Saturday, April 26, 2008

Apes In Space

Ha! This is not a movie title, instead just a small compilation of what pulling my attention these days.

Everyone knows First human space, Yuri Gagarin, but do everyone knows the first Animal in space?

After some Wikipedia trip, I found that first animal in space is fruit flies.

fruit flies
Fruit flies! Are you kidding!? No, it's real.

Later testing was monkeys, chimpanzees, and dogs. Great Apes (human, monkey, orang utan, gorilla) are primary choice, as they having high percentage match with human and high intelligent.

First Monkey in Space
His name is Albert, very nice name. A rhesus monkey, sacrificed during real time rocket experiment/on the sky, 11 June 1948.

So do his 6 apprentices in later attempt.

The first living being to successfully back to Earth is a rhesus monkey name Baker.
This is baker~ Cute.

Later in Mercury program, 2 most identical Chimpanzees, Ham and Enos, were sent to space. Both chimpanzees successfully back to Earth. These 2 are my favourite, why? Don't know, feel more relative connection with Chimpanzee than monkey.

Enos! The one on right side, not left side.

Ham the Chimp in his space capsule.

During the training and real time launching, both chimps were trained to do simple task like push up lever and press button when red lights on. The training was hard, if the chimps cannot do it in 5 seconds, a mild electric shock will be applied to their feet; if they do it correctly, a banana tablet will be awarded.

Info said that, during the flight of Enos, some machine failure occured , which when Enos push the right button, electric shock applied; and when did it wrongly, banana tablet given. But Enos courageously press the right button and get shock in the whole 2 days journey, and back to Earth safely. My Hero!

Those Great Apes who successfully back to Earth, living peacefully for rest of their lives. When Ham died at 29, he was buried at New Mexico Museum of Space History, while Baker buried at US Space and Rocket Center.

To those Apes Who sacrificed their life before us, you all prove that your species are much courageous than us.

One day when monkey is smart enough to have current human intelligent, will they question about their ancestors who travel space?

I doubt in 100 years time Great Apes beside human still exist? Protect our nearest family, don't buy their skins or meats.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am bad, haha.

This morning I opened up fridge, and saw 2 boxes of J.CO(or Big Apple?) donuts, with name written. OK, this post may confusing.

  1. 2 boxes of donuts are belongs to 2 of my housemates, Su and Yeoh.
  2. Su, aka STW, wrote his name on the his box, and for fun, he wrote POC(piece of crap) on Yeoh's donut box.
  3. Later, I opened up fridge, and my hand also itchy, so I wrote 'sucks' after the name of STW.
  4. STW found out someone added some words to his box, so he suspected Yeoh saw the POC wording on his box, so Yeoh revenged.
  5. STW cancelled out the 'sucks' word, and told me the story.
  6. I laugh, and told him later Yeoh come back ask him, haha.

Su still don't know that is me who wrote SUCKS on his box, wait he see this post first la, haha!

Today's quote:
I'm evil, hehe.

Easy way to check hexadecimal arithmetic

Last few days I am busy for Machine Architecture Lab Test, busy busy.

What is Machine Architecture?
An art to teach you how to talk with the piece of silicon, damn!

During the study, I encounter a time wasting process, which is doing hexadecimal arithmetic operation. In human way, 5+5 = 10; in hexadecimal way, 5 + 5 = A !!!!!

So I Google for some program to do hex math, and I found Google Calculator is the most easiest to access and simplest, and the best part, fast and free!

What is Google Calculator?
Good, you using it everyday, just didn't notice. It's actually combined with Google search.

google math

See this magic.

google math 2
0x5 + 0x5 =? Press Enter.
(0x5 is actually 5h in our syllabus, means hexadecimal form.)


google math 3
  Answer is 0xA~~

It also can do other operation like subtraction, multiplication, and division. At least enough for my current syllabus.


How about conversion?
google math 4
No problem! With the syntax like HEX=?DECIMAL.


google math 6
The other way, no problem too. reverse the syntax.


google math 7
Multiple operations can be handled too.


