature
Seba's signature! (Although is stitched on...)

First time ON....
I found it's so difficult to wear on it compare to my previous skates, which is size 10 (my feet size is only 7!), with my current size 7 skates.

I don't really make a real skates after open the box, as outside is raining; but in-house testing, I very satisfy with the maneuverity and the tight fit feeling. Only 1 thing not nice, is the new wheels, it's too much grip! Wait until I wear it down to road, should be feel better.

Today's quote:
Don't rain la!

It has been continuous for more than 5 months! Since when raining in Malaysia has no season? Global Warming is becoming serious and serious......

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

As usual, Bintang Christmas Eve.

Again, to this lost-your-mind Christmas countdown.

This was the 3rd time I went there for countdown, and this year is more aggressive that previous year, see the photo to understand it.

Caution: loads of photos, may load for a while.


These things selling god damn good over there!

Demon's head decoration, instead of Santa Hat... generation is changing.

Me in a very disgusting after-sprayed look.

Spraying party~ I hate the compression gas from the cans!

Here comes the aggressive scene... With the wiper took off, and can't wipe the snow away... bastard.

See this motorist uncle...

Pushing the car... or shaking the car left and right.

How to drive like that? 

I wonder the contents are made from CFC? Hope not, will kill the ozone layer.

Where is him? It's on top of a pass by Kancil's roof top.

This guy is driving mad. He is holding a spana. In this situation, if you're the driver, the smart thing is not to fight back or hon, just a smiley face is the best way to don't get you into trouble.

This guy is driving mad too, he called police to help him out of that situation.

I much much prefer this moment. The first Coffee Bean in my life(don't laugh la)

Yesterday I just bought 4 cans with RM10, and after finished it, I enjoy taking photos. Em, since I study in Cyberjaya, I sick of the city, so crazy, so lost control. I am all the witness along the car spraying and pushing and climbing and cans throwing, really no interested in enjoying the fun in destroying people's property...

I can't find place to relax around KL.... I am so love Penang.

Today's quote:
If you thing you're right, no wrong, then just do it;
otherwise, stop it.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Why you pull away my Ferrari?!!


Why you pull away my Ferrari? Put it down! I just simply driving while wearing skates, is that fault in Malaysia? I don't know that!?

Kidding, this is just a equipment for a movie shooting group at Putrajaya yesterday night, while I skated with friends and members from Skateline. It's a Ferrari! But I not sure whether it's just a casing or a real car...

Anyway, nice chance to be there, and I think this is just another Malaysia's Mat Rempit movie......

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Today's on air session

Em, this is the first post about on air in this semester in our MMU own radio station, RMMU, and it's only the 3rd time for me to run the program with my new partners, JC and Wilson~

Is it the last time? Don't know, but nice to have chance to fly together with you 2, without guidance from senior, which only make us freak out.

Taurus Wilson, Leo JC, and Taurus Vee~

Horoscope? I never thought I will talk about this.
Weird, and so lucky, I being put into this session and discuss about weekly horoscope, yearly horoscope, or anything related with horoscope. Me who is usually so not believe in fate, but still manage to run it, quite ok la, I feel.

At the middle of session, a group of students who attend on air course next week came in and kacau us, damn it! We kept playing songs to delay the time, so our advisor can explain how to control mixer and simple on air techniques. Half an hour gone because of that!



Just now JC said next semester want to talk about Horoscope again, and I shown like....(can I change title? Actually still nice to talk about it.), and I think again, actually the title is not important, what make me so like this club is because I feel really relax after an hour of chatting, the interaction between DJs, which can't be seen when I talking outside with friends(I am like always abandoned, no one reply my asking or comment, maybe because of my deep voice), but in the studio, I feel like I can be what I want to be, to fly on air.

After night class is our CLS(Chinese Language Society) Dong Zhi event, I went late with Hou Ming, as our class until 9:30pm, so just went there and finished their food, not to make Tang Yuan.

This is Tang Yuan, in case you don't know. It's made from flour with flavouring, and boiled in sugar water. It's Chinese tradition to have this simple dessert every year before winter, to symbolize Together.

CLS homemade Tang Yuan, in cube~

Together? I wonder... A new crazy act I will do next is...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

I received my PayPal money today!

Just now, I login into my Public Bank account and check the debit/credit card section, nothing, then I just simply sleep in front my PC for 15 minutes, and when I woke up, I login into it again, everything done!

I saw the payment, feel so happy with my hard earn money, so touch~

A high exchange rate
Public Bank give me the exchange rate at 3.2974, which is high enough, compare to selling at 3 to someone you don't know!


