Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia!

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to Malaysia,
Happy Birthday to You!

Thank you to all my children, this year, as I am 50th, I hope you all will stick together, don't use some stupid policy to bond my children especially my non Bumiputra children, and also band cigarettes and pirated DVDs, and also greedy brothers.

I joined the National Day Parade this morning, and when I told my friend, they just said: "You go there and see only la!", actually, I am in the parade, not beside the parade.

Haha, thanks to PIKOM, Persatuan Industri Komputer and Multimedia Malaysia(Malaysia Computer and Multimedia Industry Association), who give me chance to join it, (all just because of the allowance), and this is the first time I put an attention to the national day parade.

I am in the marching team
Yea, no kidding, I marched for PIKOM. PIKOM is so kind to provide us with uniforms, caps, gloves, refreshments, accommodation, and of course, allowances.

The hotel I stay is not those cheap shit that specially for prostitute, but is a at least 3 stars hotel, Ancasa Hotel. Located just beside Plaza Rakyat station, and from my room can view the whole KL city. They some more let only 2 person in a room! Not like other trip which need to pay but still have to share 4 persons in a twin sharing room.

Me with full uniform in my room.

The very morning, we all have our breakfast, wow, it's not just fried rice and toast! I took so much and finished it, so yummy.DSC00803
Assorted bread.

The morning when we reach Masjid Negara, a car parked there was tolled away... pity car on National Day.DSC00805
Pity Car.

The chickens of the country. (Telecommunication operators)

Band performance by...... Which high school forgot....

Another marching team, also don't know who are they.

Media Prima, the TV broadcast company, also joined the marching parade. Their uniforms are cooler than us, because it looks like AirAsia. Some show hosts like Disney Malaysia and 999 was also joining the marching, all very good looking and nice body shape, haha.(as they are TV host)
Media Prima Uniform.

More media prima... This angle sucks, I should step to a little bit left, then can see those little cute girls posing.

Helicopters bringing flags of each states fly over the sky. I saw Penang, yahoo!


My friend, Aaron, he complained the sleeves are too short, and too tight, but just noticed he wore girls cutting uniform during the parade.

Aaron who wearing girls cutting shirt.

Part of KL that I never seen before.

Welcome back, "astronuts"!!


The parade is not long, just 2.4km, and about 20 minutes of marching, the marching was ended in front Quality Hotel, and we spent our time there watching the jets performance.

When the jets did a horizontal upward spinning, it looks like Transformers transforming.

Milo Challenge
Yea, this is crazy. In this kind of big occasion, of course we see sponsored drink. Today is Milo! After the tired march, we rush to get it, and suddenly I spoke: "Last time my record was 7 cups continuous, and end up vomited in the toilet", then everyone started to drink like crazy, and Aaron who want to challenge me drank 10 cups!! Me? still the same result, 7 cups only, but didn't vomit out. Kok Min drank 8 cups while Chia Syan drank 8 cups too.

Imagine 10 cups stack together, how can it enter a human stomach?!

Milo tin man, I tearing the mouth.

As an appreciation to us, PIKOM invite us to Nando's Chicken, and let us order what we want. Yes, I am not that greedy, just a quarter chicken with drink only, moreover, how much can I eat with 7 cups of Milo in my stomach? I saw the final bill, it is RM920++!! Thank you!!

When the National Anthem played, I really stood and have the feeling of proud as Malaysian(screw those who still sitting on floor and chatting), and I always like to introduce Malaysia to other international visitors if I have chance to speak with them. Negarakuku singer, NameWee, who is also a Malaysian, have the same feeling when he studying in Taiwan, what he did on his music video is not to insult the government and other races, but that's the truth that reflect the society, but no one dare to talk about it, scare one day their nationality will be canceled....

Malaysia, please wake up, remove the races tag from IC, remove the fucking Bumiputra quota from business and high education. Understand why we lose to Singapore. I stand here and keep writing what is right for Her, and if Najib want to find troubles, bloggers will answer.

Malaysia, I really love you, and I hate you too, just love come first.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Melaka here I back!

Today is the DJ Club Melaka Promo Day!

As an A&P(Advertising and Promotion) Division of DJ Club, I was so happy and excited to back to my first campus in Melaka! Depart at 7am, and reach by 9++ am.

