Thursday, December 29, 2011

I am back, with 2012 Resolutions.

Can’t imagine, the previous post I wrote, is about 1 and 6 months ago. That period was my working life, a lot of up and down, was fucking busy, and glad I grown up a lot in this 16 months of working life. I mentioned ‘was’, as I am in a jobless position, yet it feels so great.

I don’t have a clear 2011 resolutions, which makes me slightly regretted, so I will have 2012 resolutions. hehe.


Been asking myself, what’s the purpose of life (yet, until now, I don’t quite able to answer that, by the fact that, everyone dies at the end, LOL), at least when achieved goals, make me feel life is meaningful. It’s a journey, a game, with strategy to win it. While it can be won, it can be lost too, that’s the fun part of it. It’s important to make sure the goal is clear and specific.


Here are the resolutions of 2012, in summary, start from most important.

  1. Run my first startup.
  2. Travel to Tibet, and hike to Himalaya base camp.
  3. Being able to do Toe Fake 20 cones (inline slalom move).
  4. Join a major freestyle slalom competition at overseas.
  5. Gain weight to 55kg. (I find it the hardest challenge)
  6. Skydiving. (See if Groupon provides cheap one or not)
  7. Travel to East Coast Malaysia, include .
  8. Get a MacBook Pro 15. (ouch!)
  9. finish 3 books: In The Plex, Steve Jobs Biography, and one more still pending)
  10. Sponsor a child with WorldVision.



That’s it. Check back 1 year later, and see what I done.

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