Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Update: Trinite 2007: Temptations

This is the update for my previous post, Trinite 2007: Temptations.

Today is the second day of launch, and I still don't know the selling result, but I have confident in it that almost half of the hall was booked.

Today, the Trinite 2007 website successfully launch. Please visit www.Trinite2007.com to see the fantastic and temptations of Trinite 2007!

Please be patient, as our website need some time to load it, because it is Flash based.

wallpaper organized

Last update: I announce that all Trinite 2007 that total up to 70 tables were fully booked since 28 Feb morning, 11am, this is really a great result from Trinite committees, yeah!

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Trinite 2007: Temptations

Trinite 2007 will be held on 31st March 2007 at Equatorial Hotel, Melaka. As one of the working committee, I really glad and excite with the launching of one of the biggest event in MMU, Melaka campus.

Why name it Temptations?
The theme for this Trinite 2007 is Temptations. Why? Before setting of the theme, we committees already tempted by the artists, foods, nice costumes, romantic environment.... That's why we named it Temptations. Trinite 2007 also called The Last Installment. As most MMU students know, this is the 3rd year of Trinite, and 3rd, or 3, is a lucky number: 3 is a primary number, 3 is for good luck, and as you all can notice, all trilogy movies like Matrix and The Lord Of The Rings, the best episode is the 3rd episode, and no more after 3rd episode. We promise that this is the last and will going to be the best Trinite ever, thrust me, enjoy it.

Who is coming?
This year, we invited quite a numbers of artists and performers to heat up the environment. Our hosts, hehe, will be 2 Asia's hottest VJs in the form of Channel [V]'s Joey G and Marion Caunter. Tempted? Relax, more are coming, Malaysia's bilingual performer, Dayang Nurfaizah, Akademi Fantasia Season 1 winner, Vince Chong, and the nation's raging hip-hop vocal group and Blast Off! 2005 winner, K-Town Clan. Relax again, some special guests will appear on that day.

Today is the first day of Trinite 2007 launch, and I as the working committee had to go to the booth to distribute flyers. The flyers is cool, definitely will attract people's attention, as the flyers, or card boards, is full color, with the celebrities and some details printed on it. You won't going to throw it away, because it looks so nice! The flyers was design by Amanda. I will going to keep some as bookmarks.


People always said picture never lie. See the background of Trinite 2007? This is the largest banner in MMU. Looking everybody who passed by with their eyes starring on the background for so long time, they all tempted by it. The respond for the first day very very good, some sign up on the spot, some even no need explanation, just sign up at the counter. Before 10am, already more than 4 tables booked. The last year Trinite 2006 committees done a good job to promote it.

For early birds, you can get the tickets at RM89 per person for Premium seat, and RM85 for Standard Seat. The difference is the distance from the stage. Something to put attention: this early birds promotion is just for Table Booking, still not open to individual seat booking, so in this early birds promotion, faster collect 10 persons of your friends to book for a table. The maximum seats for a table is 10 persons.

For me, a working committee, will have a good arrangement for us, of course. I got the tickets at lower price. However, I can't enjoy like others who paid full prices, because I need to work and play at the same time. What to do? Nothing on this planet is free, had to work it out.

Enjoy it, thanks for make the Trinite the brightest star on that 31st March night.


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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gmail Theater: Why Use Gmail? Funny and Creativity

Why use Gmail? I have been using it for 3 years, the first impression that Gmail gave me is the ultra large 1GB storage(it's an huge amount at 3 years ago). And now, it storage expanded to 2.9GB, and still growing.

Now, since all e-mail service providers already provided GB storage, but I still using Gmail. There must be other reasons for me to use it.

Watch the video from Gmail engineers: Why Use Gmail?

Other reasons for me to choose Gmail, is the interface design. No other e-mail providers can provide such clean and no large and annoying Flash advertisements around the screen, I really hate those stupid advertisements, especially in Hotmail and Yahoo!

I also love the shortcut key from Gmail, which save lots of my time. See here for the shortcut key.

So why still waiting? Go to www.Gmail.com to get a Gmail account!


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Add FeedFlare under your post.

Yesterday, Sestri ask me how to add a "Digg This! • Save to del.icio.us • Email this • Submit To Netscape" links under every link, I don't know what this link call, so I call it FeedFlare.

I don't know how other's bloggers add their links under their post, but I use it through FeedBurner's service. Here is the easy method:

  • Go to www.FeedBurner.com, and insert your blog's URL into the space, and click Next. You aren't a podcaster, right?
  • Choose either Atom or RSS format(both are almost same). Those are subscription format, see my previous post about RSS.
  • Register, or sign in to your account to claim your feed, enter valid username and password and click "Activate Feed".
  • OK, now login(if you are not login yet) and click on your Feed Title.
  • To add FeedFlare, go to Optimize tab, and look for FeedFlare from left sidebar.
  • Thick whatever you like to display below you post.
  • arrange the sequence by drag and drop.
  • Then, click Save and get the HTML code.

Now, sign in to Blogger account, and follow the instruction from the pop up window that appear when you choose Blogger from the get HTML drop down menu.

