Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Penang Youth Park (again)

Had been to this place many times. Even I just sit at the corner looking at the trees, the children running, I will feel relax too.


Water fountain.

Leaves, this one is the best wallpaper~

Err… Heaven Bird?? (天堂鸟)


The Malay father is teaching his small son to play skateboarding on the slopes. This seldom happen in Chinese family, who overly protect their children… Lucky my family gave me a lot freedom to do anything I like.

Purple flower~

I think is Chrysanthemum… Want try?

Orchid la!


I love this picture the most, * May Peace Prevail On Earth*

Mom and Dad.

Wish I have my skate that time, kaki gatal la (legs itchy, want skate).

No plastic bag, no no no.

Went for a huge shopping with family at Jusco Seberang perai.

My family has a weird trend, we only shop once a month, or every 2 months. So for every “stock buying” day, the trolley will be filled until it is full.


Maybe was in Cyberjaya for too long, I don’t know that the whole Penang is having a very large scale anti plastic bag campaign, participated by all major hypermarkets. All the items in trolley being carry home without taking any plastic bag.

If want plastic bag, pay 20 cents lo~ Since 6th July 2009, every Monday is no plastic day, and saved more than 1,000,000 plastic bags. (The day we went is not Monday, maybe they expanded the days)

I love this new Penang government.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pesta Penang 2009

Everyone in their childhood should have been to pesta, at least once, not sure about other places, but Penang is the state with a lot of so-called mobile pesta, which myself feel very excited when I am still 5.

Been Pesta Penang few years ago. This large scale pesta has rides that can match with big amusement park like Genting and Sunway Lagoon, not all, but some rides.

Went with Lih Shian, Eric, Yao Hao, and Shi Ning, schoooool mate.

This reminded me of the Computer Graphic assignment: design a playground for alien.

This rides same with the one at Genting Highland. Been this place with friends do let me feel young again.

Random picture. Besides the rides and games are exhibition of plants, Malay business, boring.

Kesian costume guy, he should be there promoting ice cream, but after took photo with him, I didn’t buy from him. haha, bad me.

It’s Christmas Eve Night, not feel like going back soon, at least after 12am to check out the situation in Penang. So we spent some time at Station One.

Playing mastermind. Wrote this game in C++ in Beta year. 

Remember in 2006 and 2007, I went countdown “celebration” in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. The “celebration”end up with public property destroyed, and happened every year. Since last year, I am not going to that place anymore…

Now Penang is having the same trend. Snow spray cans become weapons, people gone crazy like high on drugs, ish. Although I didn’t see it live, but it’s on YouTube.

Peace. Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Free Softlens, grab grab grab~

Thanks Nana who gave me this link,

Bausch & Lomb is doing a promotion, with the slogan My HD Moments. (Do we really will feel HD? Ha, try see.)

So I get my free trials of 3 pairs contact lens at Sunway Carnival.


Just follow the link above, fill in your information, and print out the redemption slip. This is a nationwide promotion, check out your nearest location in their website.

This free trial promotion will ends on 31st December 2009, fast~!

p/s: I do not get paid from Bausch & Lomb!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Good bye, Wei Jun

Since graduated from Secondary School, we had lost contact. We are in different class, and the chance that made me know him is through the weekly Karate-Do training.

He is not a tall guy, with quite heavy eyesight problem, I guess, because he needs to slim his eyes to see clearly during free sparring training.

Although he is short, he can defeat opponent which bigger and taller than him, even with higher rank than him. I can see that, not because he is skilful or fast, but he is very brave in going front and attack, Points! Even myself with higher ranking also will feel pressure to train with him.

Remember one time when we waiting for class to start, he and another friend want to borrow a textbook from another friend. But since textbook has only 1, so textbook owner challenge them to say “I love you” to a girl in front them.

Wei Jun is smart, he went front, and said to the girl: “Do you heard a song name I Love You?” He got the textbook. Funny.

Last 2 weeks, when I browsing my phone contact, I saw his name. Still wondering if he changed phone number. Never imagine, the next day I received SMS about his accident.

After coma for 7 days, God of Death took his life.

From someone’s blog, know that he is a full time vegetarian, with a good heart. See from Facebook, MSN PM, all friends are very upset and concern about this incident.

For people who already leave us, we can only accept. I can’t forget, because they are the characters who went into my life.

But for people who still around us, we tend to ignore and hurt them all the time… Human nature, we need to lost to learn appreciate, and hopefully, we learned.

May you rest in peace, Wei Jun.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Assignment on 1800m

There is a concert (in fact I not sure who are the artists) on Genting Highland, friends are going to attend it, and over night here. I use here, is because I am on genting. He.He.

