Friday, October 30, 2009


“Picture!” This is the most common word I heard in Casino, means J, Q and K cards, which when combined with an Ace, will get you blackjack~

Yesterday is my first time enter Casino in my life. While I was still 20, I made joke that I will wait outside Genting Casino entrance before 12:00am of my birthday, and straight go in when I am 21, but never able to do that. haha.

With Su, Sotong, and Sam, we departed early morning to Genting Highland. Recall the last time I been there is already 3 years ago.

Went up by cable car. Remember 3 years ago, Digi has no signal on there, now they already can advertise on cable car.

Highland Hotel

Kena checked… 
As expected, police who guarded the entrance checked my IC, twice, out of 3 enters. Not really a bad news thought, means I have 66.67% young look, and 33.33% mature~ wahaha

First experience is always memorable. The machine “piut piut blink blink” sound, the gamblers shouting, and the grand interior design.

Not really a gambling kaki, I just want to have some special life experience. Seeing Su and Sotong playing, I was just walking around check out each table and game play.

No photo is allow in there. Sotong threatened me, said if I took photo, 2 black shirt big muscle guy will come and pull me go “drink coffee”.

This is the only photo I got in there [;)] where everyone who sit on it will eventually turn into zombie. They sitting there for hours, starring at the screen, with only 1 finger moving. I call it the dumb box.

The people
Few parties in there:

Police – need not me to mention much, you know what they do.

Dealer – Genting stuffs who can count cards like computer speed, and arrange card like a machine.

Player aka investor – consist 99% of casino people. Mostly aunty and uncle in the upper middle age up to grandpa/grandma level. Able to spend RM500 like RM50.


Their Expression
I wasn’t play at all, but enjoy the environment in there. Looking at those uncle/aunty face, some winning face, some losing face, mostly dumb face.

Some act pandai(clever), will tell other gambler how to play, but lose at the end; some will think they know statistic by jotting down every number every round, but actually it is just randomness.

This is the RM100 chip.

Wasn’t playing any, as I am in budget tight shit. Remember my friend Eric, the all-round gambler told me: “If you got no money, don’t gamble, never assume gamble can make you rich.”

Guess I am just not good at trying luck.

Spent almost half day in the casino. The whole day was recalling the scene in the movie ‘21’(Blackjack).

Really missing the cool breeze up there. Haiz, back to reality, I just got assigned new task to continue my internship’s Joukuu project.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

TV3 Jom Heboh

My first time to join Jom Heboh event, thanks Yung Fu who provided me this chance, in the time I need $$ the most~


It’s a carnival-like event organized by TV3 few times a year at different locations in Malaysia. A 2 days event, which will attract thousands of visitors, especially Malay. I noticed a lot of my Chinese friend don’t know about this event… Maybe Chinese don’t watch TV3, ha.

I was working with Lady Choice, as a crew, a.k.a. kuli. Job scope include carry things, packing, control hygiene, sometimes need to process food some more… Really tired, but gain some experience~DSC01798
From what I observed, their marketing strategy is to attract kids, then adults. But not exactly true. Various games were designed to play with kanak-kanak (kids), like hula hop, shuffle for young teenagers, puzzle, sandwich workshop etc.

Jimmy and CK the food crew.

Yung Fu with his cat look.

This Jom Heboh is organized at Batu kawan stadium, Penang. Shitty stadium which underutilize.

Not to mentioned all Lady Choice’s stuff got 2 nights to stay in Summit Hotel, Bukit Mertajam. wahahahaha~

Nice to meet you all friends~ Maybe I am quite quiet in this 2 days event, there are just too many thing across my mind by that time, paiseh paiseh~ (this photo taken from Regina’s Facebook)

After event:
1. I think I got minor sunburned after working outdoor for long hours.

2. And hor, very very disappointed with their toilet, don’t want to talk about how terrible is the toilet experience, yuck!!!!!

3. I skipped 1 day class…… shit.

4. What I like most is after 12 hours of work, and soaked inside hotel bathtub with hot water~wahaha

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dell Studio 14, at my service~

My poor Acer laptop that is already 5 years old, is having all sorts of problems, that I think it’s time to get a new one. Just before sem break started, the adapter died. RIP. I am not person who like to change things, but things like computer just have to change every some time, haiz, technology.

New Companion~
Had been aiming this new partner for quite some time. At first glance, she already attracted me, and I swear I will get her, she is Dell Studio 14~

After my HungryLappie (my Acer laptop) died, I ordered it from Dell website, customized some features, and upgrade warranty, ouch, RM3707!

Last Tuesday, I received it, woho~~

Erm, after look at it for some time, the feeling is not like the one in Dell website, nevermind, still love it~

It’s preinstall with Windows Vista Home Premium, but I reformatted into Windows 7 Ultimate straight away.

