Saturday, April 28, 2007

How to disable the annoying Balloon Tips on Windows XP?

Em, I think most laptop users, especially those who use wireless access will really get frustrated when the Balloon Tips keep popping out to notify that the signal strength has changed from excellent to very good, or good to low, and so on. The balloon will pop up and down all the time and always pull your attention from your work and make you forgot what you thinking just now.

To disable the Balloon Tips:
Here is a tip to disable the balloon tips (tips kill tips, ha!)

*Before start this, you need to know what is registry, although this tips is easy, but any serious changes to registry will lead to fatal error.

1. Click Start, and click Run (or shortcut= Windows key + R), then type Regedit and click OK.

2. From the left panel, you see an expandable tree view. Browse to the following subkey: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\EXPLORER\ADVANCED

3. Now, at the right panel, right click on any blank space, point to New, and add a DWORD Value, and rename it to EnableBalloonTips.

4. Double click on it, and change the Value data into 0, as show below:


5. Click OK, quit registry editor, log off windows, and log back again. Now, all the balloon will gone, no more frustrating 'tips' to bother you when your signal strength changed, when you plug in a new pendrive, and so on. Enjoy ya!

I am not sure this tips work on Windows Vista, can someone try and tell me?

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Yeah Yeah! I accepted the payment from PayPal!

After a few weeks of trying and finding truth, at last, today I got my debit card, reloaded with RM100 in the bank, and came back to verify my PayPal!

Before this, I can't accept the amount, my debit card numbers kept rejected by PayPal, because there is no any fund inside that card. For your information, PayPal will charge USD1.95 to send a 4 characters pin to you on your next statement to get verified, so you can only proceed when your card has that amount of money(USD1.95, that's why I need to reload the card first)

Currently, I already accept the payments, without completely verify my identity, as I need to wait for my next statement.

Verification provides many benefits:

  • Higher spending power - There's no limit to the amount of money you can send once you are Verified.
  • Increased security - Verification not only offers you increased security, it lets others know you are a confirmed member of the PayPal community.
  • More buyer and seller confidence - Buyers and sellers value your Verified status. It shows you have successfully passed PayPal's identification checks.

Thanks to so many bloggers who provided useful information for me while I urgently need an answer, thank you.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dell offer XP again: I though the "Wow" really started...

Dell is offering Windows XP again to the customers after more than 10,000 customers request for it at the feedback site, and the world leading PC manufacturer just said yes to them, just not to lose the customers. This options available for most desktop and laptop customization. (refer from

dell offer xp again

Why they still choose XP?
Windows XP appear for a long time, since September 2001, it should be about 6 years old from now. Many users already tie to the interface, as during the long 6 years period, many applications were developed to suite the interface, and for certain users, they don't want to waste their time to re-learn  concept of Windows Vista and searching for compatible drivers for Vista, especially business users, who earn every second.

I understand the problem of drivers and application compatibility, but before the release of Windows Vista, there already been a 1 and half year of beta testing to public, is that 1 and half year not enough for manufacturers to develop trouble free drivers?

I am currently not a Vista user, so I can't experience the "no driver world" yet, but I willing to invest for the future, and I will stick to my plan to buy Windows Vista.


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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I recustomize my budget on my new desktop PC, yahoo!

Last time(17 January, 2007), I virtually customized my own PC, and set the budget below RM5k. And during that time, most components are in high price, but now, all dropped, and I decide to recustomize it.

