Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New PayPerPost feature: PPP Direct. Hire me!

PayPerPost, an online blogging advertisement company, is now released a new feature of it, called PayPerPost Direct.

What is PPP Direct?
To explain this, I have to tell again the what PayPerPost usually provide: Every time when you login and choose for opportunity to write on, advertisers pay you an amount that stated on that opportunity. Instead every time you look for opportunity, why don't let advertisers look for you? You using word of mouth marketing to tell advertisers to publish on your blog.

PPP Direct is a badge that embed on your blog. When advertisers saw your blog, and if they interested to publish their product reviews on your blog, they just click the button and you two can communicate and negotiate on the pay and content, and make the advertising effect perfect.

Why use PPP Direct when there are other competitors provide the same service?
Good question. You know ReviewMe? They charge around 50~100% markup on your post, while PPP just charge about 35% for their self service model. PPP Direct take away the middleman, and let you posties earn the maximum. Take an example, if there are 2 badges on your site, both worth $200. The advertiser click on the competitor's badge and he paid $200. However, you just get $100 or less, because the another $100 or more already taken by blog marketplace.

If they click on the PPP Direct badge, postie earn all $200, and PPP earn $20 only. However, why advertiser want to pay more to blog advertiser who do the less job? Why posties want to earn half if they can earn more?

IF the advertiser bypass the PPP Direct and contact me directly?
This is a stupid act. First, the advertiser ask you write a post about the advertiser's product and ask put on your blog for 30 days. But after 30 days, the advertiser may run away and never pay you. Although you didn't logically loss you money, but actually you loss your money.

By using PPP Direct, PayPerPost also make the tax report easier. PPP Direct will add up the tax by year end.

Here is a look of the badges:

For more information, please visit PPP blog.


Monday, May 28, 2007

Malaysian can again receive money from PayPal

Previous days, I busy moving my stuff from Melaka MMU Campus to Cyberjaya Campus. My new house is cool, and cold.(no direct sunshine onto the wall of my house).

But what I write today is not because of my new house, is because after 4 days didn't try to accept my payment from PayPal, today I found that PayPal recover the stupid error and Malaysian can again receive money online! Wow!(Maybe a lot of people knew that, just 4 days didn't online made me outdated...)

There are 6 payment pending in that mantainance period, all during that period, my mood to write sponsored post significantly bad, and don't feel like want to write. But now, I feel like want to write more and make get myself some cool stuff!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

You call this Wii Sport?!

I believe everybody heard of this creative game console, Nintendo Wii, which use motion to control the controller. And previously, there are always news about playing Nintendo Wii can burn calories. Besides play it in a traditional way, people are getting smarter to control the remote with robot.

Any other way to play Wii?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

My New Template: Stupid cat and mice.

After about 5 months of blogging, I already felt boring with my "1001010111001" template, and I always want to try a new look, but always not enough time to create one. Now, my final exam finished, and I have plenty of time to do all I like!

Stupid cat and mice
This new template is called Stupid cat and mice. Why? I love cats, any types of cats, but I prefer normal cat that appears every where like restaurants and roadside. Why stupid? Just because I never seen cat catch a mice before.

Emina BBQ 073
Green eyes cat at Pantai Kundur, Melaka.

Inspired by JasonMumble's blog
Jason's blog is run by Jingga Man (or Orange Man), so I decide to put a series of stupid cat and mice on the left side. With Macromedia Flash, I draw out the cats, mouse, cheese, and mouse trap. Then rearrange it in Photoshop and upload to Flickr.

Like my previous template, the main colors are white and orange, and for this time, and I remained the color. The width of the template readjusted to fit a new header and side decoration bar, and it looks fine under 1024x768 resolution display. Until now, I didn't try on other display yet, as I have only this 3 years old ultra slow laptop to do everything. If there is any miss align of the component, please tell me, will thanks a lot.

How you think about it?

Update of My Birthday

My birthday for this year, 17 May, was over.

This is the happiest birthday I ever celebrate in my life, never have so many friends, strangers, bloggers, Friendster, so many, I can list them out. First is the Friendster power, without it, no people ever bother when is my birthday.