Now is Windows 7~ Forget Vista, Win 7 real cool. Thanks Aaron for the Windows 7 Ultimate CD-Key.

This is the default cover design, ChainLink. Other colour charge RM71, stupid. From the website, I see only a black glossy cover, and when received it, only I saw the dim chainlink pattern. It’s not only on the outside cover, but also on palm rest.



Read some forum, some people really hate this design. Anyway, I feel it’s fine with me. If you don’t look at it very close, you won’t notice it.

It’s a 14 inches light laptop, because I don’t plan to just put it on table at home.

Special connector design, with power button on it.

This is the “function key problem”  I mentioned earlier. When you want to close an application, instead press Alt + F4, in default Dell Studio and other new Dell laptop line, I need to press Alt + Fn + F4. But this behaviour can be changed in BIOS setting.

Standard Home, End, Page Up, Page Down layout. It really saved a lot of my time but a lot people don’t use these keys.


Major Specification
Model: Dell Studio 1450
Battery: standard 6 cells only
Display: 720p 1366x768 resolution
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo P7450 2.13GHz 1066FSB 3MB Cache
Memory: 4GB DDR3 1066MHz SDRAM
Hard disk: 320GB 5400RPM, enough for me already, ha.
Graphics: 512MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4530
Weight: 2.36kg

The most expensive upgrade is warranty, contributed RM500 of the price. I upgraded to 3 Years Complete Cover warranty, means ANY accidental damage, except fire and stolen, can be repair, mostly on site(means they come to you, not you go for them).

Some people don’t find warranty to be useful, but previous experience taught me, laptop broke down rate is sooooo high.

I don’t want when anything happen to my PC, I still need to drive a car send it to service centre, wait for 1 month to service, and maybe need to pay extra charge. Dell is really professional at after sales service, respect~

Customer like me who without credit card or cheque, I used direct bank in to Dell Citibank, and send the bank transaction ID to Dell via email, so they can process my order.


After Thought:
Overall very satisfy with it, Thanks Sandy Lee, Dell sales person, who assisted me throughout the whole purchasing process and answer all my weird questions. I guess I already sent her more than 20 emails, but she answer all nicely.

The first 1 week of waiting is so hard, everyday I checked the order status, when saw the process flow is moving, feel damn happy~

Moreover, this Studio is bought with my hard earn internship money + PTPTN money, earning money is so hard…

**Not to show off la, just wish anyone who interested to buy Dell Studio 14 got some reference~


While writing this post, I am not in Penang… ha. Back to Cyberjaya~

Haven’t update here for some times, due to my faithful laptop who already served me for 5 years ‘retired’.

Just got some pictures that I snapped in hometown want to share with you all.

Fish loves to play with waterfall~

Coward dog who scare of Deepavali fireworks.

Cendol ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Tuna Ass Fly for RM10. What is that? Saw it in Krico supermarket.

This is my favourite picture! In Krico, every Monday is “No Plastic Bag Day”. If customer insists want plastic bag, go buy from service counter for RM0.20 per piece. When do other Hypermarket giant like Jusco, Carrefour, Tesco implement this?

Quite a free semester break, no need to wait for result release like playing lottery.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sabah Trip Plan: Part 3

Confirmed Kaki: V, Bobby, Calvin, Nana
Confirmed Date of Trip: 7th Jan - 12th Jan 2010

Hoho, flight tickets booked. This is a rare opportunity, which the tickets that I observed is dropping price from RM180 -> RM167 ->RM109~~

The final price, for Airasia flight ticket from KLIA to Kota Kinabalu Airport back and forth is only RM124 per person, include airport tax and shared luggage check in happy.

It's a damn 2 hours and 30 minutes flight, got to make it interesting.

Monday, October 12, 2009


This keyboard had been used for 1 year and half.

Like it a lot.

But every time back from semester break, it was covered with dust, even though it is in house.
Cyberjaya is really a dirty place.

Some "experts" said, keyboard is a spread medium for bacteria, virus etc. I not sure.

This is my keyboard inside view. (click for a larger view)

Scary leh.... Inside contain anything you can mention. Hair, dust, sand, biscuits, threads, dead spider and ants etc.

I picked out all the keys, and having fun time fixing it back in correct position.

Done, clean~

Thank for being my slave these years, muacks~haha.

Sabah Trip Plan: Part 2

Possible members for now: Me, Bobby, Calvin, Nana, Wong Kok(…)

Expected Date of Trip: 7th – 12th Jan 2010 (5 days)


For Mount Kinabalu hiking, guess will be taking 3D2N package, about RM510 per person, from Timpohon Gate –> Low’s Peak –>Timpohon Gate.