Now, although price dropped, new technology came out. This force me to upgrade my customization. Now, I list out all the components that I want, survey market, and I got this new price:

Power supply:
Cooler Master iGreen 500w, RM368
Gigabyte GA-965P DS3 RM470
Intel E6420 RM550
1GB Kingston DDR2 667MHz RM160 x 2 (total 2GB)
Hard drive:
Western Digital 250GB 16MB Buffer size RM239
Optical Drive:
Graphic card:
Nvidia 8600GTS original RM699
Samsung 940BW RM720
Not sure yet, budget under RM150
Desktop set:
Not sure yet, budget under RM110
Operating System:
Microsoft Windows Home Premium Retail Pack RM875
Not sure yet, budget under RM200

Now, the budget cost up to RM4805 only, although price dropped on parts, but my total amount increased, because I upgrade my budget for speaker, desktop set, motherboard, monitor, and power supply, besides that, I also include other parts that not included in the previous customization, like casing and graphic card. However, thanks to the price drop of Intel Processor on 22 April, 2007, which cut down my budget around RM300.

Why I upgrade all the component?
Ya, why? Actually, all these upgrade is not for gaming, is I hope to learn more about technical knowledge of desktop PC like overclocking, fix and build a desktop PC myself, diagnostic and troubleshoot hardware problems, and hope it won't outdate in 4 years. To do this, need a high end PC.

Intel Processor: from E6400 to E6420
During this 3 months period, I though about change my processor from E6400 into more high end E6600, which cost RM1130 before price drop(which now left RM700), but the only feature that I not satisfy with E6400 is the Cache size only 2MB. Now, Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 came out with cheaper price, same spec with E6400, just upgrade the cache to 2MBx2, while the clock speed can be overcome by overclock it, moreover, I am not a gamer, sure I change the target to it.

Why Retail Vista?
Emm, actually I prefer Ultimate Edition or Business Edition, but it's too expensive. The reason to choose Retail instead of OEM is because I may play around the features on different PC and if something goes wrong, I need to reformat the PC several times, which OEM can't do. To understand more on the different of OEM and Retail, see my previous post. Don't call me rich bastard just because I plan to buy original la... I am not a bastard la... Just I know what is right, what is wrong, and responsibility, and also a little bit money from my saving...


Thanks to Louis who help me a lot to monitor the prices of processor and graphic card, thanks a lot.


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Monday, April 23, 2007

Second tag: Celebrities I want to meet are...

Hcfoo tagged me recently, just because I said I want to meet Bill Gates.... However, thanks for the tag.

The story goes like this:

“You are in an alternate universe. You are a single person not involved in any relationship, and you have just published a New York Times bestseller. A movie studio has invited you to Hollywood to talk about a movie deal for three days, and as part of the wooing process, they offer to host a one-on-one dinner each night with the celebrity of your choice. Who would you pick? It could be a star you want to have a shot at ‘hooking up’ with, or it could just be someone you admire.”

Who I want to meet? First night, of course get a chinese actor! (because I am chinese, (I am not discriminating...)). If I am a writer, the story of mine must be science fiction, and I think Jackie Chan can have dinner with me. He can fight, he can act(although sometimes looks humor), and he should be the superhero. With his profession experience, I believe he can fight all the bad guys in my story.

eat my fist!

After that, is the director. If my story really can become a blockbuster movie, I really glad that it is directed by my favorite movies, Lord of the Rings Trilogy's director, Peter Jackson. Wow, his LOTR trilogy and King Kong, make me feel that everything can become real! With his leadership, I believe he can create a future scene that cheat all the movie lovers!

I know he looks a little bit retarded...

To have a good, no, is best movie, I still need some more professions. Costume? Emm... Another sector that I put so much attention in a movie. Yea, I know which designer can have dinner with me, she is Ngila Dickson. Does she count as celebrity? Again, Lord Of The Rings Trilogy costume designer. Wah, see the costume wore by Legolas, and Arwen, such a perfect match for that background. Maybe a sudden change to science fiction movie will give her a lot of pressure, but I believe she can handle that.

Don't think every celebrity is beautiful

I think that all for my 3 days interview/dinner. Hope one day, or next life, when I become a successful writer accidentally, I will meet these guys.

Hereby, look forward to see people that I tagged below want to meet up with?

Wei Yin (I think she want to meet JK Rowling)
Kukujiao (what a weird name?...)