Haha, very satisfy with the transaction time, although it is international transaction, but only 3 days since my withdrawal from PayPal on 5th December, while some Malaysia Interbank transfer need 2 or more days to transfer, stupid.

Here come my skates, Seba High Black!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I withdraw money from PayPal

So excited! I am going to use my first batch of money from blogging to get myself a slalom skates(what is slalom?), Micro Seba High!

And to share the process during withdrawal from PayPal to my Visa, I took a few screen shot, click to enlarge:



withdrawal limit is the amount I can withdraw yet in this year, because my account is not premier account which can do unlimited withdrawal.

just 3 easy steps can withdraw the money from PayPal.

What I not satisfy is:

  • 5 USD for a transaction.
  • 5~7 working days to complete the transaction.

No matter what, I am so excited to wait for Kok's brother to get the skate from Singapore for me, I am so crazy with it!

Seba high, waiting to ride on you at maneuver through the cones!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007


This morning because of PTPTN, I skipped my Discrete Structure class, and I never felt regret, as the tutor sucks!

As usual, according to Malaysia's time, everything late for almost an hour, the officers too. With all shit documents which not require actually, sitting there and wait for those people to "explain"...

Need to sign so many documents, wtf.

for the exactly same documents, I need to sign 4 times, and the agreements with is 8 pages long need to be sign 8 times, and total of 32 times... stupid ass. After read through the agreement, I sign all the pages stupidly. And to my surprise, we still need to pay for the 3% interest rate, i thought it was cancel out!

DSC00370This show how "effective" their work, and so environmental unfriendly, whatever, I got my money, that is it!

I waited for this loan for so long time, just because I don't want to rely too much on parents, as they already spent more than 10 thousands for my alpha year and my first sem tuition fee due to the ineffective PTPTN website application, which now cancel out, back to OMR form application.

In Malaysia, a new thing that implemented will look cool for the first week, then spoiled at the second week, and back to the traditional way in the third week~Su

Compare to other engineering students, I study for only 3 years, so there will be total of RM49,500.00 only, means 1 year I will get RM16,500, minus tuition fee around RM14000, the rest may enough to cover 1 year of living cost.

The MMU loan officer who talking in front with the tone like grandma... "You all must listen, this is for your own good~"

I hate this, no systematic at all... sleep first.

Take loan is not because we love queuing up for trouble, is because we have not enough money.

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An Ampang Weekend

I went to Ampang last weekend, and I skipped the fund-raising event and my study time, because my parents coming down to KL, and I never see my grandpa and grandma for so long time~

Actually is to attend a far far relative's wedding, which is my grandpa's sister's brother's daughter's wedding.... I don't know how to describe the relation...

The wedding night at Ampang
In Chinese tradition, the parents' of the marry couple will book a hall or restaurant, and invite friends and relatives to have a feast, to enjoy and celebrate together. The dishes are following the same 1-by-1 serving concept, and I found the food that can't be finished was so wasted! I try to eat at much as I can, but there are still so many, pity to see those creatures who being serve on table, but end up in dustbin. So jealous with the couples, when will mine appear?

The poor bride
Almost in every wedding dinner, bride will got a lot of comment, like: "Work hard" for a baby, form a football team family, all related with baby... is like turning the bride into baby machine.005

KL Tower and KLCC
I admit I am not the first time to been here, especially KLCC, I been there so many times and lost count now, but my dad and both grandparents are the first time been here, as they are working in Penang, plus crazy busy work. Mom is not coming, need to in charge the business and work flow...

my dad

KL tower, world 4th tallest tower(not building)


The view from KL tower with KLCC at the back.

the ceiling view of KL tower before entering the lift.

this camera is not those super duper wide angle camera, so cant take the whole building~

This is my first post related with my family, hope will be more coming soon.

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Crysis: Maximum Game

For the whole week, I am so busy, busy saving the world from Alien Invasion. My name is Lieutenant Jake Dunn - codename NOMAD, is a US Special Force who was sent to a tropical island at South China Sea, to locate and rescue archeologists who were captive my North Korea Army. Korean army willing to spent so many soldiers to secure that island, they must have found some very important discovery.

I am wearing a newly developed nanosuit which developed by US Army, with the ability to boost all the human ability on battle field, watch this:

The first few days, my teammates were sacrificed. We don't know who took them, not the Korean, and not while having the nanosuit on.

Paradise Gone
When approaching Korean main base, I was captured, and successfully escaped, but escape into the structure of alien. After I re-escape again to the sunlight, the whole tropical island was changed into a snow world, everything freeze under 200 degree below zero......