Lab test was over, final paper is coming, hope this "exploration" can help my friends in their study. But careful, before use this tools, please make sure you know how to do manual arithmetic and conversion, there won't be any Google in exam hall to help you.

full Google Calculator instruction can see here, beside this simple maths, it also can use to convert physic quantity like speed; math function like modulus(%) and factorial(!).

Today's Quote:
Technology is scary.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

SNS going wrong.

So long time never join the gang for SNS, Saturday Night Skates.

Yesterday's SNS was at Kepong. Depart from Cyberjaya with Xuan Hao, Su, and Hao, heading to TTDI Skateline.

However, the god damn weather just know where we want and what time we going to skate, it will just rain at the moment! Every time!Thus SNS CANCELLED. The location is in a car park, which I assume is a close car park where rain water cannot enter, but it just like Titanic, no matter how many giant floating chamber in it, it still sank.

End up we at 1 Utama, having KFC for dinner, and walk around. Suddenly an idea of skating in Putrajaya appeared, so we went there to check out.


Xuan Hao is the first time went to Putrajaya skate, and seems like he can quite handle all drains and steps, congrates!

And at last I gain enough confident to do stair slide (is this the terms?) on big stairs!

Next time challenge Batu Caves Stairs, haha, kidding!

Funny thing we had yesterday was, 2 security guards warned us not to skate in Putrajaya.

Guard: "Sini tak boleh skate lah."

Hao: "Tak boleh ar?"

Guard: "Tak boleh, ini lantai, tak boleh." (pointing the hard pavement)

Me: "Bicycle boleh tak?" (Just to test him)

Guard: "Bicycle boleh." (lucky he said can, else how to explain so many bicycle sign along the road.)

Since we all are packing to go back, we don't argue more, but, hey! If they worry that our skates will break their pavement and lift up their tar road, so how about the motorbike they riding on the pavement? How about those vehicles with with weight more than 1500kg?

They just anti skaters, with no reason.

Secret Code
We think that the sky can listen to what we talking, if we said want to skate today, then it will rain; if we said we don't skate, then it won't rain. So next time if we want to skate, we will just use a secret sentence, "Tonight want to die ar?".


Today's Quote:

Damn you weather! Damn you!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Help you?

I can teach you do homework.
I can listen to your problem.
I can assist you chase to the girl you like.
I can lend you some money if you need. (Some)
Can you do this homework for me? All. Fuck you.

I hate people use me. I mean USE me, like they hired me and pay me salary, which is actually not.

If you don't know how to do, I give you hints and examples;

If you don't know where to start, I lead you;

If you straight come to me and put down ALL the questions and want me to finish it ALL, and say want to leave immediately and come back to collect the answer later. Before today, I do it for you; after yesterday, I will say GFY.


I am not your employee. If only 1 or 2 questions, it's ok, but definitely not ALL.

Help you? Or do for you?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Little Dinosaur in my Printer

While I studying for exam, suddenly, I saw a small lizard on my table.

I don't move, see what the lizard going to do. It crawled, crawled, crawled, crawled over the wires, and....

hoi! Don't even think about it! Hey!

And the lizard crawled into my printer!




See? The lizard is doing Cicak-Man show in my printer.

I turn around the printer, hitting the bottom to make it out, but it's so tough, still sticking up side down. At last, it crawled into some part where I can't see it.

Here I give you a chance, you better crawl out, and I won't hurt you. Don't die in my printer, please~~

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Differentiate of 1 is? x.


现在是半夜3点,刚刚从The Curve回来,朋友带我去散心。















Monday, April 7, 2008

The worst Weekend

Last Friday, I went back Penang. Reached after 5 hours of journey.

The next day, I went hospital to visit my grandma. She got stroke. The time we reached there, she was sleeping. Aunt woke her up, but she can't sit up herself, I have to help her up.

Her case is minor stroke if compare to others, but quite serious. She can't move all parts of her left side, like limbs etc. She still can speak, but unclear. I don't know what to say to her.

I still remember last month, she was so healthy, aged 75++, but still able to walk, cook, manage plants, work, etc.

I am scare. I know something is inevitable. Grandpa told me, now his hope is to see me graduate and visit 2nd Penang bridge with grandma.

This is one of the weakness I have. I afraid of losing.

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