Friday, February 29, 2008

Last CNYE Event was over: worth to exchange it with my time.

Last night, 28th Feb 2007, the Last Chinese New Year Extravaganza(CNYE) series event, Mysterious Banquet, was ended nicely.

This Mysterious Banquet is the 3rd event of CNYE, followed by 2nd event, Lantern Night, and the 1st event, Food Race. This Banquet is the first dinner in Grand Hall, MMU, which usually only used for exam and Convocation purpose.

Again, pictures talk:

Welcome to Mysterious Banquet!

The Entrance to Mysterious Banquet.

Bunch of CNYE Organizing Committees.

Cute Mouse Design by Siou Kee~

Wishing trees, Don't tell you what I wrote~

Lantern in Grand Hall.

Me standing with Wishing tree~

Majiji!! We gonna Miss you! (He said he is moving to UNITEN)

Lion Dance in open ceremony.

Now you see~(time 8:06pm)

Now you don't~(time 8:12pm)

Publicity Group! V for VHanded!

Again, now you see~(time 8:34pm)

Now you don't~(time 8:39pm)

It's actually only for YCS, but seems like a lot of "new members"

4 mouse by Siou Kee~
(from left: Bobby, Wong Kok, Siou Kee, VHanded)


From a view of a Working Comm...
As I mentioned in earlier post, I am a working committee in Publicity and Ticketing division. As I see, all members in this team had sacrificed so many time, to selling tickets at booth, knocking door by door in Cyberia Townhouse and 2 blocks of Apartment, promoting event person to person, introducing all 3 events. I barely sleep more than 6 hours for the last 2 weeks.

But there must be a motivation for everyone to work so hard (the high committees are working even harder), for me, motivation to work hard may because the sense of belonging in this Society. Like what Robert Neville said in The Legend: "This is Ground Zero, this is my place!".

Last night the most exciting table in the hall, everyone should agree is ours(should be la!), which is the most participating group in CNYE, seeing our photos being displayed on projector slides, we shout very loud, and only us......!

Xuan Hao, you're the best! And all other directors! Nana!!

But so bad, because my DJ on air time is at 9pm, clashed with the banquet, so I had to leave and go on air. This semester my title is 天涯秘密大公开, or the Mysterious all around the World. Please support me by listening to every Thursday Night 9pm! By DJ V and Huey Lynn!


Oh no!!!!!! Oh no!!!!! oh no!!!!!! is it?? is it?? is it??!! Ar!!!!!!~~~ Who can describe my excite??!!

Today's quote:
Actually, I do believe in fate~ only when the fate is what I hope to happen...

Friday, February 22, 2008

CNYE Lantern Night: I love the feeling of Success Together~

Yesterday was Chap Goh Meh, or 15th Days, and also the last day of Chinese New Year. The most important, I feel so relief after hard so much hard work.

Chinese New Year Extravaganza Lantern Night
Yesterday night, CLS(Chinese Language Society) held an unforgettable Lantern Night in MMU Incubator car park, and I am very happy to see the crowd.

I am a member in Promotion and Publicity team, and this team play a very important roles to make everyone knows about our events. What we did beside distribute flyers in campus, we also introduce the event door by door in hostel, house by house in all Cyberia block C, explain one by one, selling tickets and coupons hand by hand.

It's really a hard time, especially every night from 8pm to 12am, which make me exhausted everyday. I can feel how stressful is my director, Nana and Xuan Hao.

Lantern Night: It's worth.
On the event day, when seeing crowd joining us, buying coupons, having fun guessing lantern riddles, taking photos, enjoy performances, I know what we did is not wasted.

Pictures said everything.

Distribute flyers on wheels.

Vietnam Lantern.

Chinese Surname collection.

Traditional Chinese Biscuit, I bought 2!!

That is my surname, Hu~

My Ah Tao(director), Nana!



Wishing pond, not for mandarin orange la...

Majiji(middle), my foreign friend~

DSC01043 Indian friend who join our event in writing wishes on lotus lantern.