Aliens attacking us, human, who was in chaos. I make my way to the USS constitution, but worst thing happen, the warship transformed into a battlefield, and this plot the beginning of human-alien war, on earth.

Roughly say, this is the best game I ever play before!

Superior graphic, super real physic, almost everything in the game is destructible! I just love the Nano Suit!

Something to regret: I should get original version of this game, as this is really a worth play game, sorry to Crytek Developer who developed this game for years, and I been waiting it for years too, since the expose during E3....

Crysis is a first episode of a trilogy, and there will be 2 more episodes coming out, and I will get original version of it!

Discrete Structure... Sucks.

This is a post about the subject I taking now, so maybe some of you don't understand.

Discrete Structure, aka DS aka damn sucks aka deep shit, is a subject for MMU IT students. It can be easily found with Google, so guest how popular and important of this subject in Computer Science studies.

I am currently facing DS or deep shit, as I am a self learner, no point for the lecturer talking crap in front. Every times, I mean every times, when I want to concentrate in class, the longest I can made is 15 minutes, then will sleep or doing other stuff, as my mind will fly to California.

1 thing that self learner worry, is don't have good study materials. Online notes by MMU sucks to the max! Although people call it notes, but inside only have definition and quiz without solution...

I facing a difficult time to search online to study, and asking friend, thanks Su and Hao, I am now just half the shit only, still able to dig a way out of it.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Loan loan loan....

When the time I choose my campus and course to continue my tertiary education, I knew that I cannot rely on my parents for the tuition fees, which is too high and will become a burden for them, so I decided to take loan.

During choosing the right loans, I learn a lot of facts. Some loan provider can provide very high amount of money, but with high interest too. Some practice the opposite, but will have a lot of terms and conditions...

How to get Cheap loans? Of course need to survey around, and make comparison. A lot of lenders provide Unsecured Loans as well as Homeowner Loans, so, choose the right one before you taking the loans, so you won't be in serious debt.

-this is a sponsored post-

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Don't think I am so nice to bully....

Just now afternoon break, me and friends went to this restaurant for lunch. Don't be fool by the nice looking, their foods are so normal, and damn expensive!

2 months ago, they increased their price list, but never increase the quantity... So of course everyone expect their service improve. But this afternoon, I really fuck up by the waiter there:

  1. 1. We sit there for more than 5 minutes, no one even bother us, even I waived my hand many times.
  2. 2. They took the wrong order.
  3. 3. Other table's customer got the same food that we order even they came later.
  4. 4. My friend and I ordered Nasi Goreng, but they just came 1 plate.
  5. 5. They charge the wrong price for me.

What I do?
Of course "wash" them la! I called a waiter, and using angry tone to talk ask him:

me: mana saya punye nasi goreng?
waiter: er... tengah buat, nanti, nanti...
me: buat apa!? 1 Nasi goreng kena buat setengah jam ke? Kenape meja tu lambat, tapi dia dapat dulu?!
waiter: tengah buat tengah buat...
me: suruh u punye boss mari!
waiter: sedang buat...(walk away)

me: where is my fried rice?
waiter: er... cooking,wait, wait...
me: cook what?! 1 plate of rice need to fried half an hour? Why that customer order later, but he got the food first?
waiter: cooking, cooking...
me: call your manager here!
waiter: cooking...(walk away)

Really piss off, we have 1 hour break, and waste more than half an hour waiting, for food, waiting for them to take order, and waiting for them to do mistake.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

RMMU Carnival, Happy Birthday!~

Do you all know that MMU have their own radio station? Most people don't realize that, but this is the first online radio station in Malaysia, cool leh?

Not only the first, this radio station, RMMU which handle by DJ Club is even cooler! Why? It's just cool, no reason.


This week is RMMU's birthday! Me as just a working committee was busy these days, selling our own design of car signage, cool is it?

This is my idea sentence:


And other very 'diao' words too.

Yesterday, which is the first day of RMMU Carnival, we invited the Astro New Talent winner, Anthony Chang to perform and announce his new EP, Music Wonderland. Situation is not really really hot, as the weather is hotter. Many people bought his EP and queue for his autograph, left me, who pocket empty stand aside, take photo enough.


Today, is My FM Ford Rangers and 2 DJs(I don't really know, because every time I just on radio and listen, don't know the DJ). And as usual, "Rangers" will give out freebies, cheap freebies, like magazine, tissue paper, and stickers.


Questions need to be answered to win freebies, first question: who is the most beautiful DJ in My FM? Then is, Who is the tallest DJ in My FM? Who is the most handsome DJ in My FM? Who is...? And there is only the same answer.


Green Box in Campus? Never see before leh...


Tomorrow? Stay Tune.

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