Sunday, August 31, 2008

Merdeka~ Merdeka~

Who said must be standing at Dataran Merdeka for the National Day count down can consider patriotic?

Who said must sing National Anthem to show patriotic?

Yesterday night, just few moments before National Day of Malaysia, me, Su, and Hao bought some beers and nuts from 7 Eleven to have our own SS celebration, haha! (Screw 7 Eleven, their alcohols are damn expensive! In Jusco I can get double with same price!)

This is cool. Following the time from, we countdown. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and we played the Highly demanded Malaysia's nominated new national anthem, Negarakuku, by Namewee~


Adding peppermint powder into beer. (I sure I am not drunk yet, ha)

A cup of pure cold peppermint bubble drink, so nice. (non alcoholic)

A nuts floating in my drink. This is an experiment to prove that it has the same effect like Mentos + soda, and, yes, proven.

How I celebrated every year?
Since in MMU, I started to "celebrated" National Day, never miss. In Alpha, my Ixora Apartment blasted Negaraku to the max. (but later some rubbish being threw down, not me)

In Beta year, I joined the National Day parade, a.k.a. marching. That is my first time putting some attention to the parade.

This year, you're reading it.


Still the same sentence. Malaysia, I love you and hate you! Happy Birthday!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Australia Fireworks - Final

The crowd is the most I seen from all performances. Everyone believed that Australia, the Grand Finale is the best one, but I personally prefer Canada's performance. (My photo shooting improved, hehe)

The starting blossom.


Hairy one.

Green moon.

3 moons on night sky.



Reflection in the lake.

The best one.

The last one.

So, officially, the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition has ended. I watched the performances of China, Canada, and this, Australia.


I admitted.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008






我,很糟糕吗? 能告诉我吗?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Canada Fireworks

After so many days, I just posted up this post. I am too busy these days until I don't have extra time to check mail and drama and not enough sleep, missed my 2 final episodes of Iljimae.

Canada Firewall was really amazing. Sorry to say that, although China claim themselves are the first who invented fireworks, but their performance really no match with Canada. (budget, maybe? Too much for Beijing Olympic).








Very nice, really. Hope you not only hear it, still can see it with your eyes.


Feeling: same as previous post.      

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Putrajaya Fireworks

The Malaysia International Fireworks Competition is back again! This year the participating countries are Malaysia(of course), China, Canada, Spain, and Australia. Who will be the winner? (most people will think: buuu~ not Malaysia~)

Yesterday night I went there with YCS after dinner, and the participating country was China. The starting time was delayed from 9:30pm to 10pm and was published on the website, but we didn't notice, so waited there for 1 and half hours, but it's worth.

Ah Tiong is feeding Andrew some sweet "shoe".

These 2 gay asses...

While waiting under the dark sky chit chatting, suddenly Ah Tiong saw something crawling toward us. He shouted in Cantonese: "yao ye pa gan go lei!" (something crawling here!)

Oh, is Mr. Strong, Cockroach.

The moon light high on the sky. (Sorry for my lousy camera)





It's awesome. Human's eyes are the best camera, no exposure, white balance adjustment etc~

Sorry for all the lousy photo, from a lousy Sony T-9.

It's a not bad one actually, just too much red and green color shots make me little bit dizzy, but still like it~ The whole fireworks lasted 25 minutes(around that). And for every blast on the sky, we heard "wah", "Wah", and "Wahhhhhh"~~~~

There will still be Canada Team on 20th August, Spain on 24th August, and Grand Final by Australia on 29th August.


For all the awesome blast in the dark sky, I am missing you.

Friday, August 15, 2008

In the Time of Chaos, we need Hero.

Imagine a peace world, no war, no corruption, fair, everything is so secure under the implementation of laws... Even there exist someone who has superhuman strength, but also seldom to find a change to use it...

And the opposite, corruption wins, then we need someone who can help us, and the same time against the so-called government.

Once upon a time, there exist Iljimae....

The story set at a Korea Joseon Dynasty, there exist a chivalrous robber who steal corrupted government's stuff and give it to the poor, people call him Iljimae, or 一枝梅(by 李准基). He act as a useless gangster in the day, but at night he flying around in black suit.

Story unfold when he finding the murder of his father, and the love stories of him.

Want to know more? Watch it la~ just 20 episodes.

Thanks Lee for sharing this Korean Drama to me, it's my first Korean Drama, very excited!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Dinner

Em, another lonely dinner.

I cooked myself a plate of spaghetti, and this time is a not bad one~ hehe.

A value I learned: 1 person serving of spaghetti needs about 60 sticks of raw spaghetti.