Yes, none of my wish list show up. Difficult to get laksa in Melaka, and the keyboard is too difficult to get here. For the SMS... we are friends.

Yesterday, 19 May, is the last day of my exam, all IT students in MMU were like free birds! And according to Aaron, he want to go Friends Cafe at Melaka Raya to celebrate it, and because next semester, some friends will stay at Melaka and some will move to Cyberjaya to continue our degree study. On my birthday, my room mate Tjun Kit, reminded me that after exam, you will feel 'good'(that time I thought about he will do some birthday surprise, but don't know what he will do). So, me, Aaron, Julian, Eng Soon, Kok Min, Falix, Zeng Hui, Ramesh, and Tjun Kit all went to Friends cafe.

As usual, order food, drinks, and wait. Suddenly, they change the background song to birthday song, and a waiter sent a birthday cake to our table! Walao, not for me right? My birthday passed already la..... and it was really for me. I never have my own birthday cake for more than 13 or 14 years, and never celebrate it with friends, and never think about it, I just hope someone will remember this day, and I feel very happy, no matter there is any presents or cake.


OK, after sang birthday song, and according to Penang Tradition, one have to take out the candle on the cake with mouth. Oh no... I know what you all will do... The big candle change to small candle, and small candle change to small decorations, how can I get it?! For the first wave, I successfully took it up and without cake on my face. Sounds started: "sporting la! Don't struggle la~"... What to do? Relax and let them push my face into the cake, and walk around in the cafe with chocolate cream on my face to take photo, so embarrassing!

s***, looks damn terrible.

black Aaron, me, and Kok Min.

Me and Tjun Kit.

Then was a long chit chat session. Tjun Kit some more give me a birthday present! It's a webcam. Wow, some thing that not appear in my wish list shown up. Whatever, thanks for that, really appreciate that.

At night, we play futsal until 2am, and came back and sleep. Yesterday is the happiest day in my 3rd sem.

*I bought a Windows Vista Ultimate Retail Pack Edition at a dirt cheap price from Singapore, and it arrived on my birthday, so I assume it as a gift for myself; yesterday also bought a iCute Casing from a reseller from LowYat forum, really nice, like it a lot, will write a review about it later.

Thanks friends, thanks Tjun Kit.

Pavement Drawing by Julian Beever

 Oh no... Whose baby will become a meal of lobster?

Sony VAIO on the street! Grab and go! 

Dig gold at the middle of street.

More picture of this creative smart artist on his website. 

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Seduce Mirelly Taylor?! Are you kidding?

GoFish.com, an online entertainment video provider, is holding a competition. This is not ordinary dating competition with normal guys or girls, is with a popular female celebrity actress, from "Kiss Me Again", " Serving Sara", "Las Vegas", "Numb3rs" and more! She is... Mirelly Taylor!

Seduce a Celeb will run on GoFish for the next 14 weeks, and in these 14 weeks, Mirelly Taylor will upload some video clip, telling the guys out there what she want for a date, and anyone who interested to date her can just upload a respond to that video, and she will choose the one with great personality. Who is the lucky one? Of course not me...

Ideas for funny submissions?
Haha, if Mirelly uploaded a video, what she will ask for? Is it a guy with strong muscle body like Arnold? Or a billionaire like Bill Gates? And guess what the responder will upload? Maybe a guy with marker pen muscle draw on their body? Haha, or a guy lying in a bed of money? Who know, but what I am sure is, Mirelly definitely won't ask for a gay, right? It's up to you all to imagine what she want for her date, it's not really just ask for guy, maybe she will ask for someone who can bring her to a great and romantic vacation area too.

Beside seduce a celeb, there are also Free videos at GoFish.com. Not only guys, girls also welcome to watch video about their favorite men star. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Birthday wish list.

Hey, tomorrow is my Birthday, and not much, I just hope these birthday presents:

Logitech Media Keyboard
Logitech™ Media Keyboard Elite, need me to explain more? A low cost keyboard, around RM80 only. May get it at LowYat Plaza.

Asam Laksa, not Melaka curry laksa! (photo from Worldisround)

Y.W.'s sms birthday greeting.


really difficult for me to write wish list, I don't know what I really want(actually have, just they are some things like Sony DSC T-100 or Sony VAIO laptop, no need to write la, only myself can get it for me).