Relax, it's easy. I think this tutorial is quite clear, if don't understand, leave a comment.


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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Top 100 Sites in Malaysia

I found this record on Alexa.com, it is the top 100 sites in Malaysia, enjoy.

1. Yahoo!
2. Friendster
3. Microsoft Network (MSN)
4. Google.com.my
5. Google
6. Myspace
7. YouTube
8. Blogger.com
9. Windows Live
10. Megaupload
11. WikiPedia
12. Cari Malaysia (don't play play, Malaysia also boleh)
13. Jobstreet.com
14. Baidu.com
15. The Star Online
16. Microsoft Corporation
17. Utusan Online
18. Rapidshare.com
19. Bharian.com.my
20. Maybank2u.com.my
21. Go (Go where?)
22. Hmetro.com.my
23. Lelong.com.my
24. InvisionFree
25. Lowyat.NET
26. Photobucket image hosting and photo sharing
27. EBay
28. LiveJournal.com
29. Passport.net
30. Multiply.com
31. AirAsia Berhad (I love this site!)
32. TM.Net (sucks ISP)
33. Geocities
34. Soompi
35. CNET Download.com
36. ImageShack
37. Sendspace.com
38. Multimedia University (hooray! Top Uni site in Malaysia!)
39. Xunlei.com
40. 6park.com
41. Clubbox.co.kr
42. Wordpress.com
43. MSN Malaysia
44. 雅虎中国
45. Asianfanatics.net
46. Numenmial.com
47. Flickr
48. Amazon.com
49. 香港討論區
50. 無名小站
51. BBC Newsline Ticker
52. DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd
53. Starware.com
54. Uwants.com
55. Em-pay.com
56. Googlesyndication.com
57. Live Score
58. D-addicts.com
59. DeciantArt Where Art Meets Application
60. About (Most of the time, search engine link me to there)
61. Neopets
62. Tripod.com
63. Tagged
64. 新浪新闻中心
65. RapidShare
66. The Internet Movie Database
67. Silentregrets.com
68. Sports Toto (my mom's favourite site)
69. Fotopages
70. Golden Screen Cinemas
71. Badongo
72. Megarotic.com
73. Metacafe.com
74. Maplesea.com
75. Maxis Communications Bhd
76. ChinaPress 中国报
77. FanFiction.Net
78. UserCash.com
79. Ebay.com.my
80. Jbtalks.cc
81. Hi5.com(no match with Friendster)
82. Digital Point Solutions
83. ImageVenue hosting
84. 733333.com (funny...)
85. Malaysiaairlines.com (because the ticket too expensive)
86. Surfjunky.com
87. 星洲互动
88. Haoting.com
89. 腾讯网(http://www.qq.com)
90. Sbonet.com
91. Adult Friendfinder
92. Mobile9.com
93. Xanga
94. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
95. ImageFap.com
97. GameFAQs.com
98. Torrentspy.com
99. Malaysia-Today.net
100. Savefile.com

It was 100 websites, so I can't link all the sites. What surprised me is MMU website is the top university website in Malaysia! Maybe of their MMLS(Multimedia Learning System) and Online bulletin that require their students to visit regularly.

Friendster, as I predicted, is in the top 10 most favourite website in Malaysia. Just point out anyone who don't have Friendster account in Malaysia!

One thing that make me curious is, why those radio station that call themselves top radio stations in Malaysia and announce their address thousands times a day are not listed in the top 100?

Even Yahoo! is no.1 in Malaysia, but I still prefer Google as my best search engine, and I believe those who set their homepage as Yahoo! is because when they installed Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! toolbar and they didn't uncheck the "Set Yahoo! as my homepage" checkbox. Most of my friends are like that. Another reason for Yahoo! to get no.1 is because it provide news and some gadgets for Yahoo! account users.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Now I found the way to add Adsense in New Blogger Post, correctly.

I think this post is quite funny, as I can see most bloggers out there already know how to add Adsense code into their template, but most of it is Wordpress and Old Blogger.... For New Blogger, the solution is still not enough and quite troublesome. I tried a thousand times with thousands of methods and tricks, but still can't embed my Adsense code successfully in my blog.

At last, I found it!
Now I can add my Adsense under my post title with no error and displaying correct color, here is the way I found on How to Earn Money Blogging, combined with Blogger Digest, and here is the 2 in 1 perfect solution.

  • Login into you New Blogger account, select layout from the dashboard.
  • Select Edit HTML from the tabs, and check Expand Widgets Templates checkbox.
  • search for this code:


  • Now, copy your Adsense code and paste it exactly under the code above, you're almost there.
  • You can try to save your project, and view it on your blog. Is it display correctly? Or the color changed? Or not even appear?
  • Ok, back to the Edit HTML page, don't forget to check the Expand Widget Template checkbox, and search for the code that you added just now.
  • easy step, search for the <!-- code and //--> code in the Adsense code.
  • Replace <!-- with &lt;!--
  • Replace //--> with //--&gt;
  • Save it, and done.

This is the trick that I found on How to Earn Money Blogging and Blogger Digest, please pay a visit to their blog as an appreciation.