I am not attending the boring concert, nor the casino. Just want to spend my time here with cool weather~ And enjoying assignment at 1800m above sea level.

Seriously, the working mood is much better~

It’s already December, there should be a lot of Christmas decoration, even here. Maybe it’s too big, so the decoration is only concentrated on few places.

LED Santa.

First World at night. I just realized they actually play bird’s sound in there, to create a jungle environment~

Bubble Christmas tree.

Lighting Deer.

Santa Claus~

This one geng. Chinese New Year or Christmas? Choi San Yeh become Santa Claus..     

OK, work work.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Maze

Maze game that we played since we small had been lost count, and In fact, all mazes are play on paper, or newspaper.

My ex-housemate, Carls’s  Cyber-P project, call Labyrinth: The Dead End, is really a real size maze~ OK la, quality is not like those world class using brick one, but still playable la~


This is 1/3 of the maze only~

“I am lost… How?”

Went there with Calvin. Our sense of direction is just so dumb. At least used 15 minutes in the maze, visiting the same place again and again. Next time should use maze algorithm to exit~

Quite some surprise in there, try it out yourself.

Location: In-Door Badminton court, MMU. (beside stadium food court)

Time: 3pm to 10pm

Date: 24 – 25 Nov (means tomorrow is last day)

Entrance Fee: RM3

If want some excitement, try go there at night~

One more funny thing:
See rules number 7.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tiger Woods says I suck

This is my first time try out golf.

The weather at 3pm is just nice, cloudy and windy. The place? Cyberpark.

The price is really cheap, RM4 for 50 balls, and RM5 to rent the golf stick. It’s ok, the golf stick are all in good quality, no bend.

Calvin’s pattern.

My pattern.

Wong Kok’s pattern.

Why this world is so not fair… They never provide golf stick for left-hander…

It’s a very nice game to release stress, while swing the stick, say the name of someone or something you hate. F**k exam!

Aiming. For a first timer, it’s quite hard to accurately hit the ball in right position, always swing the stick, but hit nothing, hahaha~ Purposely wear a white Polo Shirt like a golf player, but it didn’t add my skill points, haha.

Among all, I am the worst~

There are field for short distance goal too.

Almost!!!! (Fake one actually)

Almost!!!!! (This one is real..)

When get bored with normal golfing, try snooker style. Shit Wong Kok is behind me doing all those nasty postures…

Also found out they have all sorts of facility in the park, like cheaper pool table games~ HAHA.


Hoo… hectic semester, need some rest once in a while. Jia you!

Happy Farm

Since the last time we called Mr. Grass Cutter to cut the long grass in our yard, it’s been almost 4 months.

Now is raining season, thanks to the rain water, the grass grow extremely fast, and averagely, every strain of grass is taller than us, SERIOUS.

One Sunday afternoon, Jujubear suggested not to call Mr. Grass Cutter, save money. Instead, we clear the grass by pulling out them, one by one~

This reminded me of playing Facebook Happy Farm when harvesting the grass. HAHA. But this harvest can’t eat, can’t sell…

Initially, the grass is much much taller than any human on Earth.

Slightly lesser, we are making the ground bald.

Ewyn is “playing” with grass. The grass is so sharp. My hand got cut by the edge of the leaves. So we have to put on gloves to continue.

Bobby pulling the grass. It must be pull out from the root, like in Chinese sentences: 斩草不除根,春风吹又生~

Partially done.

This is the jungle passage we passed by everyday. Going class is like jungle trekking.

Second batch of clearing is in evening, with more housemates helping.

Haha, saved each of us some money~


Until now, we completed only 1 side, another side has some delay, because it was protected by Mimosa aka 含羞草, hate those spiky thorn.

Will continue then, until it’s clear.

This is the current look the yard.

Monday, November 16, 2009





Wednesday, November 11, 2009

World Trade Center

Remember the 911 Terrorist attack in 2001? I was only 13 years old, first time heard the news, I thought it’s a prank.

Then only realize, life is so short. We spent a lot effort to build up something, but it took very short time to destroy it…

Thanks to Google Earth new feature, Timeline, allow me to view old satellite image.

WTC 1978
World Trade Center in 1978.(2 blur tall shadows)

WTC 1994
World Trade Center in 1994.

World Trade Center in 1997.

WTC 2001
World Trade Center on 12th Sept 2001, next day after the attack. Debris and smoke covered New York City.

WTC 2001 Dec
World Trade Center on December 2001, flat.

WTC 2009
World Trade Center in 2009. After 8 years, the site had been reconstruct, a new Freedom Tower will rise.

Not commenting much about this. Wish everyone appreciate the people around you.

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