In the 3 lists, I not really hope for first 2, just hope for a 5 cents sms from her...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Is it just money you can earn from PPP?

Is it just money you can earn from PayPerPost? You write posts and upload and wait for approval, what you get? Is just blog for money that not enough to get an outdated CRT Color Television?

Yes! Now there are Opportunities that giving out HDTV!
You think you have some eye's problem? No. Every Tuesday, PPP will giving out opportunities that giving out cool audio and video equipments to specially marked opportunities.

Previous Tuesday, there already been giving out Apple TVs and Play Station 3 to the lucky posties, both gifts are the coolest living room gadgets that I want! And upcoming Tuesday (May 15), there will be a Slingbox, Nintendo Wii, Yamaha Surround Sound System or a Logitech universal remote up for grab.

Who sponsored the prize?
For your information, the prizes for these opportunities are sponsored by Bid4Prizes, a bidding site that also provide opportunities on sponsored post at PPP. To understand more about Bid4Prizes, can take a look at my review of that cool site at here.

Please stay tune to PPP every Tuesday, if you missed the opportunities on that Tuesday, please visit again at next Tuesday, and in the last Tuesday of this month, PPP will giving out High Definition TV to posties who grabbed the right opportunities!

No Adsense code between PPP Post?

Haiz, this is the second time continuously my post being rejected with the same reason: no Adsense code between PPP sponsored post, like this:

No adsense

This is the second time PayPerPost continuously rejected my post. I think in the future, they will put an eye on this matter, and every post with Ads will be rejected. Now I have to move the Adsense code from my template to location higher than title or somewhere else.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Not only PPP provide sponsored post...

When talk about sponsored post, everyone will think about PPP(PayPerPost) and ReviewMe only. Is there no other service on this planet that provide the same service?

Yes! There is still Bloggerwave!
Bloggerwave, a sponsored post service provided by IQ Division company that established since 2006, is providing opportunity to advertisers to advertise their products and services, and also provide opportunities to bloggers to write sponsored post on their blog as advertising media. In this way, advertisers earn products and services popularity, while bloggers like us earn some money, cool?

Try this out! For bloggers, you don't want to earn income from 1 source, right? For advertisers, you don't want your audience or customers to know your products from limited sources too?

-this is a sponsored post-

Now it's turn for me to experience this PayPal shit.

PayPal! What are you doing! Don't want your business? So stop asking me to register for US account! I not sure whether this problem is permanent or for a short maintenance as stated in the reply from PayPal to HcFoo, I just want my access to my own money! This morning, I just received my payment from PayPerPost, wow, so happy, double payment at the same time, but when I click accept, you know.

How to solve it?
Open a US account as PayPal stated, but where? United States? OK ok, relax. According to HongKiat who use VMI service and it's work, so we can try it out, thanks! But beside this, is there any other way to solve it? The fees for that is quite high for non pro blogger like me.

I found on a forum, the guy found 3 banks that can accept US account for non-US residents, they are:

  1. WellsFargo (never heard before)
  2. Chase Manhattan (2 centuries of experience)
  3. Citibank (you know this right?)

Will try to ask these bank and collect some information, post up update later, hope can works.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I love PayPerPost!

I love PayPerPost! Currently I am just studying, and of course no financial income for extra cool stuff like iPod or luxury VAIO Laptop. Now everything is possible, ads on TV, ads on transport, and even ads on blogs! The January of this year, I found out of PayPerPost, and start my very first noob sponsored post. Yea, the time just simply try it, until I received my first payment, I know PPP is not  purely a toy, it's a service that can make my dreams come true! Now I already wrote 16 posts, with 3 posts payment received. The total of my income is just USD25 and another 85 still pending, it's still far from Sony VAIO, or even Apple iPod, but will work it out and write more quality sponsored post, hope can get my very first VAIO before I graduate 3 years later. Friends who knew that I write sponsored posts ask me about how I do it, and when I teach them, I feel I got a new reader for my blog, yeah.

Thank you PayPerPost! Thank you sponsors! Without you all, I don't even dare to dream about it!