I think 3 is enough, as the rules didn't mention how many victims to tag. Look forward to read your celebrity!

Sorry HCFOO, no Bill Gates in my post, I love his money in the bank most!

PayPerPost resend the money to me!

Previously, I wrote a sponsored post entitled Get Paid to review my post at my another blog. Very happy when first received the payment from PayPerPost, to my PayPal account.

Need to Verify!?
However, that time I just realized that I need to verify my PayPal account as I am an international PayPal user. So I spent almost 4 weeks to apply a PB Bank Visa Electron, after I received the inform letter, I quickly called to PB service center to collect information for my card, like pin numbers and so on.

Another unlucky thing happen. Public Bank's connection with PayPal is facing an offline error, and the fixing progress still work until today, since 19 April. Means that I can't verify my account too.

My First USD10 gone!
Because I already exceed PayPal 30 days payment accept/deny period, so the fund was returned to PayPerPost. That time was so sad, my first money from Internet gone like that... Suddenly, I thought of request it again from PayPerPost.

PayPerPost resend the fund to me!
This morning when I check my mail, ha! Mails from both PayPerPost and PayPal in my mail! I quickly read through it:

Thank you for contacting us.  Your $10.00 payment has been reissued to your PayPal account.

Yes! Now I am now again USD10 richer! Thanks PayPerPost to resend the fund to me! See my previous post about I am USD10 Richer.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Singapore launches first "Bring Your Own Bag Day"

Tomorrow is Earth Day, so I found this news, hope our lousy Malaysian government do some action to protect our home!

This post is related from my previous post:
<start of news>

by: CCTV    19 April 2007

SINGAPORE, April 18 (Xinhua) -- Singapore on Wednesday launched the first "Bring Your Own Bag Day", aimed to cut use of plastic bags.
At many participating supermarkets, many shoppers were seen coming with their own bags. Those who did not have one bought the reusable bags for less than one Singapore dollar (about 66 U.S. cents) from cashiers who eagerly encouraged them to do so.
While those who needed plastic bags were requested to donate 10cents for each plastic bag issued to them.
Singapore's National Environment Agency (NEA), the organizer of the campaign, said it was encouraged by the response of the first day.
NEA Chief Executive Officer Lee Yuen Hee said in a statement: "We are very encouraged by the positive response to the campaign. More people are taking interest in environmental issues."
According to the NEA, at a supermarket named Giant in Parkway Parade, response was so overwhelming that reusable bags were sold out by midday and new stock had to be brought in.
From now on, every first Wednesday of the month is designated as the "Bring Your Own Bag Day". The NEA has worked with seven supermarket chains to sell reusable bags and hoped to increase the low two percent of shoppers using reusable bags.
The NEA also hopes that more retailers will come on board.
But some residents said they are used to using plastic bags and it is hard to change their habit.
"Well not all customers are used to the idea of using reusable bags. It really takes time and effort to persuade them to change their habit. But we can't do it overnight," local television Channel News Asia quoted Gerry Lee, general manager of a supermarket named NTUC Fairprice, as saying.
According to the NEA, Singapore consumes 2.5 billion plastic bags each year. However, burning a ton of waste plastic bags produces almost 2,900 kg of carbon dioxide, the gas that causes global warming.

<end of news>

My opinion
Malaysian government didn't show any obvious action to help protect environment, Just a lot of bullshit, then a quiet. Although some action like 3 colors recycle bin is everywhere, but not all Malaysian can "differentiate" color.... What a shame.

The million Ringgit loss in the Johore flood few months ago, is it really caused by Singapore's landfill project? Sound bullshit, although I am not architect. Anyone thought about why heavy rain kept poring down for days? Politicians just know how to point their fingers to others.

Visit and to understand more about what difficult that can affect the whole world that we really face beside terrorist attack.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

LowYat.Net Forum updating.

This is how it looks when LowYat.Net forum updating.


