Sunday, July 12, 2009



Found this worm in my cabbage while cooking my vege lunch. Obviously the farmer never play HappyFarm from Facebook.

This is not really bad news. It has been staying in the fridge for few days, and still alive~ Means the cabbage is safe for human to eat, haha.


** I been lazy to post up all the vege food I ate everyday.

What shall I do with my First Internship Salary?

I still don’t get my salary yet, but I can feel, it is near~

Since I completed my work yesterday, so I had some time to think what I want to spend when I get my salary.

Starbucks for parents
My mom once asked me: “Starbuck coffee nice ar?”. I also don’t know, because never try before, so I just answer, “It’s different”. (but I tried San Francisco Fruit Coffee’s mango ice blended~ That’s why I can tell it’s different)

Same with my dad, who also never try before, maybe is the price, and also the culture of Starbucks. This time I belanja, so just drink.

Want to get rid of my current 1GB x 2 RAM, it’s getting not enough for some games. Shall consider 2GB x 2 DDR2800 RAM. But this is not so urgent yet.

Unavoidable Housemate
Already bugged me since before I start my internship. OK la, everyone got free ice cream la~ Don’t hiam lo, 11 ice cream is a lot.

A New Wallet
This one has a big big hole at the bottom. Lee always said: 破财破财。That’s why I am so poor these days.

I want I want I want! The Penang Asam Laksa, not curry mee!


What else I can spend? (Don’t leave a comment asking me to give the remaining to you.)

First I thought I can write a lot, but until this line, I feel enough…

OK la, keep the rest.

Wish my income here ASAP~

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Recently Story.

Skip the work part, I wanted to write something about the photos I took in these few months.

This is the kitten who temporary stay at my house for 2 weeks during the break. According to Hao Ming, she jumped over my head while I am sleeping, 100 times per night. But she is cute, only during sleeping.

She used to sleep on bed, so my roommate Chicken Wing need to sleep on the floor.

This is my roommate, Chicken Wing. He slept on the mattress, while I slept on the floor, with the purple-yellow square pillow. One night I woke up, the walk to my desk to check out the time, when turn back, he is on my pillow! All happen in 15 seconds.

Chicken Wing with his casing-less PC. (Of course, later he get a casing for it) Don’t ask me why call him Chicken Wing.

Seriously, the last time I ate durian, is before I enter foundation. Very miss durian!!!~ Don’t forget to drink some salt water after durian, it really helps to reduce heat.

Bought a new water bottle. The old one spoiled 2 months ago, been using a mineral water bottle for some time, had cumulated some toxic in my body. Love this bottle~

Kim with his Homemade-Onion-Potato-Mushroom-Tomato-Vegetarian Spaghetti. Very satisfy one, so big portion.

These few days learn 1 thing: When there is a reason for you to protect, you become so strong, yet, you become so weak…

Jia you!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Start Again.

It’s 12:08am, I can’t sleep, even I already worked for the whole day. When I came home at 11pm from MIC, the same security guard greeted me, then I replied “Good Night~” as usual. This is already the N times I work over 10pm.

I am happy to work there, sincerely, because I learn a lot of things. Handling almost half of the project, without any supervisor to teach me, or senior to ask, only Google. Sometimes really scare, worry I can’t meet the expectation of my boss, worry I can’t submit on time, so little time, so many things to do, cover from programming, designing, upgrading, all. I am tired, but happy.

Different from assignment in campus, now I need to concern security, performance, reusability, design issue etc. If you screwed up assignment in campus, you only get little bit less mark; you screw up the project, thousands of people will be screwed too.

OK, enough of the stupid work.

Really emo these days. It’s not from my work, and I know the reason, just I don’t know what to do, who to tell. It’s really stupid, till I feel that telling other just make people feel that I am so so so god damn stupid. Why for a simple thing that many people so easily can done it, I just can’t? Because want to protect this important treasure, I had tried so hard, or I did something wrong, or not enough?. Always remind myself, I am lucky enough, but how long can this works?


Out of no reason, I started another 1 month of Vegetarian food. Wish I can learn something valuable after this month.

Good night. Tomorrow is my deadline.

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