Train hard for that~

Other destination:

Sabah is surrounded by “not yet polluted” seas and islands. Visit Sabah without visiting some of these island is wasted, definitely. So, let’s add in Island Hopping~

Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park(is actually a collection of islands), is the most popular island hopping destination. There are 5 islands:

  1. Pulau Gaya
  2. Pulau Manukan
  3. Pulau Sapi
  4. Pulau Mamutik
  5. Pulau Sulug

Photo of Pulau Sapi (from

Each islands has different “personality”, Gaya is the biggest, but filled with illegal Philipino immigrants, ish; Manukan is developed, with better facility; Sapi is small but has very clean water, sand and corals. Mamutik is good for snorkelling.

*Don’t pick any coral, they are endangered. :)*

View Island Hopping in a larger map

Cost for this island hopping, should be about RM100.

Stay tune~

**p/s: Need to book flight ticket by this Friday(16th Oct) to get cheap ticket as low as RM167 for 2 ways.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


This morning woke up I saw this message on my table.


This is my first thought:

“I took RM35 from your wallet. Go ask Fei-Fei to get back. 3 org sudah In angak pokai. Itu duit pokai, bukan org pokai.” -- Bos

I don’t understand, all I know is my wallet has slimmed RM35 inches.


Finally, I guess this is the correct one:

“I took RM35 from your wallet. Go ask Fei-Fei(he means WK) to get back. Sorry(3 org) sudah banyak(in angak) pokai. Itu duit pokai, bukan org(orang) pokai.” – Bob(Bobby)(Bos)


You can’t write, screw you.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Last Day of Internship Training

Had been wasted my time for 1 day and half, browsing Dell website, Facebook, writing final report, and do nothing about my project work.

Until the last 2 hours before 6pm, the feeling of doing something constructive just came. Haiz, let’s face it, back to my code lo… It’s just last 2 hours.

My boss talked to me about the project. As expected, I need to continue develop the project after internship. Quite worry about can I handle so many things in short semester… But when think about the extra income per month, at least there is some reason to do so~

This is what in the movie always say: “The end is the beginning”. Finally understand this bullshit.

Yea~ my 4th piece of cheque~ Thank you thank you!

My usual workplace, full of calculation, designs sketch paper, and always messy. Messy table give me non-stop-trying mood.

Start from next week, I don’t need to visit the office everyday, but still need to go there once a week, try my best la.

Quite jealous when saw other friends’ internship photos, groups of interns having lunch and dinner and sing K, haha. But not good to compare like that, we both have different harvest at the end.

Thanks Mrs Ms. Rahimah and Ben for giving me this chance, this 4 months made me learned a lot~

Friday, October 9, 2009












没有 iPod 和 Honda了,




Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kinabalu Trip

Cameron Highland trip was postponed due to transportation, and number of participants, so, I shall put my attention to the next plan, to Hike Mount Kinabalu~ HAHA.

Possible members for now: Me, Bobby, Calvin.

Expected Date of trip: 4 Jan 2010.

Main obstacle:
Mount Kinabalu used to be a “public” area. Public, as anyone is affordable to hike it. But some years ago when Sabah Government signed a stupid contract to privatise Kinabalu Park to Sutera Sanctuary Lodge(SSL).

SSL introduced their own packages, and all hikers MUST take their packages to hike Mount Kinabalu. This is nightmare, the price for lodging at half mountain had increased from RM6 per person per night, up to RM400 or more, depends the standard of room. This still not include the park(Mount Kinabalu as National Park) entrance, guide fee, etc.

I sent email to few agents, for a 3D2N package, but the price they quoted shocked all of us: ranging from RM980 to RM1300 per person. Of course those package included a lot of unnecessary features, like translator.

So decided to do all the booking ourselves. I called to SSL Headquarter, and they quoted RM452 per person for 3D2N, but not include any entrance fee, climbing permits etc. So total up should be RM520 per person.

The crazy lodge that we are going to stay – Laban Rata Resthouse. Located at 3000m above sea level, tends to be foggy at night.

What is included In 3D2N Package?
Items included in 3D2N package are 7 buffet meals (stupid), 1 night stay at lower altitude Kinabalu Park, and 1 night at higher altitude Laban Rata Unheated Resthouse. Kinabalu Park is actually the starting point of the hike, so no point staying there. Moreover, I got contact to stay in another cheaper lodge in Kinabalu Park~ha.

How About 2D1N package?
There is another package at RM290 for 2D1N, which skipped the lower altitude Kinabalu Park, but only available booking 2 months before the climb. Maybe I shall wait next months to make the booking.


AirAsia ticket now is selling RM180 per person to there and back. Got to fast fast decide and book.

Anymore people willing to join us? It’s better to have 4 or 5 persons, more fun, less cost~

Friday, October 2, 2009




最后学年的实习,得到了人生真材实料努力赚回来的工钱,虽然不多,但也够买1盒月饼,用Pos Laju寄回给家人。







This day this moment, I missing a lot of people… 中秋节快乐~

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