If you like my blog, please subscribe it, thank you!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Can't get what you want on Google? Try Google Blogsearch.

I believe most people seldom use this search engine. Google Blogsearch, or http://blogsearch.google.com is a search engine from Google(yes, Google again), but not to search every crab and product selling and advertisements, but more quality content from bloggers.

Same like Google Web Search, Blogsearch also contains some simple and helpful features like advance blog search. Some info, for example "Vista launch in Low Yat" , if you type it in Google Web Search, what you will get for the first result is definitely Microsoft Malaysia website, then is Lowyat site, and other popular site, the information is more general. But if you search it in Blogsearch, you will get the information that more based on personal experience.

Ok, enough for Vista. How about search for hostel around your dream college? By Google it, you will just get info of the college. and about other bullshit information. Try blogsearch, people's personal experience will tell you how to find hostel or apartment around there.

Play around with it, you will love it.

See? This is the Z-List.

What is Z-List? According to TienSoonism, Z-List is a way to increase PR(PageRank), by adding the link in blog post. PageRank is quite, no, I think it is very important for me, as currently my 1 and half month old blog is scoring "ZERO"! I had to increase it so my blog can be more flexible in linking ads and writing higher paid sponsored post by PayPerPost! You may ask: if I add others, their blogs' PR will increase, how about mine? Relax, in this game, one had to add the link from where you first see the list. Nice?

Here is the simple instruction, I just simply copy from Tiensoon's blog, here is it:

1) Create a new post on your blog.
2) Copy and paste the entire list of blog links below
3) Add any blogs that you want to include near the top of the list.
4) Include the blog where you first got the list from, on the list in your post.
5) Do not include your own blog links on the list in your post.
6) Make sure that all links are copied intact.
7) Publish the post.
8) Do not use nofollow attribute in your links please.

This is the blog that I add:
Wei Ying 

This is the link I add from TienSoon's site:
Jason Mumbles
Run, Bunny. Run!
Maverick on The Loose
Amazing Melaka
Digital Photography School

A Hermit's Muse
RyeUrn - A Blog Kegful of Rye
StevBlogs... On Life
Not so complicated
Oh for the love of me!

Quaint Melody
Fatty Poh's Kopi Tiam
Andy's Anything Goes
Beng Beng
A Hermit's Muse

Paris Beaverbanks
Melting Wok
Rasa Malaysia

Organic Income
My Mothering Corner
Mummy In Vain
Lovely Mummy
Desperate Mummy

Home Office Women
Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food

Make$ Money$
Owen of Ugh
Jules is Utterly Geek
Internet. Serious Business

The Sabahan
Critical Thoughts
Carols Vault
Blog About Your Blog

Monetize Your Blog
Cosmin PTR
Make Money On The Net
Successful Online Money Making
Turn One Pound Into One Million$

Work at Home Blog
Blogging For Beginners
How to earn money online?
Dosh Dosh
Money Money Money

Money Making Quest
Connected Internet
Mike’s Money Making MissionTime to Budget
Can I Make Big Money Online
BlogtrepreneurFlee the Cube

Blogging Secret
Blogging to Fame
Million Dollar Experiment heads Down Under
Quest to make money on the internet
Kumiko’s Cash Quest

Calico Monkey
Internet Bazaar
Shotgun Marketing Blog

Customers Rock!Being Peter Kim
Pow! Right Between The Eyes!
Billions With Zero Knowledge
Working at Home on the Internet
MapleLeaf 2.0

Two Hat Marketing
The Emerging Brand
The Branding BlogCrapHammer
Drew’s Marketing Minute

Golden Practices
Tell Ten Friends
Flooring the Consumer
Kinetic Ideas

Unconventional Thinking
The Copywriting Maven
Hee-Haw Marketing

Scott Burkett’s Pothole on the Infobahn
Multi-Cult Classics
Logic + Emotion
Branding & Marketing
Popcorn n Roses

On Influence & Automation
Servant of Chaos

Presentation Zen
Dmitry Linkov
John Wagner
Nick Rice

CKs Blog
Design Sojourn
Frozen Puck
The Sartorialist
Small Surfaces

Africa Unchained
Marketing Nirvana
Bob Sutton

¡Hola! Oi! Hi!
Shut Up and Drink the Kool-Aid!
Women, Art, Life: Weaving It All Together
Community Guy
Social Media on the fly

I feel this is quite like spamming.... Who cares?! Just Search engine read it!


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Sunday, February 18, 2007

What happen to FeedBurner.com?

Do you all face the same problem? I am a Feedburner user, and I use it to record my site stat. But since last month, I always face difficulty to login into the system.

Most of the times, I successfully login into it, but when I click on other links, it will ask me to sign in again...

What is that?!

Microsoft Windows Vista Ice House in Toronto, Canada

Microsoft just set up a Vista and Office 2007 showroom in Toronto, Canada. Guess how is it? A tip: it's snowing at there. Yes! It's an Ice-House!