Stop pressing F5? That's what I usually do, but not calling TMNET, as that is useless.

April 22, Earth Day- Time to appreciate what you have.

From a dusty explosion, and thousand of billions years of cooling down, and another billions years of evolution and extinction, and a high intelligent life appear on planet Earth--us.

With that high intelligent, from theoretically, we should make our earth become a better place to live, but, it's not really work like that. I am glad that I am not born in 50 or 100 years later, which is a year that I may not see tigers, lions, big trees, or our close biological neighbor, Apes, and I may need to live together with rubbish.

This is a picture designed by Edo.

Even watch An Inconvenient Truth? An academic Award movie presented by United States Vice President Al Gore. Our Earth is dying, if no people willing to help her.

Even if you don't do it during normal day, please do it on 22 April, Earth Day.

  1. Walk, instead of driving, to your neighbor, just 1 day.
  2. don't take plastic bag, if you just buy 1 bottle of water.
  3. Use fan, and turn of your air conditioning, just 1 day.

Just this day, one day, and if everyone can do it, then this day will save up 6.5 billion plastic bag and a giant huge amount of power consumption in 1 day, it's a huge amount of resource. (It sounds bullshit, but I do it everyday, really.)

Maybe all of us who live with a broadband connection still don't see the changes to the world, but it's changing, and only us, can fix it, and make it become better place to live.

Remember, we have only one Earth, for your children or whatever, protect her.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The first time to a real PC Fair

I just said this is a first time, why? Actually this is the second time I been for PC Fair, the first time is at Melaka Mahkota Parade, the so called PC Fair... so small, not enough for me to sleep. So I consider the KLCC PC Fair that I went this afternoon as the first time I visited a real PC Fair.

Thanks to KIM HUEI, we have place to sleep and eat, and transport. After a really mighty super duper sardine fish pack in all KTM Komuter, Putra Lines, Monorail, we arrived KLCC. That time was about 12pm. We straight went to the 3rd floor of convention center, and start searching for nice goods(although I am not plan to buy anything). Out of my expectation, KLCC PC Fair is much much grand and big and crowded!
The first booth near the entrance, Sony VAIO.
All branded companies show off their gadgets, of course, by beautiful girl promoters. Looking at those laptops around me, I have no interested to buy it, as I targeted a desktop, so I took up the opportunity to take some photos with beautiful cute girls. hehe. This is my favorite one:
Samsung! She is so cute!

Hope next time can get my own SLR and snap around there.

The price
Everybody thought that PC Fair sell cheap stuff, not really. I don't know whether I need to bargain with them, but the price that they stick out is standard, not cheap, and some I can get cheaper at LowYat Plaza, like RAM. Some very unexceptable prices, like Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo in PC Fair cost RM140, but in LowYat Plaza I can get with RM120, at Thunder Match. Even my dream monitor Samsung 940BW in PC Fair, the lowest price I can get is RM720, same as Low Yat Plaza. I too thought Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 will be cheaper in PC Fair.... but not. This change my thought that PC Fair is not a fair, but just a central to sell IT stuff, but if without PC Fair, I don't think IT gadgets' prices can drop that fast in couple days.

Around 2:30pm, we left KLCC, and headed to Low Yat Plaza, as Kim Huei want to buy some stuff from ViewNet, which he claimed is the cheapest shop in LowYat(is it? Some stuff la, not all.) While he buying his things, I checked around in the Plaza, and that's why I found out so much different with PC Fair and normal day sale. Really hope the price won't increase after PC Fair, as I need to readjust my budget again... Money money money!

Samsung booth, so grand, so big.