When saw my campus, I was so touching, like back to somewhere so familiar, yet so far.

Before I end my foundation study at MMU Melaka, we always said: Melaka sucks! Mahkota Parade sucks! All sucks!

Now I am in Cyberjaya, although facilities are approaching perfect, wide road with no car, cool and windy all the time, but 1 thing I hate: FOOD! What kind of policy said that cannot sell pork in Cyberjaya and Putrajaya! Ok, so where is other chinese food? NO.


my lecture hall in Melaka MMU, very cold.

Back to title. In Melaka, I seen so many familiar faces, some still recognize me, some like don't know me. Even saw my junior from my secondary school, em, the spirit of Chung Ling is everywhere.

The promotion event was distributing flyers, explaining our concept, taking survey, palm print, and play games. The contestant broke our new Limbo Rocks Challenge with the height of 53cm only~~ He is so cool!

I really hope I have a camera, so I can take more beautiful and exciting photo and post it on this blog, sick of my lousy phone camera. So, please help me to spread my blog link, or let me write more meme to get higher pagerank and write more sponsored posts, yea! RM700 to go...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Streamyzzzzz Rocks!

After 2 months of waiting, at last I have my Internet connection!

Yes, since I moved in to Cyberjaya for degree study, I started to apply for telephone line.

Here is the process of applying TMphone line:

1. First, go TM point, fill in the form, and wait for 1 week to process.
2. Second week, contractor called me, and postponed to next week.
3. Third week, contractor came, and after diagnostic my wiring, said is my wiring problem.
4. Complained to house management. They said the wiring contractor will come next week.
5. Wiring contractor called me, and postponed to next week.
6. Fifth week, yea, he repaired it.
7. I called TM twice, and they said the contractor will call me.  yes, I didn't receive any call.
8. 6th week, I have to go TM point to beg them give me contractor number.
9. OK, TMline was on, and time to apply Screamyx.
10. Same week, went to TM Point again, and apply for Merdeka Bash package. Clearly, we remember the agent ask us want self install or contractor install.
11. Next week after a week break, was 8th week. We go and get out installation information, he said: ini applikation untuk kontractor la, kena bayar 88. Of course we cancel la, and reregister another one with self install.
12. 9th week, we went there (again), she didn't do anything, no application, like we are not exist at all. She said: tak payah mari lagi, nanti siap, kita akan call you.
13. 10th week, we went there with my emotion and words ready. if they still cant give me my username, I will see their manager, send complains to The Star, all Chinese publications, all international forums. But they lucky, they knew it when I said: saye sudah mari banyak kali la, and the senior quickly fill in my details into their database on the spot, which they usually will do after 3 days.

14. After 3 days from application, I sent a sms to activate it. Now it works.

TM sucks!

Streamyx Sucks

My friend asked me, why don't you use other broadband ISP, like Celcom 3G? I said: No TM product anymore, screw TM line and Celcom, let it bankrupts. (for Screamyzzzz, have to, no choice already...Maxis3G can't afford, yet.)

Tenaga National Berhad twice proposed to provide broadband using it's power cable, but both rejected, with a very unacceptable reason: government don't want to create competitor for TM. Fuc* you! The technology was widely used in Korea, and that's why Korea has the highest broadband penetration in the world, which is more than 26.7%, while Malaysia has only 1.86%(maybe lesser, according to 2006 information on Redesign Malaysia ). Create competitor la, you closed minded IS****IC country, open your mind! The world is FLAT!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tooth Fairy is not real.

I not sure other fairy tales are real, but what I can sure is, tooth fairy is definitely not real.

Yesterday, I went to dentist there for my bracing appointment. And to fee enough space for other potential teeth to rearrange, the dentist extracted a tooth of mine...

And home, I put the tooth on my desk, and the next morning, the tooth is still there, and no $1 on my desk too. Ok, sounds stupid, enough craping.

Here is the photo of the extracted tooth, during the extraction, one of the 'leg' broken, but dentist manage to took it out too.


2 years later, a new and bright smile face will reappear...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Few days of me.

The holiday was over, and I back to a normal university student, again. Oh, s***, exam soon! But I still can manage...

Hair Cut
During the holiday, I had a hair cut. Last time during Chinese New Year was only RM12, not they increased to RM20! Damn it, but luckily the result is ok, and many suggestion on my hairstyle, so, worth that value la.