The ice house is cool(perhaps, cold?), and it used 270,000 pounds of ice to build it. The digital ice house is awesome, all the furniture in the house was in real size, include ice-book, ice-toilet bowl, ice-microwave oven, beds, ice-study room, ice-kitchen, all in real size. Of course, the toilet bowl and microwave oven can't function, just a model, but very detail. The temperature was stable at 5 degree Celsius to prevent the ice house collapse.



pictures taken from time_one, thanks!

I like the last picture, it make me feel like using Vista! The Aero Interface that look a little bit transparent and blur make me feel exciting!

This won't gonna happen in this hot Malaysia. Lucky the heat that generated by the desktop and laptop didn't melt the house. The cold climax helps a lot.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

The War of Operators: The Battle of Digi and Hotlink

After the war of HD-DVD and BluRay, the war of Microsoft and Apple, and now the latest local war: Hotlink and Digi.

brandI think most of us watch TV, right? And I assume that all must have watched the latest Digi commercial show, its about 6 yellow ducks swim together, but at the back there follow by 1 blue duck and 1 red duck. This is the Digi latest package, Friends and Family Plus. The main feature of this package is to add another non Digi operators contact into Friends and Family Plus, and they all have the same calling rate: 15cent per minutes.

hotlink_logo2But yesterday night, as I came back from Melaka to Penang to celebrate Chinese New Year, I heard this Hotlink commercial on Hitz.fm: A guy show off to his friend that he is using the Operator that allows him to add 2 other operators' numbers into his family plan, but his friend reply said that Hotlink allow him to make 50% call rate to ALL operators(include Hotlink), and not just 2.... the guy suddenly became quiet.

Dumb Consumer's view
From dumb consumer's view, Hotlink is better, but who know the real things? I went online to search for the rates of each operator, and it were complicated. Too many factors to take in mind, included call time, peak and off-peak, packages... These make consumers confused and they won't really care about the rate. What they really considered was the people around, like best friends, families, girlfriends and boyfriends...

The real thing

What 50% that Maxis said sound like a huge discount, but if you analyze it well, after discount 50%, you still need to pay 25 cents for local call and 60 cents for adjacent and non-adjacent call (to non-Maxis operator) and you need to spent more than RM6 on that day to get the discount, for me, I don't think I can get it. I am not a 'pro' phone talker... haha. But this discount is not just limited to 2 numbers, but to all operators, include Hotlink and Maxis themselves. See this. I believe most readers start to confuse by the rate... it's complicate.

Compared with Digi, they just charge 15 cents per minutes for the 2 non-Digi operators that registered under Friends and Family Plan, but SMS rate is still 15 cents per SMS, not same as other Friends and Family Digi numbers' rate that only charge 1 cent per SMS. See this.

For Celcom, it still stand aside and watch this war, and maybe it started to figure out any plan that similar and effective than these 2 operators. With it current Lite Plan, Mid Plan and Max Plan, let us consumers sit and see Celcom move the chess.

This post is just to talk about inter operators rate, as there are too many things to say if I write all the rate, moreover, I am not using Digi nor Hotlink, and actually I am using Maxis Postpaid, but if I use prepaid, I may choose Hotlink, as most of my friends are using it, so I can get cheaper rate when I call them; but for the concept, I prefer Digi's one, more simple, not promoting rubbish life like what Hotlink using in it's advertisement.


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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Vista Campus Launch, only in MMU.

Microsoft Malaysia will hold a Vista Campus Launch in MMU Melaka, and, I am one of the small committee in the event, yeas!(Just a low rank working committee la....) but really excited to be it!

For your information, this event for me is not just a Vista Launch, I get the chance to get a FREE genuine CD key from Microsoft, but the edition I may get is not yet confirm. Besides, all committees will get a certificate from Microsoft, and also a free T-shirt, plus handsome SAPS point (co-curriculum point in MMU).

Beside us, MMU Cyberjaya Branch will also hold the event, see their blog.

For this event, I will set up a website soon, please subscribe to my blog to get further information. Thank you!


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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Something wrong on The Star In-Tech.

This morning, I saw my watch, it's 13 Feb! I quickly wore a jacket and took my pass card and keys, ran to U-Center (a retail shop) to buy a copy of The Star. Huh, lucky still has stock... Why I so interested with today's The Star? Heh heh, because today Star In-Tech will review about Windows Vista!!

vista edition

These days, I almost get addicted to Windows Vista news, chasing it from morning till night, write blogs about it continuously, search for the lowest price. Ok, back to the title, while I read the review, I found something strange:

(a snapshot from The Star In-Tech 13 Feb 2007)

It stated that only Ultimate Edition has the Aero interface, and only Ultimate Edition has the 'Easier business networking connectivity' feature, even Business Edition also don't has this feature, how can it be possible?! It also stated that Business Edition has some multimedia and entertainment features, like 'Easily make DVDs', 'Have more fun on your PC', and 'Create high definition movies', which is not included as Microsoft stated.

It's not true, must be.
I quickly check online, check Microsoft Vista website, and I found that it's not true. It must be The Star's mistake. The truth is, only Home Basic don't has the Aero Interface feature, and both Business and Ultimate Edition have 'Easier business networking connectivity' feature. The multimedia and entertainment feature is not that important for Business Edition. If they want those features, they can get it easily from third party software.