Oversea transaction

Just now went to Jalan Laksamana Public Bank branch to bank in the payment for my stuff from Singapore, but I fail to do the transaction. Then I walk to OCBC bank located at the end of the road, and try the cash deposit machine, but still fail! I called the seller at Singapore to confirm the account number, and it still can't work. Is there any problem with oversea transaction? Need to activate before you can receive oversea fund? Back to home, Yeoh found out that oversea transaction through Public Bank can only be done during weekday 9:30 until 15:30 only, wait until the seller confirm his account number, then I will send to him.

*damn! Oversea transaction through Public Bank need to charge RM32(that's what the call service told me) service charge! For online, just RM15.

Get some coupon before you do your next shopping online.

I always want to try online shopping experience, but what makes me think for a while is because of the shipping cost is too high to send to Malaysia.

Try Coupon Chief to find free shipping and discount!
I found that while I can't save the shipping cost, so I have to save the cost of the product, and I found this online coupons codes. I want to do some upgrade to my PC, and certain part is cheaper in United States, so I found this coupon that provide discount up to 60% for PC upgrade at CompUSA.com. Lots of computer products like RAM, thumb drive, memory card, hard disk, and anything that related with computer can be found here.

How to use it?
It's easy, just visit www.CouponChief.com, and search for your favorite stores at the left sidebar, and click it. First, you are being sent to the the store website. After shopping online, proceed to checkout. On the order confirmation page, verify the expected savings prior to completing the checkout process, that easy.

Before shopping, take a look at CouponChief.com, maybe will save up a huge money for you.

-This is a sponsored Post-

Friday, May 11, 2007

Shit happen again in Ixora, Melaka.

Glasses hit on the roof, cause a strong noise, fractions of glasses felt on the corridors and walls.....; water bottle experienced free fall from 10+ storey, and hit the same target again.....; another side of the block, hard and soft things being threw into pool of water....

This is not some crazy scene in movie, it's in Ixora Apartment, Bukit Beruang, an apartment exclusively for MMU students.

This was a chaos! Yesterday night, around 12am, suddenly the whole Ixora black out(electricity interruption), all residents like took extra doses of adrenaline, all went crazy and do the same stupid thing that happen last year. Rubbish threw down from 10+ storey building, hit on the roof and break it; newspaper being threw out from balcony, and flied everywhere; glasses and 5 liter water bottle aim at the zinc roof down there... Difficult to explain, pictures say more than words:


swimming rubbish.

2 desperate Ixora stuffs behind the scene.

new dispose area in Melaka.

count(rubbish) and win contest.

flying chair.... don't try this at home!

OK, now you know what happen. Rubbish felt down like rain, and boys shone torchlight to girls' apartment, and both genders fighting with mouth. Paper plane fly on the sky, eggs, and anything that you can mention can be found on the compound this morning. The chaos happen for about 1 hour, until police came and control the "riot". From the beginning till the end, I am just an observer, looking burning towel fry down, and even flaming textbook.

Some advice to the new batch of security guard: relax, this may be your first time to handle this kind of situation, but this is not the first time happen in Ixora, let those bastards throw for 1 hour, and they will rest, until the electricity supply recover.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bid4Prizes, a cool site to bid your present!

Ebay provide bidding service, so do this bid4prizes. But, what is the best features in this site compare to eBay? Yes, you can bid with cell phone, you don't need to go online, login into your account, just type <bidding item> <bidding amount in cent> and send to 81000. But, this is not the highest bidder win, but the lowest bid win!

Yeah, this is the unique feature of this bidding site. Bidder will bid for the product, and only lowest unique bidder will win. Example: 2 bidder bid for 6 cents, but only 1 bidder bid for 7 cents, when the bid is over, the winner is 7 cent bidder, because he or she is the lowest unique bidder. Cool? But the amount that you bid is just to determine the winner, not the price of the product. However, if you bid on free items, Bid4Prizes may send you the prizes without any shipping charge too!

My birthday is near, and I want to have some presents too. See the Logitech package? Can anyone bid for me and give to me as my birthday present? Haha. Besides Logitech, there are also prizes for ViewSonic 22" monitor, Panasonic Home Theater System, and BMW 3 Series. My friends, please take not!


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Windows Vista Ultimate Edition Full Retail for sale!