Mouse Hunt
I like this part. That day, I opened up the drawer of the kitchen, I saw a tail, about 20cm long, and it's moving! I quickly close it, and use heavy chair to block it. I went for lunch first, and plan every steps to capture the mouse. And I have this formation and strategy:

See? 3 heavy boxes, a door, and a desktop system unit...

But after I move out all the stuff in there, it's gone. Left only the shit and small cockroach. Holy shi*! How long the kitchen didn't cleaned?

Jump of the Century
This is the climax! Yesterday I just came back from Penang to my Cyberjaya house, and today, I tried my very first stair steps jumping stunt, hehe. First is my 2 steps stairs in front my house, and I got it perfect after several trials. But, 2 steps not fun la! How about the 4 steps stairs at the corridor?

the longest yard

First jump, perfect! No loss balance, no holding any stuff or touch wall. Second try, with the same speed and confidence, yea, I jumped over it, but stop with my knees...

which pro don't falls at the beginning?


So now waiting for the blood on my knees to dry before I can go to bed.(So my bed will free of blood stains the next morning...)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Holiday is Here again, so, Book Hotel!

Wow, holiday is here soon! I am so nervous and excited to find out where is the right place to go for vacation. Em, must be some where on an island, beach, diving, coconut drink....

Stop dreaming, and start finding your destination. Em, island, how about Pulau Langkawi? Em, not bad, the last time I been there was more than 5 years ago, and I should pay for another visit, see what is the changes on the island.

What should I prepare?
Money, shirts, emergency tools. How about accommodation? Yes, as usual, I will visit to Online Hotel Reservations to search for the hotel on the destination. On that website, I can find verities of hotels, with different rates and different stars. It makes me easier to find and make decision on which hotel to stay for.

For this holiday, as I may choose to visit to Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia, I found that there were several search result from the website. A 3 stars hotel, named Berjaya Langkawi Beach and Spa Resort, located 15 minutes from Langkawi International Airport, with only $128 per night, or approximately RM443. This is a standard price for such a 3 stars hotel that located on a beach that surrounded by coconut trees!

Or the Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort which also located on a private beach amidst 38 acres, rated at 4 stars, and with such a low rate at $171, which is approximately RM

Oh no, how I going to be there? Last time, I used to go there by ferry, and ended up there after 1 hour of shaky trip. It feel sucks. So this time, if I really can be there, I may choose to fly to there. I don't want to follow a vacation trip with agent, as agent always need to follow schedule and rush here and there, so the end I see nothing. Luckily Hotel Reservations provide an easy online flight booking. With the standard like a professional flight booking website, Hotel Reservations provide several options like departure date, return date, ticket types and class, number of passengers and also number of children and infant.

For the transport on the island, no problem! Hotel Reservations also provide car rental service! Even the car types you can choose from best buy, sport car, convertible, full size, premium, minivan and a lot more!

Hotel Reservations is not only a website that provide superior hotel booking service, it also provide flight booking and car rental on your vacation destination, all via online, simple, safe, faster.


-this is a sponsored post-

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Malaysia Operators, I like it!

Everyday tune into radio, open newspaper, walk around, everywhere are advertisement of Maxis, Digi, and Celcom. Their slogans are: I am the lowest; I don't have hidden charge; I am nationwide rate... Which one is the lowest? I don't care la, as I am Maxis postpaid user, hehe.

Recently, Digi said their prepaid provide 36 cents nationwide, provided when the user spent RM30 and above.

Maxis Hotlink fight back with 36 cents without any spending limit.

Celcom, who is always the last action taker, released their latest plan--35 cents nationwide!

1 cent cheaper
Celcom is 1 cent cheaper than the other 2 operators, but can that changes influence the whole market seriously? Em, If Maxis and Digi did that, maybe, but Celcom...  Whatever, you all quarrel, consumers earn.

Currently, I been to 3 states: Penang(my hometown), Melaka,(my first year study in MMU), and Cyberjaya(my degree study in MMU), I notice most prepaid users are Hotlink, after a big gap, followed by Digi, and very less Celcom.