This news shocked me for a while, as I planned to buy myself a Home Premium Edition. Let me ask you all: if a Vista don't has Aero Interface, will it call Vista? That's why Home Basic is the most lousy Edition, don't buy it. It just RM100 cheaper than Home Premium.


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Monday, February 12, 2007

Which PC Vendor should you buy from?

IT market giant, Microsoft, not only push their own latest OS, Windows Vista, but it also move all the IT market, and they all grow together. With the superior graphic of Vista, consumers need more powerful graphic card, faster processor, and some other hardware. So now, assume you want to buy a new PC, and you don't plan to build it yourself or buy it from other not-so-famous PC builder, which PC vendor should you buy from?

dell logo
Dell, once the largest PC vendor in the world, is my favorite PC OEM(original equipment manufacturer), as the design is nice, and the price is the cheapest I can get in the OEM market. I like to spent my time customizing PC in www.dell.com.my , to see the price of the PC falling. (but no money to buy, haiz) Dell PC is cheap, because you don't need to pay for the center person, because the only way to buy it is through phone call and online, and the warranty coverage is wide.

HP, just beat Dell in 3rd quarter last year to be the world largest PC manufacturer, and still remain. What I like for HP is the laptop. There are 2 laptop lines in HP, one is Presario, one is Pavilion. It has a business and entertainment feeling together on the laptop design, but the price is a little bit higher than Dell. Our local HP website, www.hp.com.my is quite simple, no price list, no customization, very lousy, if you really like HP, buy it from PC shop like House of Notebook. My personal experience tell me, don't buy it from SEC, as their service very very sucks! What other OEM can't provide is the after sales service, really fast, especially Penang center, 3 days promise, no matter how serious the problem.

largest PC manufacturer, since bought IBM PC line, it jump to world no.3 PC manufacturer. After 2 years of hardwork and publicity, people start to pick up their guts to try Lenovo PC, as all people know that "made in China"'s quality is very low. The design is quite copycat, you can see a lot of similarity on Lenovo's desktop with HP's desktop. What worth to buy is still the IBM ThinkPad business machine. Call it machine in this way is absolutely correct, as ThinkPad can support heavy drop, high temperature, in water, strong pressure force, but not mean the laptop can survive in all these condition, at least it can protect the hard disk very very well, see the Legend of ThinkPad. The price is higher than HP, of course.
(Lenovo and HP desktop, look same huh?)

I really HATE this brand!! How can it be the world no.4 manufacturer! Deduct low price, it is nothing! The blog you all reading is typed by this brand! Sucks after sales service, low quality parts, lousy design, and failure rate in the first year can achieve 99%!! I strongly advice you all, not to support Acer anymore! Try to Google around, you can find how sucks is it! I simplify my comment for this brand:
price                  : cheap
quality                : low
after sales service:
1. need 1 and half month just to change a Combo  Drive(my experience)
2. need 1 and half month to get a second battery.(my experience)
3. not to mention about all Acer's users' problems.

After I finished this post, I realize that all the info that I gave is on laptop... Ok, for me, I prefer the first 3 brands, especially Dell, as I can customize it all by myself, and pay only what I want. For HP, although the design is nice, but spec always come first before design. Lenovo may be my future choice when I step into working world, hehe.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Laptop or Desktop?

Nowadays, computer becoming more and more important in our daily life, from morning till night, from lunch to dinner. Of course, students also need computer. But, the problem is, which type of computer is suitable for student? Is laptop that mobile, less powerful, and expensive? Or desktop that bulky, more powerful, and cheaper? You decide.

Vote it at my sidebar, thank you. Please forward or link this page to your friends, especially students, to vote for this simple question, thank you! The poll will expire on 10 Mar 2007, subscript or bookmark my page to see the result.

Friday on Discovery.

I woke up quite early in the morning (8am only la), I got some work to do. First, meet Dean of FBL and Dean of FIST, and then to Security department for some matter about Career Fair.

About 12, I went to lunch with Yeoh and Xiang, then we headed to MP(Mahkota Parade), but the bus stopped at the main gate of the new DP(Dataran Pahlawan), so we went into it first.

The First time at Dataran Pahlawan
Wow, not bad! With all the side gates facing to cool buildings like A'Famosa, and the air-conditioning! Imagine walking into it when the heat outside there can cook you!

The stage of Dataran Pahlawan
(photo grabbed from AmazingMelaka)

I bought 3 shirts for the coming Chinese New Year, and finally, I found the white long sleeve T-shirt without logo that I searched for months! Cost me RM29.90, worth it. Another 1 is pink polo T-shirt, and a horizontal green stripe T-shirt, the total is RM92.80, all Bossini. look like no more shirt for this sem.


Search For RAM for Xiang's PC
We search for RAM for Xiang's laptop, he want to buy DDR 333 1GB RAM, but all shop got no stock. I remember clearly one of the shop, name CEM Multimedia Sdn Bhd at Melaka Raya there. The service is really good, polite and will search for any info that you request, even you didn't buy anything. I make a free advertisement for it: cempc@tm.net.my.