Anyone interested to buy Windows Vista Ultimate Edition Full Retail Pack? This is not OEM, not student edition, not upgrade edition, and not pirated edition, it's genuine.

I have 3 units now, and I am selling against the market price.

Market price = RM1500++
My price      = RM999 only
shipping       = RM10 by POS Laju

Interested? Now you really can get Ultimate Edition at lower than Business Edition price. This price is from a supplier, so I can get that freakin low price.

Here is the photos of the retail pack.

Vista Ultimate box sealed

Vista Ultimate COA
Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

COA speaks a lot. You can click and zoom in, and you will see the tiny blue anti-counterfeit wording that form the blue background of the COA. For more information about identifying counterfeit, visit Microsoft How To Tell website.

According to Vico, Microsoft Malaysia Marketing Director, Windows Vista Ultimate Edition's price is higher, but it's still the best selling edition worldwide. For the features of Windows Vista Ultimate Edition, see here.

Nokia N95 Wireless Adventure at Kuala Lumpur

Yea, I think Kuala Lumpur friends knew this competition than us at rural area... Ok, I don't think I need to explain the upcoming N95 smart phone from Nokia N Series, what I want to share is the competition called Wireless Adventure, hold at Kuala Lumpur, by Nokia to promote N95.


The game is like Vista Hunt in 3 months plus ago. That time, contestants searching for clues to complete the game around Bintang, or Kuala Lumpur, with just a paper map that draw like... you know; this time, every team will be provided with a Nokia N95, equip with Maxis 3G, GPS system, unlimited call, so you can run around Bintang with a high tech gadget on your hand, so you won't lost in a concrete jungle, and fix target and navigate faster, if you stuck for certain questions, just use it to browse Internet, or call to your friends to help you, cool? But too bad, the registration of competition was ended!

This phone is really a mini "palm"top, with a 5 Mega Pixel lens, GPS system, Internet browsers and more. For the person like me who can't remember the road even use it for 3 times, GPS function of N95 may suitable for me.

Here is the website for the Wireless Adventure. For those who already register, gambate! Win more price for me! haha!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Bug--First they send in their drone, then they find their queen.

What is the title? Is it that "bug"? Yes, just a 3 alphabets movie title, but don't under estimate it, this movie was rated 7.5 out of 10 at Internet Movie Database (IMDb.com), based on 6 reviews tallied so far. This is not documentary bug movie, it's a horror movie.

The Plot
The waitress Agnes (Ashley Judd), lives in fear of her violent ex-husband Jerry Goss (Harry Connick Jr.), who has been let out of jail. Agnes meets Peter (Michael Shannon), they get together and in love. Peter starts to talk about the war in Iraq, UFOs, the Oklahoma City bombings, cult suicides, and secret government experiment on soldiers. He is contending with an apparent infestation of parasites and insects. Oddness darkens into madness. Other characters include Agnes' lesbian friend and co-worker, played by Lynn Collins, and Peter's doctor, played by Brían F. O'Byrne. The story has domestic violence, conspiracy theories, paranoia and madness that borders on schizophrenia.

The result
Bug movie received its world premiere in France at the Directors' Fortnight section at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2006. Film critic Roger Ebert wrote: "The film has caused a stir at Cannes, not least because its stars, Ashley Judd and Michael Shannon, achieve a kind of manic intensity that’s frightening not just in itself but because you fear for the actors." In its opening week in France, it ranked as number 20 of the most visited films of the week, and earned $216,244 from 66 screens.

My thought of this film
I didn't feel any after effect if I watch ghost or spirit type horror movie. What make me always remind myself is those insane killer, zombie, and maybe bugs. I personally hate cockroach. Hate them in my room hate them everywhere. From the trailer, I can't really understand the movie, so have to get myself a ticket and get some bugs into my body in cinema. This must be the most horror movie I ever watch this year.


Bug movie Trailer

Monday, May 7, 2007

Gangsterism video, funny!

Last week, we performed a short film for our Human Development class(Human Development, or HD, is a subject for Foundation year in Multimedia University, learn about human mentally and physically development).

In our movie, our title is gangsterism, story about 1 very hopeless child become a gangster. (I am the young version of the kid... haiz)

Watch it and you will know it, paiseh la!