PC Fair is fun, if you really smart, I believe you can get low price, plus some freebies. For people like me who don't like to negotiate about price, I think Low Yat is more suitable for me. If without PC Fair, I don't think the IT gadgets in Malaysia can drop that fast. Good job, PIKOM, who centralized all.... beautiful girls. Ok, be serious, haha, Windows Vista users will also increase after the Fair, as many people buying new PC during the event.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Now is the Motherboard: ASUS P5B-E PLUS

Ok, I believe most people who read my blog knows that I am going to buy a new PC at next semester(end of June), and I had started to survey on price and hardware performance one by one, to ensure my hardware won't outdated in 3 years(like my laptop).

My future motherboard
Before I start choosing, I had to set a few criteria:

Environmental friendly
Looks cool
Not too expensive
Support Core 2 Duo and SATA 3Gb/s
DDR2 800/667(so I can upgrade later)

Of course, when mention about overclocking, people will point to ASUS, and I think because of this function, the motherboards are much more expensive than other ordinary motherboard. OK, make it simple, I abandoned other brands, and just stick to ASUS. 3 motherboards were placed in my choosing box: P5B, P5B-E PLUS, and P5N-E SLI.

Funny, P5B-E PLUS sounds more advance than P5B, but the PLUS version is cheaper. 1 feature that make me included P5N-E SLI in my choices is as the name, SLI (Scalable Link Interface), which means can connect 2 graphic cards together to process a task faster. However, I am not a gamer, I don't need SLI, but that's not the reason I gave it up, is because the chipset that it use is NF650i SLI, I seldom hear that chipset, and worry about the compatibility with certain software.

The reason I choose P5B-E PLUS, is because of the overclocking feature, the prices, and the material. It uses 100% All High-quality Conductive Polymer Capacitors to make the board, and it is cool(see the picture). Currently the price is RM590 at LowYat.

Other features of this motherboard is here:
Intel LGA775(Core 2 Duo socket)
Quad Core Ready(maybe 3 years later)
Dual Channel DDR2 800/667/533
Fanless design(or Stack Cool 2)
6 SATA II socket
High definition audio
IEEEx1, USBx10

and other common features. Click here for the full specification.


The capacitors look nice, right?

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At last, the MMU Vista Launch was over...

2 days of promoting, distributing, and performing, Microsoft Campus Launch was ended at 12 April 2007, 5pm. All our event on the second day was not as excited as the first day... This is the post that I continue from the first day of event.

On the second day, as usual, I skipped class again. We continue the Live Quiz event to giving out freebies from Microsoft. But what surprised me is, no one can answer the quiz. serious.

People are getting frustrated to get their DVDs and CD-keys, and started to complain to us, and what we explained was no point for them...

However, the Spot the Car event still going on, and lots of freebies were distributed to the lucky winner whose cars were spotted, congratulation!

*One thing I want to mention is, on the first day and second day, 1 bastard kept coming our booth, act like committee, walking around in our working area, and always asked me give him DVD and CD-key, even I told it that CD-Key will be distribute later. He thought he is some friend of high-comm, then he can do whatever he want, go back your house and fuck yourself. You know who you are...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

MMU Microsoft Campus Launch was held successfully today!

Today, I was so excited. Woke up 7am in the morning, went to class, wearing the T-shirt sponsored by Microsoft. Yes, after months of arrangement and preparation, at last, Microsoft Campus Launch is here! In Multimedia University, MMU Melaka!

decoration on top of CLC Concourse

"5,4,3,2,1 Windows Vista is now in MMU, Melaka"
This launching is awesome. We cover half of the CLC Concourse(for your information, CLC is the largest building in MMU, Melaka), we invited our sponsors, Dean of FIST, and Marketing Director of Microsoft, Vico (his name), cute? With our respective MC, (she ask me to call her 'M'), she carried the open ceremony successfully, and together with the Live Quiz. And during the quiz, we gave out a Windows Vista Ultimate and a Vista Home Basic, congratulation to the 2 lucky friends!DSC08772

Vista Girls in joy

Besides that, we manage to get a XBOX for demo. A little bit disappointed, because our actual plan was XBOX 360. However, that is the first time I touched XBOX console, quite excited. I played car racing games with friends, and even strangers, and that time I feel that gaming console is not that bad thing. Share the fun together.