HP service center
Then, it's my time to find the HP service center at Melaka to send my LCD cracked HP R707 camera to repair. The center is quite funny: only 2 employees in charge the center, both of them will have on-site service at the day, until 5, then they will appear at the center. Before searching for the center, I already find for the map and refer to Google Earth. But the end, I still lost, maybe I didn't find out the bus route... The service center is really right beside Meridian Strait Hotel, and without banner, just a small piece of A4 paper on the door. Click here to see the service center in Malaysia.

Yerrr~~ Powder manufacturers cheat consumers!
See this? The amount of powder in the containers is not standard! Some a lot, but some are relatively less than standard. I snap this picture in a shopping center near Melaka Central.

So, the day was passed peacefully, I think this post may be quite boring, as it's not related with you all, just simply record it down before I forgot.

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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Use ReadyBoost, to Make your PC faster.

I believe many people out there already start using Windows Vista(pirated and original), and I too believe all the users are attracted by the Aero Interface. Wait, there is another feature that will make you all WoW for Vista.

Windows Vista introduces a new way to make use of your USB Flash Drive. By insert a USB Flash Drive, Windows Vista can turn it to become an external memory, and cache data faster.

How it works?
A Flash Drive use the same medium as your primary memory(RAM) does - electronically charged modules, making this method respond faster than hard disk, since it's mechanical. This make ReadyBoost a better alternative than Virtual Memory, which use portion of your hard drive as memory space. If you take out the flash drive, ReadyBoost will be disabled. Your computer will be fine, though, because the files stored on the flash memory are only temporary copies. Data on the flash memory is encrypted to protect privacy using AES-128 encryption.

How to use it?
When you plug in you USB drive, Vista AutoPlay will show this small window, choose 'Speed up my system'(this option will only show if your flashdrive can support ReadyBoost, yes, not all are supportable.)

Another window pop up:

Click 'Use this device', and click 'OK'.

And it's done.

What Flash Drives are supported?
the device must support USB 2.0, be at least 256MB (with 64KB free) and less than 4GB, and have at least a 2.5MB/sec throughput for 4k random reads, and a 1.75MB/sec throughput for 512k random writes. Looks like my mini Pendrive can support it.

This method will not speed up your game
As we all know, flash drive is using 'Flash' to transfer and memorize data, and it is relatively slow if compare to RAM, which not using 'Flash' to memorize data. The performance won't be significant increase on a new powerful PC, like latest Core 2 Duo processor with 7200rpm harddisk and 1GB of RAM. It will show obvious performance upgrade if you run ReadyBoost on an old and slower PC, about 30 percents increase in startup speed on an old 4 years old Dell Latitude D600 with 512MB RAM.

Bring your Flash Drive to death.
Another problem by using Flash Drive to boost up your system is because ALL flash drives have limited life-span, once you write and re-write it, the life of your flash drive will decrease, and while using it as additional memory will accelerate your flash drive to death.


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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

To buy OEM or Retail Vista?

This is also an important factor to your budget to buy a new Vista. On my previous post, I went to Low Yat Plaza for the Vista Launch, and I got some answers I want. Now, a new problem arise, maybe it not just concern me, but all of you who read this.

What is OEM?
OEM stand of Original Equipment Manufacturer, or what in your mind is like Dell or HP. OEM product always not coming with fancy package, manual book, or even warranty, of course, much more cheaper. When we talk about OEM Windows, OEM is the cheaper version for "system builders"(Dell or HP). Buying OEM Vista is not advisable, but is still legal, as Microsoft don't like to receive lots of report from low end user to questioning this and that.

So what's the difference?
Both OEM and Retail software work exactly the same in function, but OEM version is bundle to some hardware, like motherboard. When you installed OEM version on a PC with the motherboard A, you had to use that Windows on the motherboard for your lifetime, unless your motherboard A burned out. The first time you installed it, OEM Vista will tied to your motherboard A, and when you change the motherboard to motherboard B, Vista detect it and you can't boot up. This is no good for user who like to upgrade or build their own system from ground.

Another minor different about OEM Vista is the license agreement. In most retail Vista, you had to click "I accept the license and agreement" to continue, but OEM Vista will assume that you accept the license and agreement once you open the package, and you can't make any refund or return. Funny...


Retail Vista come with 2 DVDs and manual book inside the cool box. The 2 DVDs work similar, except 1 is for 64-bit processor, another one is for 32-bit processor. For now where most user using 32-bit processor, buying a retail version is the right choice, as 64-bit processor will dominate the market soon. Retail version also come with 90 days(only?) of free support, while OEM don't have, but still accept paid support, if you need it. Retail Vista also allow you to transfer(not copy!) the Windows from one PC to another PC, regardless the motherboard or other hardware like OEM version.

How about my motherboard died?
Good question, it's Microsoft policy to allow the Vista license to transfer to new motherboard if your motherboard defective, but you need to call Microsoft service center to inform them about the activation on new motherboard. But, this is not guarantee will work, and, liar don't get ice-cream.

