Thursday, October 9, 2014


One of the rare night.

Must be the can of coffee at 3pm. So tired yet the sleepy mood is not kicking in. This is again a long procrastinating night.

Study shows that the more time you spent on Facebook, the more terrible you feel. It might be true, mostly by peer pressure, especially looking what others had achieved, while I am still standing at the same spot. Feel like I am not the master of my life, unable to achieve what I want.

This is the place that I was quite active during my university moment, read back what I wrote, I seems to proceed not much since I stepped out that gate.

Felt into the trap designed by the society, money, capitalism, live the life that society wants you to live, to serve the needs of the power, everything is about profit and value.

So many things want to do, to achieve, yet so little time to do it. Seeing time flies, chances wasted, doing uncertain things, and still try to persuade myself to push a little more, just a little more, and more, just because I believe every time is so close to hit the jackpot, yet still see nothing.

Guess I just need to try get back to sleep.

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