Windows Vista Review
This talk was conducted by our event director, Smith Ang, who is also the Microsoft Student Partner in MMU. He is funny, and crap a lot. During the talk, he introduced some cool and significant features of Windows Vista, for example, Windows Sidebar, Search box, Backup Manager, backward compatibility, other cool feature. For me, I already seen and experience those features for so long time(although I don't have Vista PC), but still feel cool with Vista.

Giving out Windows Vista Business Edition CD-Key
I think this is the main concern of all participants. They all bought our T-shirt during the event, so they can Windows Vista Business Edition, no matter full version or demo version. The queue was so long, and after an hour, it's still look the same! DSC08800

Best part of today
I skipped 2 classes to see the crowd during launching, but never feel regret. I also manage to took photo with Vico! Today is also the first time I touch XBOX.
Me with Vico(Microsoft Malaysia Marketing Director, not Milo. (See my T-shirt?)

keep reading my tomorrow or day after tomorrow blog about the second day of the launching, more freebies to giving out yet!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Graphic Card from Nvidia will release this month.

As you all can see from the title, new graphic cards will be release by Nvidia this month, or to make it specify, is 17 April.

This release, the main character is Nvidia GeForce 8 series, consist of 8600GTS, 8600GT, and 8500GT. This is a really big news for me, as I want to experience DirectX 10 and shader model 4.0 on my new PC.

I think most of you know that, only Windows Vista will supported with DirectX 10. And because of that, I struggle a long time to choose my future graphic card. ATI is definitely not in my buying list, (in narrow minded, I dont like AMD; and AMD bought ATI, so I don't like ATI).

Geforce 8600GTS
Yes, from all the 3 releases, I prefer this one. Here is the specification:

Code name: G84
Bus interface: PCI-E x 16(of course!)
Memory: 256MB
Core clock reference: 675MHz
Memory Clock reference: 2000MHz
Bandwidth reference: 32GB/s
Bus type: DDR3
Bus width: 128bit
Support DirectX 10 and OpenGL 2.1

The spec is very satisfying me, although some values are slightly lower than GeForce 7950GT, but compare the price and the performance, 8600GTS has more value per performance than the old 7950GT that can't support DirectX 10. Click here to see the specification performance of Nvidia GPU.

Before the release of 8600GTS, I thought I never have the chance to experience DirectX 10, because even the low end 8800GTS cost around RM1300++... But now, the GeForce 8600GTS just cost around RM690 to RM794, half the price of 8800GTS, but get about 70% of it, that's definitely worth!

The design is not as long as GeForce 8800, not really cool design, but can you see the SLI connector on top of the graphic card? Yes! It can support SLI! Actually, I am not a gamer, I just like to test several experiments with my new PC, feel excited to see high benchmark. Quite expensive way, right?

Some Radeon news:
Radeon will also release it's first DirectX 10 graphic card, the Radeon X2900 family, X2600, and X2300,(code name R600) with a lot of variety in the X2900 family, include X2900 XTX2, X2900XTX, X2900 GTO, X2900 XT, X2900 SL. Especially the X2900XTX2, it should be the best graphic card ever when it release. Click here to see the specification comparison.

Now one more PC component targeted, next is the motherboard.

See my previous post for my targeted hard disk and monitor.

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Sunday, April 8, 2007

After about 1 year, I realize it...

When Disney Channel first release it in January 20 2006, everyone was mad with it, love it so much, people admire the singers, hope the same romantic scene will happen in real their life. It's High School Musical.

Story start with a basketball captain Troy Bolton ( starred by Zac Efron) and Gabriella Montez (starred by Venessa Anne Hudgens), 2 completely stranger, both joined a New Year party. They were selected to sing a song with the title "Start Of Something New". The story went on with their high school life, conflict, and how they overcome the problems.