If I upgrade my motherboard?
Microsoft said: everything is a fair game, except motherboard. Once you upgraded your motherboard, Microsoft will consider it as a new PC, and OEM version is not usable on the motherboard anymore.

Here is the price list of Retail and OEM:

Windows Vista (Retail) Prices
Home Basic RM715
Home Premium RM848
Business RM1055
Ultimate RM1415
Windows Vista (OEM) Prices
Home Basic RM305
Home Premium RM395
Business RM500
Ultimate RM680
Windows Vista (Retail Upgrade) Prices
Home Basic RM369
Home Premium RM571
Business RM710
Ultimate RM930
For those who not afford to buy Full Retail Vista, Retail Upgrade may be the good choice to have all the retail benefit, but if you want to reformat your PC... you had to install XP first, then upgrade it to Vista... Everything is fair.
Which license should you install? I think I had given enough information about it, the rest you had to decide yourself. I know the prices are over our estimation, but if you all want to see the real "wow", please pay for it, Microsoft will support Vista until 2012, so if you buy Home Premium now, it just cost you RM 0.46 per day only, worth it. 

Monday, February 5, 2007

Bill Gates' Sons Show you 'WoW'

Finally, Microsoft Malaysia successfully launch the next generation of Operating system, Microsoft Windows Vista, this start up a revolution to the IT industry. The Vista Launch successfully at Low Yat Plaza, kuala Lumpur. I went to the launch in the early morning, without hesitate, we went to the Vista Stage to look around.


Who is invited?
To boost up the environment, Microsoft Malaysia invited the top DJ from Hitz.fm, JJ! Of course, there are more people later, keep reading.

The agenda of this event is interesting, a lots of games were design to promote Vista, like Fear Factor and Search for Vista Fugitive. The first part of Fear Factor, I took part in it. OK, this is a bit embarrassed, I will show the video at here.

"Forgot the language while down on one knee?!"

"Nowadays, young man can eat chili."

(please wait for 2 days for the video to approve)

After I ate 4 red chilies, I start to feel a force pushing up from my burning stomach. I force myself to eat another 3 more chilies, then I gave up, and vomit behind the stage. haha. The Vista Winner, is my friend, Falix, who finished all the chilies in 2 minutes and 24 seconds and he kept showing off his Ultimate Edition for the whole day... so jealous. He just sold it on LowYat.net with a price of RM1000, as he is a Linux user.

Me with Falix's Ultimate Edition

Core 2 Duo, and these 2 guys is really Duo!!

There is also a game to find Vista Fugitive in the mall,we search until our legs cramp, and after half an hour of searching, there still nothing, and we found many persons with similar face... embarrassing...Image005
One of the Vista Fugitive

Vista Hunt
This is the main reason we travel far from Melaka to KL. Our team name, Bill Gates' Sons, was the most happening team name among 188 teams, and when my team name was announced, people shout and joy for it, haha! 3,2,1 Go! 600 ++ participants ran like ants, heading to their owns sectors. Very regret, I was too concentrate to solve the clue, and I forgot to snap some photo of our searching process. The questions are very very difficult, maybe Microsoft want us to think out of the box to solve the questions, like IT pros solving IT problems. We lose the game, of course, but at least we got a T-shirt with Windows Vista Logo embroidered on it, not bad huh?

This guy just shave his leg, and he won the Ultimate Edition with Bill Gates signature.

The WOW Start
KT Ng, Director of Microsoft Malaysia, were demoting the Aero Interface, and when he let the "dead" water in wallpaper flowing, that's the most obvious "WOW" I heard. To suit the Chinese New Year Atmosphere, Microsoft Malaysia invited a Dragon----yes, a dragon dance team. The dragon is chasing a orb with a Vista Logo onto it, and when the orb were placed on the stage, it's 8pm, Microsoft Windows Vista were officially Launch in Malaysia!! WOW! Everybody shouting 'WOW', which is the slogan of Windows Vista--Show us your WOW. K-Town Clan, the hip hop clan in KL shake the earth with their unstoppable rap technique.

The Vista Walk Hunt Grand winner

The Vista Walk Hunt winner
This session is the most ridiculous part. You won't believe, even the 8th winner score 82/85! And the Grand prizes winner scored perfect! This is impossible if you saw the questions, unless they got secret information from someone, you know la. The grand winner brought back 2 Bill Gates Own Signatured Vista Ultimate Edition, which only 2 unit available on this planet, 1 business edition, 1 home premium, 2 laptops, and other side prizes... But what made us feel proud was when the DJ announced the grand winner, he said: "Bill Gates' Sons don't want his father's signature." the audience shouted 'wow'. Bill Gates' Sons rocks! If there is a creative team name competition, we sure will win!

These are the Bill Gates' Sons, scare leh...

This time, Vista Success
Microsoft never has fans that support it before, not like MAC OS X or Linux that having their own fans sites. But this time, at the launch, I really feel that Vista already installed a positive patch into our minds. But something I had wrong estimate is the prices. Here is the actual prices:

Windows Vista (FPP) Prices
Home Basic RM715
Home Premium RM848
Business RM1055
Ultimate RM1415

I thought Malaysia will have special prices for Windows Vista, but it still same, I wrongly use the retail prices in US to compare with OEM prices in Malaysia, and now I know, it's different.