Part 1


Part 2

Any stupid comment? So embarrass...

Timetable arrangement tool for MMU Beta 2007/2008 IT students!

Hate of arranging the clashing timetable? Timetable arrangement tool for MMU Beta 2007/2008 IT students, all Flash base, download it and try it out, do give some opinion on it, like any improvement etc. Thanks and hope it help you a lot! Quite lousy, I know....

Here is the download link:


Saturday, May 5, 2007

Spiderman 3: Put down something is the start of something.

Yesterday just watch the blockbuster movie, Spiderman 3, at Mahkota Parade. The online tickets reservation were full for so days, so I and my friends have to buy at the counter, and sat at the first row.

<!-This is not the full spoiler, but for those who serious with this movie and want to remain surprise, stop continue reading.-->


"Can a man confront the forces of darkness without giving in to them?" Although 77% of people said can(the data from Spiderman 3 website), included me, but only the man who undergo such stress can feel and understand it.

This time, Spiderman 3 storyline is not as good as previous one. Peter Parker at last together with his in love girl friend, Marry Jane(MJ). This is what I like to see, kind of pity of him in the first 2 episodes. The technology and visual experience has upgraded, the coolest part is when Spiderman saving the police daughter from the collapse building hit by lost controlled crane. What say you?

Spiderman was took over by the dark suit which give him extra strength. This is the main part of this story, that let me discuss in myself: Can a man confront the forces of darkness without giving in to them?


The villains who appear in this episode is the most numbers, compare to first 2 episodes which has only 1 villain per episode. First villain is Harry Osborn, Peter best friend, who always want to revenge to Spiderman who he thought Spiderman killed his father.


Second villain is Sandman, a biological mutated human who accidentally felt into an experiment instrument. He can change into sand, and flow to wherever he want.


Last villain is a virus from outerspace. That virus will have a mutual relation with the host, giving the host extra power and strength, but make him lose his mind.smvillains01

What not satisfy me in this movie.
The villains in this story. Very illogic. The biological mutated sandman can change into any shape and back into human form anytime. This is something like the upcoming mutated movie-Fantastic 4, which is much more shit. Someone who study biology please explain the possibility of happening this?!

The virus from outer space that abandoned by Spiderman take over another poor fellow Eddie Brock who always want to kill Peter, as he caused him lose job. This is ok, what's not ok is, when the virus took over him, he has the Spiderman ability to shot out spider web! What the heck is that?!

What I feel so satisfy.
Peter found his love, and almost been together. The romantic part is watching meteor rain on the spider web with Marry Jane. Sometimes has a childish imagination: how good if I can fly like Spiderman, swing from building to building, saving and protecting a girl that I love.


Harry Osborn, who was his best friends for live, found out that Peter is Spiderman, and want to kill him to give his father honor, using a lot of dirty way, threat MJ to leave Peter, stab him from the back, until his house keeper told him that his father was killed by his own glider.(he is the one who clean his father's body)

The theme of this story surrounding one value, put down something, is the start of something.

Beginning, Peter was so ego and self satisfying that everyone like Spiderman, and never care about MJ's feeling, even she was fired from Broadway, but he don't know. Until she leave him, he realize something more important.

  1. He gave up his ego, and be together with MJ.
  2. He also gave up the evil dark suit which give him extra strength, but make him lose his mind.
  3. He gave up to kill his uncle's murderer, the sandman(wonder why? Watch the movie and you will know), and forgive him.
  4. Harry Osborn, who at first want to kill Spiderman, and at last put it down and turn out to help Spiderman to save their beloved MJ. And Harry sacrificed to save his best friend, Peter.

It is wonderful to let go some burdens, which can't make you feel happy, even you achieved those targets. This make the movie worth to watch.

Last but not least, see original, buy original, be smart.

Anybody watch already? Come and share some thought.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Concerning Pirated and Genuine matter.

Just now I chat with my 1-year-didn't-see friend, and every time chat about PC, I will bring in genuine software matter, and end up with I am like a show off guy.