I am the one who seldom listen to music, as I can't concentrate when I listen to music while doing other stuff. Recently during Trinite 2007, Vince Chong sang a song entitle "Breaking Free", I just realize how nice is the musical. I feel young again (although I am not old!) when listen to the song, I feel like I am still in secondary school, with dreams, and love.

One of my friend Weiyin, who always imagine herself as a wizard, love the musical so much! Now I just realize it, me too.

More information can be found on Wikipedia.

I am quite outdated, but nice song won't be forgotten even after centuries.

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Saturday, April 7, 2007


Again, I write post about my dream PC again.

This time, after my investigate about the monitor SAMSUNG 940BW, now I look at the other part of my new PC--hard disk.

What is SATA II?
To fully understand SATA II, I search on Wikipedia. But what make me confused is, no clear explanation of what is SATA II! Most PC catalogue show that their motherboards and hard disks are SATA II, but no further explanation on it...

After some searching work, I understood it.

Actually, SATA II is not a technology or brand name, just a marketers gave the new SATA hard disk that name. SATA, or Serial Advance Technology Attachment, is a new technology that using Serial cable to transfer data, instead of traditional parallel cable. During the time when SATA came out, the transfer rate is just 1.5Gbit/s. Later, a new organization, called SATA II was formed and they increase the transfer rate to 3.0Gbit/s. And because of that, marketer use the name of the board as the new 3.0Gbit/s SATA hard disk. Now the name of the board was change to SATA IO (Serial ATA International Organization).

What the big different about SATA and the so-called SATA II?
The only obviously different is the transfer rate(not to mention some architecture design of it). From the first generation SATA, (or so-called SATA I), the transfer rate is 1.5Gbit/s, doubled to 3.0Gbit/s in the next generation SATA (or so-called SATA II).

How about the buffer rate and the electric usage?
I don't think this is under SATA II works. This vary from manufacturers, as well as models. If you want to buy hard disk, you have to compare it by yourself. Of course, I prefer Western Digital (don't know why, feel they are professional). My next targeted component locked--WD Caviar® SE16 ! Come with 250GB,300MB/s, 16MB Cache, and 7200RPM, wow!

WD Caviar® SE16, my future storage companion.

OK, finished my preferable hard disk, I want to show you all a cool hard disk by Western Digital, too.

150GB, 10,000RPM, 16MB Cache, and the best part is, the WD Raptor X is the world only Clear Cover hard disk! You can see how the platter spinning inside the hard disk, and how read/write head moving to read/write data, that's really cool!

Take a look at this video:


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Friday, April 6, 2007

Integrity in your words.

Recently, one of my post in this blog caused a misunderstood. Not to mention about the details, but this caught my attention before use some sensitive words. Here are some example of sensitive words:

  1. love, like
  2. hate, dislike
  3. scold, remind
  4. angry, frustrated
  5. ......

Hope next time won't do the same mistake again.

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Trinite 2007: Temptations - The Last Installment

Previous night, 31 March, 2007, Trinite was successfully held at Equatorial Hotel, Melaka. This post is to conclude Trinite, continuously from my previous post.

Free hair do TEAM Hair Studio
As a working committee, we do have a free hair do from professional hair studio--TEAM Hair. The designer designed a stylish hairstyle for me, with some yellow color dye, and the best is the glitter than made my hair looks shining.

The first time to Equatorial Hotel
After hair do, we moved to our main event venue--Equatorial Hotel. The lobby is beautiful and elegant, especially the big light on top my head. How good if this is my house?...

The schedule on a plasma TV at Equatorial Hotel lobby

same concept with last year Trinite, with ice wording(grabbed from jijitankyy)

Wow! The performances were awesome!
Joey G and Marion Caunter, as our respective MC, were so professional! Marion Caunter looks so sexy on the stage! Wow! With the cute Joey G, so adorable! They brought the environment to the highest level, by just simply crap(but I love their crap style!) They carried out some small games like dancing, cat walking on stage, and passing rubber band with straw, using mouth. I can see the environment is very excited when Joey G cut the straw become shorter and shorter if the participants managed to pass the rubber band in time.