First, boiled some water in and add in 60 sticks of spaghetti (1 person serving). Wait until the spaghetti become soft and try it few minutes later to taste whether it's cooked.

Next, while waiting for the spaghetti, cut 2 sausages into pieces.

Open a can of Prego spaghetti sauce(my favorite). 1 can is enough for 3 servings, so the extra just pour into a container and keep in fridge. I took 1/3 of the sauce and mix with the sausages pieces and tomatoes, then added VERY little water and boiled it for few minutes.

Pour the hot mixture on the spaghetti, done, enjoy la~

Dinner in front my lovely PC. I have Nescafe, Spaghetti, and cupcake as dessert~ The total time is less than 30 minutes, very easy only la~ Tomorrow exam la, have to study, so don't go out eat lo.

Love spaghetti so much, the next I will learn to cook the sauce myself.



Bobby live in happiness because someone cook for him. Who is going to cook spaghetti for me? HA.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

YCS Vending Day 1

YCS is not just a pure entertainment society, now we are entering financial stage, ha~

With the money we won from CNYE Food Race, we used it to invest for more, which is selling refreshments during MMU Convocation, yeng leh...

pigs! Wake up la!

We selling Cupcake Chic from The Curve, Damansara, cut fruits, and Anything and Whatever drinks, hoho! All these really a big budget, we can never lose it!

Karen with her "what la" face, and cut fruits that we cut. There are watermelon, honey dew, and papaya. For all of these, the best selling is honey dew. Why? Don't know.

These are the Anything and Whatever drinks we bought. No matter what, we have to sell it all! My mission!

If you don't know what is Anything and Whatever, you outdated la~ Google it to know more.

FIT most beautiful moment. By the time I graduate, what will the decoration looks like?

A big sorry: Because of my mistake, I caused 9 cupcakes felt and really a big loss... Sorry x 100.

My big big big problem now: hard sale drinks, have to sell 250 cans a day, have to!


Still have day 2 and 3 to go, gambate!

Beijing 2008 Olympic: One World One Dream

Every time I listen to Olympic songs by singers worldwide, I can feel the passion in it. People always said: must chase dream. What is dream?

For the players, to achieve the furthest, to catch up the fastest, to beat the strongest, is their dream.

I watched the Beijing 2008 Olympic open Ceremony in Old Town with Karen and Eddy, kesian 3 of us so lonely. The most impressive of all fireworks is the "29 Giant Footprints"!! Enco!


When the participating countries come out one by one, and when Malaysia's turn, everyone in Old Town cheered! Me too. Still the same sentence, Malaysia I love you and hate you.


and 70+ countries is really too boring to wait, as what we want to watch is the final touch, so we decided to go Bobby's house to watch stream TV from Internet. The quality not bad, with very minor lagging.

Still the same feeling, while I watching fireworks, my left hand will hold tight, hope your hand is in my palm, every time I watch fireworks.

Today's Thought:

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

2nd Button

Time is fast. When you enjoying certain things, you won't feel the time flow through your body, your mind, your hand, but it just will flow through, like air.


This week will be the last week of our MMU final year seniors, who going to have their Convocation on coming Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I still have 1 year and 10 months in this university, although I always critic "MMU sucks la" , but finally I still want to be MMU-ian.

The best feeling, I can work now! Earn my own money, do my own thing! However, the worst feeling for graduating is the feeling of separate from friends, lecturers, exams, quizzes, ponteng(absent because of lazy), "sign for me"(MMU best slogan), and everything you can mention during university life, everything we say sucks, but the end we just want the "sucks"...

A less known Graduation Tradition
During graduation, guy will give away his 2nd button on his shirt(or uniform) to someone he loves, sometimes is the girl ask for it. But, for all the buttons on the shirt, only the second button be given away, why?

According to Japan tradition, second button on shirt is the button that nearest to heart. This is especially for school uniform, which represent the life of studying, where the guy wear it throughout the study time. It had gathered the love, happiness, sadness, emotions in it, and is very precious and full of memories.


But MMU without uniform, what to do? Figure it out yourself.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


My friend Karen is going to work outstation for few days, and she passed her lovely "Ah Boy" to me for few days, I transformed into a nanny.

Who is Ah Boy?
Ah Boy is a guinea pig, so fat!

His favorite food is cucumber and carrot. Although sometimes I do feed him some dry snack, but he will only eat it when out of cucumber and carrot.

I see he prefer carrot than cucumber, haha.

"Wei, stop taking my photo!"

Ah Boy is eating cucumber. He has a big stomach, can eat a lot and fast.

Cute cute guinea pig. 

Friday, August 1, 2008

Half of Semester gone.





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