Sunday, September 28, 2008

Random Cookies

It's very boring.

Study week that feels like Semester break, hate break, sometimes.

I had been wanted to do some bakery at my Cyberjaya home, just always too busy, until this very boring break.

So, searching for some cookies recipes, and match with the ingredient I got, and choose this.

Before into the oven.

Done~ nice?

V's Cookies.

The taste, ok, not the selling standard, because I decrease the sugar. Different from the original recipe is, I added some oat cereal into it.

These days I am doing quite a lot kitchen work, hoo.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Photoshop art: Me made of Me.

Busy busy busy! So long time never try to make a photoshop pictures of myself~

Since today I am free, I created this, which I wanted to make it for so long.

(Click to enlarge)

It's actually my photo, which "made of of my photos"~. Name it 'Me Made Of Me.'

The process is simple, collect your photos, arrange nicely, and cover it with your photo, then adjust your photo's opacity. That's easy.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chocolate from My Cousin

She went to Langkawi n-months ago, and bought a box of chocolate to me. I worry that it will melt during delivery, but she insisted to send the chocolate to my Cyberjaya house...

Luckily nothing happen to it, I still can bite it, not drink it.

Using PosLaju courier.

Wow... need to wrap so nice using present paper? Thanks anyway~

Thanks! It's my favorite Andes Peppermint Chocolate~ Like to put in the freezing square before eat it.

More than 5 years never been to Langkawi... Miss the beach over there.

Bukit Tinggi 1 Day Trip~

Caution: Damn lot's of photos!

Today is my last assignment for this semester! I completed it last night, and submitted it at 11pm last night too~(slip through under the lecturer's door)

So this morning, I had a light Gardenia breakfast + margarine, then waiting Bobby, Wong Kok, Eddy, and Karen at MMU bus stop, to go on Bukit Tinggi. This is my first trip to there, previously just heard 'rumor' about it.

Waiting at MMU bus stop at 7am early in the morning.

Very beautiful sunrise~

Using Putrajaya-KL highway, and some roads which I don't know, and I slept. When I woke up, I reached, magic?

Never know that Bukit Tinggi is actually belongs to Berjaya, damn! So now on, I will just name it Berjaya Hill.

Golf field, part of Berjaya Hill.

The road to the top of hill is hell. Very sloppy, but lucky we barely see a car, like we are the only visitors.

Entrance Fee?!
Wow, this place need entrance fee. There is a toll-like structure at the entrance, and need to pay entrance fee based on number of head: adult is RM16, while children is RM8.

Japanese Tea Garden
There are many 'theme park' on Berjaya Hill, one of it is Japanese Tea Garden. Located 3500m above sea level, the time we reached there is about 8:30am, so the temperature is quite cool.
The entrance to Japanese Tea Garden~ This place is really full of Japanese feel, seriously, want to feel Japan with lowest cost, go there.

What so interesting at right side?



Everywhere in the garden can see big stones that look like volcano stone, don't know is real imported from volcano or simply just look alike.

"Please don't throw stones at me" - fish. (fish can leave message?)

Me and Bobby the man of the day.

Walk around, we saw a Japanese Spa, call Tatami Spa. We discussed: if the price less than RM50, we try.

So here is our conversation with the worker:

Bobby: Cik, itu spa berapa? (Miss, how much is the spa?)
Cik: ya, lima ratus lima puluh. (yes, five hundred and fifty.)
Bobby: oh, terima kasih. (Thanks~ run like hell!)

Is that Ringgit Malaysia or Yen?

Botanic Garden
Another theme park of Berjaya Hill, is the botanic garden. Available most high altitude plants and also low altitude plants, this place really can make me relax and sleep. Because it's a week day, and we become the only visitors on the hill, serious, ONLY VISITORS. So we enjoy the peace and quiet of it.

This is strawberry plants, but the strawberry is ugly... Is it not mature enough?


Couple trees that stick together.

Moon~ I still missing the round one.

DSC04910 DSC04944




This one, Wong Kok went and said "Ohaiyo"(good morning in Japanese) to each flower, because this flower is call Morning Glory. (ignore him, he is slightly retarded)

Group pic at the entrance~

France Castle
Very nice place. I never know that Malaysia has such places. It's a structure that looks like castle, we called it Low Budget Disneyland.

Feel not in Malaysia? It's very windy up there, and is 12pm, but I can't feel hot, not to mention the walls are cold, too.

Captain Cock Sparrow. 

another view of the Castle.

Behind the castle is a small town. Available coffee shops, hotel, arcade center(1 token RM3, shit on me please), French restaurant, etc. Just, too creepy! We are so lonely here! It makes me thought of the thriller movie House Of The Wax....

Empty hotel. 
Nice shooting.

There is a pond outside the castle with swans in it.

Rabbit, Deer, and Donkey Park
rabbit! This is my first time touch a rabbit. Cute cute!

The park's concept is unique, the rabbits are let inside the park freely, so visitors can touch them, hug them, feed them etc. But of course handle with care.


This make me sick...

Seems like the rabbit don't like me, maybe the way I handle them is wrong.

Wong Kok showed his mother care.

Donkeys. This one is the pure donkey, while the rest behind him are horse + donkey breed = stronger and bigger donkey. The manager in the park is so kind to us, gave us grasses to feed animals, and also explain some facts about them.

Me with White Horse. (Forgot his name~)

We named this black donkey as Bobby, of course the real Bobby don't like it. We proved it when we shouted "Bobby~", and this black donkey will show his teeth.

Meet this high class cat in the Rabbit Park. (Stop touching me or I will piss you all off...) It's like boss in the park, go everywhere without border, and the rabbit in the park afraid of it.

one of the funniest signboard I ever seen. "Don't squize the rabbits, they will die."

This is quite a satisfy trip we had, as I am natural lover. Love the rabbit park and the botanical garden the most. Spent not much money, mostly on food. (Actually this trip is for Bobby to 'relax', and also for me, I guess). This place is really suitable for relax, chit chat, enjoy natural wind and environment. If want to shopping, don't come here.

Our pictures





Actually want to see is there anything to buy at there, as souvenir to give you. But the things are not special, and expensive...

A gift that I brought back from there. I think is a kind of flower. Put it on my system unit, haha~

So, my day has ended. Quite happy. Thought of you so much.

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