I always said use pirated software is wrong, and some people knew that too(just some, not all, that's our lousy Malaysian education). Although majority of applications in my PC are open source, however, I can't let my PC fully genuine too, I using pirated Nero, Flash, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Photoshop, just because their costs are too high. Just Adobe Photoshop will cost RM2400, or 1 month professional's salary.

This is Malaysia
Even from my view, the pirated industry is dying slowly, but original software do not grow. I still can't get original software easily. Government know that pirated software is not a respect to intellectual property, and destroy this notorious industry in Malaysia, but, government just destroy, but not encourage sellers to sell it and users to buy it. So the first reason of that cause pirated is education, even in most schools and campus, their PCs are using pirated software and operating system, so how you want to educate young generation to use genuine?

Salary Ratio
This is the second reason that cause pirated spread so fast in Malaysia. Even in a proper educated society, money is still the factor that decide what we act. In developing countries like Malaysia, where our salaries and spending ratio can't compete with other advance country. In United States, their citizen can spend just 1/10 of their monthly salary to buy a Windows Vista Ultimate Retail, but in Malaysia, it will use up more than half of our monthly salary for the same product. So, how can we support genuine all the time?

People always misunderstanding
Last time when I am young, most people still playing VCDs, include me, not much CD-ROM at that time. And those who afford to buy original VCDs is considered as rich. That wrong concept bring forward to this era, where information technology took place with so fast the pace, most people still think that use original software is rich and consider as a show off action. Why nobody stand from another view: software engineers design the software, use several months or years and marketing cost, the total cost may up maybe million to billion, but people just steal it and use it, and said:"You all stupid la! I spent RM5 can get already!"

You steal other people hardwork, you make the whole software price in the market increase, you killed a numbers of job opportunities. Then, who is stupid? But, I am half the stupid too, because I am still in developing Malaysia.

Self satisfactory?! Of What?
Another reason I heard from friends who use pirated is because they like the feeling when successfully crack the software. That's good from educational and skill purposes, but using it is another story. Most crack on the Internet is not clean, which mean beside crack the program for you, it will bring in 'something' into your PC, like viruses, Trojan, and even open up your security backdoor.

Thanks to Microsoft MSDNAA, (MSDN Academic Alliance), IT students can get themselves free product keys and access to several learning products like Vista and Visual Studio for free, and from there, hope IT students can learn what is genuine and protect it.

For businesses
If I saw end users using counterfeit software, still can unwillingly acceptable, but when I see businesses that use pirated software to produce profit, feel so angry, especially Internet Cafe. Recently heard from my friend said that an Internet Cafe in Butterworth, Penang was bankrupt due to discovery of the used of pirated software for business. You earn big, but you lose bigger, so what's the point?

I think I am too persistent to genuine. But still will try my best to use genuine and open source, instead of crack it.

*You can get open source easily from www.Download.com, set license to free and filter it out before download.

When I said use original better, don't say I am show off la...

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Windows Vista Ultimate with Home Premium price?

I want a new PC! I posted a budget add up for my new PC at here, and now, I found another good offer to upgrade my OS from Home Premium to Ultimate, without adding additional budget. The price is RM600 cheaper than current market price, it is at eBay.

Yes, when talk about eBay, most people will say: the shipping cost is so expensive! Some say: You sure? You thrust the seller?

But those are not the main concern of mine, what I concern is the compatibility of the OS in Malaysia.

Different SKU code
Windows Vista Ultimate Edition that manufactured from United States has a SKU code: 66R-00002, and label that wrote: For distribute in United States and Canada only.

Windows Vista Ultimate Edition that manufactured in Singapore(which export worldwide), has a SKU code 66R-00020, and label Intl (International).

I worry that there are certain license problem, which not allow me to do this and that.

I search for all the forums, blogs, but can't find any relevant answer. Some said can be installed and activate and use it like normal. I e-mailed Microsoft, they don't reply. Seems like no one actually bother about that problem.

So, who ever read this post, can you please answer my questions, if you have any answers in your mind? Thank you.

1. Is it the same?
2. Can I activate and use it like normal in Malaysia?
3. Any restriction?

Yesterday, I phone to Microsoft Malaysia support center, and the operator told me that as long as the copy is genuine, we can activate the windows wherever we want, no geographical restriction, and can use all the functions like normal.

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