Really a good experience
This is the first time I join a big product open ceremony, even I got nothing valuable, at least I feel satisfy, I got the answers I want, and use the time wisely, and, I am happy. Forget to tell you one more thing, my friend, Aaron, this morning just won another HP Desktop with Onion Eating competition... haha!! MMU Rocks!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Terror Free Oil ------Steps to counter terrorists

Since 11th September 2001 incidents, United States swear to be at the front line to fight against terrorists. President Bush always said: "We American, will never surrender to terrorists!", and using that reason to invade other so-called-terrorism countries. The starting point is for a good purpose, that's why most American support him(Bush).Hope Bush don't abuse that power.

From the previous post entitled Blood Diamond, I do hope that terrorist will gone from this world. Buying conflict diamond will only giving financial support to terrorist. Back to the title. Now, we not only anti conflict diamond, American's smart businessman came out with an idea to sell only Terror-Free Oil. The Florida-based group claims U.S. dollars used to purchase gas made from Middle East oil funds terrorism.

What is Terror Free Oil?
Terror Free Oil, is the oil that imported from terrorism country, especially middle east. If you buy oil from the country, you're financing their demon projects. The Terror-Free Oil Initiative will open the first terror free gas station in Omaha, US.

terror free oil

Actually, this is a good idea, because all people can support anti-terrorist in a more realistic way, and not holding the banners and shouting on the street, useless. This body's slogan is"First step to Energy Independence", means not going to rely on terrorists for their energy source.


But I feel worry for the owner of this gas station... Human bomb... You know what I mean.


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No reason for not update your Friendster!

I believe that most of us having our own Friendster account, and it was constant update. Nowadays, Friendster is like a social communication tool, for finding friends, find love, to write blog, and to show off photos.

S**t, the photo size exceed 1MB!
This is the most common problem faced by Friendster users. When they went for a vacation, or just style a new hairstyle, they snap it with digital camera and transfer it into computer. However, most cameras in the market nowadays was equipped with at least 3.2 Mega Pixel, and producing an image that greater than 1MB in file size. People will feel lazy to resize the photo 1 by 1 with other photo processing application and they lost the chance to show off their cool photos to the world.

Here is the easy solutions:
No more hard way to resize pictures! Microsoft Powertoy had developed a new gadget, called Image Resizer (quite simple name). Image Resizer is like a plugin for Windows Explorer. Once you installed it, it will embed into your right-click menu, like this:

*download Powertoy Image Resizer here.

How to use?
Simple! Just select the photo or photos you want to resize, right click it, then choose Resize Pictures. Then, choose the photo dimension which you prefer(Note: the smaller the dimension, the smaller the file size, however, resize from very large dimension image into very small dimension image will squeeze the image quality too). There are 4 default dimensions for you to choose: Small (640x480), Medium(800x600), Large(1024x768) and Handheld PC(240x320). Inside Advanced Button, you can customize your image dimension. If you afraid that the image you resized will damage, you can uncheck the "Resize the original pictures(don't create copies)" box. The box is uncheck in default.

Why this Resizer is the best?
Ask yourself: Every time you resized an image, will the quality of that image preserve when the file size reduced? no. But this seems not happen in this Powertoy Image Resizer. Try it yourself, resize a picture with the same dimension as the original picture. Then zoom to any level to make comparison. it's the same! But, the file size already reduced 60%++. Until now, I still don't know what technology that Powertoy Image Resizer using, simply reduce the file size without reduce the image quality.

Try it, it's free! No more excuse of why you don't update your Friendster!

Sexy Valentine's Day present.

Valentine's Day is one of the most romantic days in the year, most couple will spent some private time and private space to be together, showing love to each others. But materials always come between this day. Here is a special gifts for girlfriends and boy friends, husband and wife, and can also as a birthday gifts.






These pillow case is sexy, right? The pillow sets come in single and double designs, and with a red sexy gift box, very nice. Want to have it? Click here. This gift was sell by a guy name ws_lim83 at Lowyat.net. I just simply write this blog to promote his product, as the pillow case is cute, especially the "I love u, Me too.", that one, its cute, but this year I can save up my money, as I am single... haiz...

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Add a Previous Post Widget to your Sidebar

Maybe New Blogger is still very new, I can't easily find tutorials or codes to modify the template. Recently, I saw a site with a Previous Post in the sidebar. I search on Blogger Help, but I can just receive tutorials for Old Blogger. After some searching works, I found a tutorial from Beautiful Beta to add a Recent Post Widget into my blog. See my sidebar for example.

The tutorial is easy, visit this page, click the "Add recent post to blog" button, then choose the number of post you want to display and your blog's URL, then click "Customize" followed by "Add Widget to My Blog", that's all.

Attn: This method or tutorial only works with New Blogger, for Old Blogger, copy the code below:

<a href="<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>">
</a><br />

and paste it under <!-- Sidebar --><div id="sidebar">, done!

For more tutorial, please visit Beautiful Beta.


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