The highlight of the night, was the performance from our celebrities! "Let us welcome Vince Chong!" The man who win the Academic Fantasia, stood out on the stage there, singing You're Beautiful, and he walked down the stage, sang together with the guests. Another 2 songs selected by him was... I can't remember... sorry, will post up later once I check it out.

The second performer is Dayang Nurfaizah! I believe many Malay guests love her. I saw a lots of people snapping photo with her and request signature from her. When she came out, she is much more open minded and sexy than I thought, especially her beautiful long hair.

OK, this is a tough one. Guess who are they? Here is the Clue-- "U le le U le le Oh!" Yo! It's K-Town Clan! I love their songs, they can rap very fast, although not really understand each sentences, but just simply like to drown into the madness with them.

Some downside of my mood...
I was changed into internal division during the extremely critical hour, to in charge the DJ system(what the fuck?!, I be a DJ?) I spent 1 hour for my director to brief me about my new task and memorize the sequence of the song or music to play, and in charge the projectors display... Very difficult for me to handle it, as I never have any time to practice and rehearsal, plus a low class mouse that always move the cursor even the mouse is idle. I accidentally clicked a song that not suppose to play during that time because of that mouse. Look like a good investment in mouse is important. I warned by director even the fault was the volume control unit by HMG(is it HMG?) company. But I admit that some problems are my fault. I really try my best to do it, sorry. I felt nervous for the whole night, I don't even have the mood to eat.

The worst things is, I don't have camera! That's why I don't have high quality photo here...

What cheers me up....
Vince Chong and K-Town Clan shook my hand when he finished his song. (because I am the DJ, yea!) I also got a free PenDrive mousepad(enough for that, I don't request much)

found my signature?

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Another Gmail innovation: Gmail Paper is here.

This is a really cool feature from Gmail, and I think no one have ever thing about this before! The new feature from Gmail--Gmail Paper, is a revolutionary method to manage your mail. You can touch it, write on it(using pen or pencil), tear it(by hand), throw it into a recycle bin(real recycle bin).

What is Gmail Paper?
Normal email services just allow you to receive mails in electronic way, this is good, as you don't need to print it out and this can save your money and environment. However, some mails are better to be held on hand, like photos. But the process is irritating: download, run printing application, print; and most of the time I will just gave up to print, just because of money.(1 piece of glossy photo paper is expensive)

Now Gmail Paper is here! You don't need to print it out by yourself, just click the Paper Archive button in your Gmail.

(screenshot from Gmail)

Gmail will send the mail to your house in a beautiful Gmail box, right in front your doorstep.

Here is some cool fact about Gmail Paper:

  1. It's free, because every mail that arrived your doorstep were sponsored, and the advertisement will appear at the back of your paper printed in red bold color.
  2. Attachment files... depends on what files is that. If it is  photo, Gmail will print it in high quality glossy photo paper. For mp3 and other unprintable files, Gmail would like to recommend you to preserve the file and not to print it.
  3. You can print out unlimited copies of mails, from hundred to million, all free, no limit. But use your brain well while printing these.
  4. Just need 2~4 days of business day to process.
  5. Gmail Paper is made out of 96% post-consumer organic soybean sputum, and if you use Gmail Paper, you will save environment, as you don't need to use real paper to print your mail.

Do Gmail Paper really environmental friendly?
Although Gmail use organic recycled paper as their medium, but how much recycled paper in this world can support gigantic of Gmail usage everyday? Maybe this can boost the value of recycling paper, and help environment indirectly. As TienSoon said about Paperless or Paper Less, people still rely much on paper.

For now, Gmail Paper still not available yet and just open to beta tester. Hope I can try the service soon.

Thanks for read it, its April Fool!

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