Something worth to remember for this Lantern Night:

  • wearing skates in the campus almost every time during promoting our events.
  • promoting events door by door, person by person: Hi, sorry for disturbing, I am from MMU, Chinese Language Society, currently I am promoting our event call Lantern Night, on this Thursday night at Incubator car park, we got games, foods, drinks bla bla bla........ I repeat this at least 200 times, person by person.
  • Skipped few classes to hang around the booth, fun.
  • Know a lot of friends.
  • She said "Hi" to me for the first time in the Lantern Night! Oh no!

Something to the committees:
Last year during the organising committees(OC) recruitment, I was in there, but disqualify in final round; now I was thinking: if I success got the position, can I stand for this long? Can I handle the pressure? Can I make the event success? A lot of "Can I?". CNYE director Xuan Hao, I can see the pressure he bearing, and also other OCs. The planning was about 4 months long, and to cope with academic pressures like exam and class attendance. For all the small group meeting and workshop, I try to be there, try to test my endurance and ability to handle both events and academic result, and I know it's very difficult, really, one of it will sacrifice if imbalance effort distributed.

I really learn a lot in this event, thanks, although I am ranked with VIP(Very Irritating Person, to disturb people house by house.)

Here I introduce the Last event of CNYE: Mysterious Banquet
Date: 28th Feb 2007, Thursday
Time: 6pm~10pm
Venue: Grand Hall(first dinner in grand hall in MMU history!)

Price: RM35 per person for CLS Member, RM40 per person for non CLS member.

* if book the whole table, RM20 will be discounted and 10x vouchers of Pavilion Restaurant and Sunway Lagoon coupon will be given.

That night will base on the theme of Chinese's Myths and Legends, and will have 8 delicious Chinese foods on serve.

Today's Quote:
balance is the key to success.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Food Race champion: YCS!

Yesterday was the proud day of YCS. 4 YCSian was participating in Food Race organized by Chinese Language Society at Petaling Jaya SS2, to win the grand prize RM500!

Part of the SS2 map.

Can't list out all the games, but here are some classic one:

  1. Presenting any skill in front of public to earn at least 20 cents to win the mission. We lucky enough to find a group of drunk old man who gave us RM4, thanks Sunny Ho(the old man)!
  2. Move 3 chairs from 1 point to another point, while 4 of us on the chairs, before all the water in the cup leak out from the bottom. (use air pressure to control it! easy!)
  3. we all drank at least 4 cups of water and tea and chicken rice, wantan noodle, kue teow noodle, peanuts, mandarin orange, and many more.
  4. We lucky enough to skip most of the mission by pointing to green zone after spinning the Luck Wheels.
  5. Solve the puzzle of SS2.
  6. Guess the meaning and purpose of 30 foods that always eat during Chinese New Year.

To our surprise, we won the competition of about 10 groups of participants! YCS rocks!

Wong Kok, VHanded
Bobby, Emily (guidance), Eddy

And the winning prize is RM500, YCS rocks again! Still thinking how to use the money......

Not much photos taken, as we busy solving games, ha.

Today's quote:
SS2 people is very selfish, they will just say don't know before you start asking.

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YCS Affair

Since this is my first post about YCS, I will introduce it.

What is YCS?
YCS stand for Yam Cha Society, a strong but unofficial MMU Club which main activities are yam cha around Klang Valley area, example Old Town, mamak, Sri Kembangan, Shah Alam etc.

This Club has members of 70++ and increasing, with a committee board. Some property of this club included about 10 vehicles.

Every Thursday(except semester break and very special occasion like Valentine's Day and approaching exams) will be our Yam Cha day.

This Friday is our YCS Reunion Dinner, and for the first time, we went to a better restaurant and have something special, instead of teh tarik and limau ice.

The Restaurant is Hak Kah Village, at Sri Kembangan, and total of 12 active members attended. Actually we enough to book the whole restaurant, due to a workshop that having at the same time, which mostly participated by YCS members, so most can't attend.



Lou Sang. Hope YCS always together!

On that day 15th Feb 2007, around 2110, we discovered a new species, which have the head of chicken, and tail of fish. This has a greatly contributed to the biology science and food technology(for joke purpose).


Total of 8 dishes were served that night, and much appreciate, Hao Ming served tea for all of us throughout the dinner~

That green shirt guy on the right.

DSC00907  Cleaning my mouth~ Nice dinner~

** Everything about YCS is not that formal, it's just our extra imagination la~

Today's quote:
I am YCS member.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I really fucking hot now!