Last month, TM CEO came to our campus to give a leadership speech, and he late for 1 hour. We have a joke: To be a leader, one must be late, at least 1 hour, haha. When he ask how many users who use Hotlink, or Maxis, many people lift up their hand, then Digi is also quite a number, but Celcom, which is TM product, have the less users... So embarrassing...

But if Streamyx has a strong competitor like Digi and Hotlink, that is cool, we will have more choices and the end consumer get benefits. Until today, I still don't understand why government don't give 3G license to Digi, while the other side said: We must improve our ICT industry! Bullshit!

8 Random Real facts of me

I have been tagged by Yung! Sorry to reply it late, as I don't have a proper Internet connection, so can't write it earlier.

This time, the title is, as you can see, is some random facts of me, and this is the second time I write meme about my facts.

1. I love my stuff.
Example, my 1 and 8 months old shoes, my 4 years old watch, my 3 years old Mizuno Backpack, and this almost 4 years old laptop. Although their performances are decreasing, but still not willing to change it, especially my stitched and stitched backpack.

2. I don't enjoy food.
Eating in roadside hawker's stall and Secret Recipe make no different to me. I don't find any enjoyable feeling in a RM3 chicken rice and RM15 Chicken Rice.

3. I am always naked in my house.
My housemate call me: "naked boy", just because I don't wear shirt at home. Luckily no girls stay in my house. And because I sleep and eat in my room--living room, so people always saw me without shirt.
What the fuck sensored
someone took my photo, so very normal reaction, I show my weird facial expression and the finger(but censored).....

4. I enjoy being alone.
Especially after class, I prefer to walk back from campus to house, walk slowly, look around, and say Hi to friends, with a backpack on my back. This is the most peace moment.

5. I love my planet.
I am weird--In front my friends, and cashiers in marts. I don't like to use plastic bags, and all my stuff will be swept into my backpack.(If I carrying it out, else will take plastic bag if the items are too much). I used to bought a toothbrush and put it in my pocket, just like that. Sometimes so sad to see someone drinking Soda with a plastic bag wrapped on the can, what the fuck?! Like that also need to take a plastic bag? Stop complaining the hot weather as you are one of the contributor to global warming! I am also the one who always turn off the fan at home, while my housemate told me: the electricity is so cheap already! (wtf, just turn off when no one using it la!)

6. I love to take photo.
Of myself, of people around, of beautiful scenes, of cute and horrible things around...... but I don't have a proper camera. All my photos were from my handphone's lousy camera, or from my friend's camera. Now working hard to write sponsored post to get a camera, but page rank not enough! I need another RM600 to get Olympus MJU 1000(which may outdated when the time I want to buy it.) Anyone can help me to increase my page rank to write more sponsored post?

7. I don't play computer games.
Weird huh? Friends around playing Maple Story, DotA, while I play blogging, programming. I don't find any exciting in computer games, except those very high end graphic games like F.E.A.R. or the upcoming Crysis. But what impressed me is just the marvelous 3D graphic. Sometimes went out with those friends, they just talk about 'Stun', 'KS', 'backdoor', or whatever shit terms, while I am out of title. (DOTA sucks!!)

8. Someone?
When I am sad, is there someone who can feel it and be with me? When I feel happy with my success, is there someone who feel proud of me? The same things opposite: Who is the one I will be with when she sad? Who is the one I will feel proud when she success? Who is she?

These are few random facts of mine, and I hope can get to know other bloggers in my blogroll. hehe.

So, I would like to know these people's random fact.

Bobby Ong

hope to see these people's random fact! Just simply write 8 random facts of you.(If you want to write more, most welcome!)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

What to buy for Holiday seasons?

Emm, holiday is coming. My campus is having a holiday. Although the holiday is not several months long, but it should be enough to think of what to buy for my family during Halloween, and Christmas!

But, where to buy from?
Wow, difficult question. I am busy, busy for holiday trip, after holiday is tones of assignment, so when to buy it?

Here is the wishlist that always in my mind:

dad-beautiful vase
mom-Korean drama
brother-computer games
little brother-Transformer figure
sister-chinese orchestra instrument
myself-cool gadgets

So I think mine one can be easily get on Best Buy with coupon, so it will be cheaper, and my little brother toy can be get on KB Toys with discount, and my dad and mom gifts too. Besides the 2 stores, I can also point to to find more and more coupons, yeah!

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