This Tuesday after class, it's about 1610, I went to CNYE booth and see what can I help, suddenly, a security officer came to me:

officer: pelajar MMU ke?
Me: (think a while, I didn't break any rules) Ya.
officer: mana ID?
Me: (you don't believe me is it? show him my student ID)
officer: u tau u sudah lakukan 1 kesalahan.
Me: Har? apa kesalahan?
officer: u pakai seluar pendek.
Me: ini salah ke?
officer: ya, u pi tengok STAD sana.

And he kneel down in front of me and write the fine slip on his knee. Look like bow to me. God damn Dog, his name is Muzaffar! Remember that bowing dog's name!

My innocent summon.

This is actually what I wear:

On the rules and regulation, section 29.4(c), it stated:

(c) The only type of shorts that are allowed to be worn on campus is Bermuda shorts. This particular clothing item should cover the knees completely, or be not more than two inches above the knees.

Let me tell you some definition: A pants that not very long but cover knees are consider as Bermuda shorts. What I wearing is Bermuda Shorts!

but following 29.4(c), it stated:

Bermuda shorts can be worn after office hours only.

i) Shorts are not allowed to be worn on campus at any time of the day either by male or female students except for sporting activities, which are only allowed at such times when students are involved in such activities.

OK, the time is 4:10pm, it's office hour, but I SAID I am going for Archery training, and I walk through campus area from car park to the field, and it's consider wrong?!!!! I know I am in campus but I just walk through!!!

I talk with the Director of Security, Victor Joseph, and can you please~~~ don't act like very pro, talk so much cock, and make judgement like Einstein? I am talking facts, not angry! The cock that you talk making me angry! Here is end of the conversation:

Victor: Don't angry young man~ This is the rules~ I also want to be your friend~(cib*i on his face) So now how much you want to pay?

Me: (frustrated with his act pity technique) If I am wrong, I should pay RM20 (the actual fine), if I am not wrong, I shouldn't pay single sen.

Victor: OK, so you go back and find more prove to show that you are not wrong, don't angry~ young man~

Me: (Turn around and walk out), OK! OK! ( and show him my finger while he didn't notice)

I lose.

After argument:

I try so hard to defence myself, I read all the rules and regulations, trying to find bugs between it, and I complain to Head of Security, taking photo as prove, and finding witness too. Not because I don't have RM20, is because I don't think I am wrong!

I didn't hate you, Victor, you doing your job, I understand(but I do hate your fucking pro acting style!!!). What I hate is the close minded of this society, so narrow, so shallow. If even normal wearing also no freedom, so what is freedom in Malaysia?

Thanks Robin who be my witness.

Today's quote:

to make the system works, rules and regulations are very important, and no exception should be made on individual judgement, I know it's this is cruel, but just how it works.......

Monday, February 11, 2008

Chinese New Year Post!!!

Dong Dong Dong Chiang~ Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends!! (I keep saying this many times, but still feel that is a necessary  to greet everyone~)

I didn't blog for the whole week, as I am busying, you know la~ Here I will write some special moments I have in the last week:

Bai Nian to my house:
A bunch of friends came to my house Bai Nian ( visit each other in Chinese New Year ).

And busy around, I didn't take enough photos, and didn't prepare enough KTV songs for you all to sing, paiseh~

Alice open house:
Alice moved to new house~ Same bunch of friends went and "help" her finish up her food. Em hem, I know.

First Sushi King:
Don't laugh la, this is really my first time in Sushi King~ With Chin Chieun (where the hell you been for so long time?), Choo Sun, and Chee Cheng(kicap).

DSC00815 DSC00817

Watch movie with Yue Wen~
Never thought got this chance, haha. But together with Wei Wen. We watch Kung Fu Dunk, Jay is too cool!

Why my hand so straight?


First movie with family in my entire life!
While someone may already have many chance to watch movie with parents and family since standard 1 or 2, but I got the chance only when I am 19. We watch CJ7 by Stephen Chow, damn funny~

Conclusion: This CNY is a special one, so many memories, although some discovery made me so sad.

Today's quote:
When talk about sadness, I am actually lucky than many people.

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