Friday, October 26, 2007

Not the cheater again!!

Since my brother gave me his Sony Cybershot, I can use it for a long time, so, I can save my sponsored post earning for a better freestyle skates. But, still not enough, what to do?
I search around that website, for some simple job which can be done at home, like typist. There are few queries, mostly today's opportunity. So curiously, I sent an e-mail to them, and they replied...

Shit, the same e-mail!
Yes, although I am not the victim, but keep seeing the same fraud make me piss off! The background operator(cheater) is what people call him Dr.Lim (not Uncle Lim), full name Lim Heng Kiap. Throughout the whole replied mail, they keep mention free, but the other side said need to pay deposit of USD 100, go and die!

The job is simple, just typing, reply mail, and search internet, and we will pay you, and you may learn something about internet too.

Here to remind you all never thrust any typist job anymore, all cheater! Last time I found on The Star, and e-mailed them, and because of curiosity, I searched the Dr. Lim's name, and all I got is complains about being cheated.

This "business" is actually a chain fraud. Dr. Lim, the playmaker, start the game, and find his "employees", then the "employees" who got "hired" will find their own "employee", from each level to another, they earn commission.

1 month earn 3k by typing only? Who else want to get degree?

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Regarding Mortgage .

During the ancient China, poor people take their valuable stuff to mortgager to borrow some money, but there is a period to claim it back, or the property will be taken. That time, without a proper law and rules, many people always got cheated by pay very little with a valuable thing mortgaged.

Now, with all rules and law defined, mortgage become a security to the lender, so both parties can do their business with the sense of secure. Not only China, but all around the world, like UK also using mortgage for security.

However, as time goes on, mortgages and deals may change considerably, so some people consider remortgages to save money on a cheaper deal. If you are taking loan and facing an imbalance deal, why not consider remortgage?

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Some of my precious Photo with Celebrities

Sorry to cheat you all here with the title. Everytime I show these photo to friends, they will feel so jealous, why? See and you will know.

 Jay Chou Press copy
I saw a description about Jay Chou: We can't tell what is special, but Jay Chou seems to make every girls go weak in their knees.

Golden Armour 
This one? I like the armor, and also the movie and soundtrack.

sony ericsson jpg
This is one of the best I got with Lee Hom, my brother~~on the same stage.  And sorry to Nokia user, Sony Ericsson rocks!

Time Magazine front cover
My first visit to Dubai, with "my" tower at the back.

And some other not very nice one, I will just skipped it, more will coming in next time!

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Online Coupon from eDealFinder

Recently, dad ask me to get customize a new laptop for him, as he want to learn about computer, and need the mobility.

With eDealFinder, I can get Dell Coupon, with various offer, like free delivery. Besides, the coupon is easy to use, just click "redeem coupon", and it will link to Dell's website, that's all.

Beside Dell, there are many other coupons like HP coupon, Zappos coupon, Overstock coupons and many more. Faster get the coupon and start saving!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize!

Former US Vice President, Al Gore, just won the Peace prize of Nobel. I knew he will get it, and he must get it, to ensure mankind future. This show that, Global Warming is no more a single person interest, is the whole world problem.

Although he won the prize, but he quickly phoned to UN(United Nation) chairman, Rajendra Pachauri, to meet up for their next steps to save this world. The original news is here.

He is one of the man who work out the most to save the world from Global Warming. With this award, the world will not just only put an eye, but to put in both hands to solve this century problems.

United States don't sign Kyoto Agreement
US as the world richest country, from outside, look so advance, actually, do you know that US is the world highest Carbon dioxide contributor to atmosphere? Due to protect the economy of US, President Bush don't sign Kyoto Agreement. Even China with so high pollution also sign it, why not you! Fuck you!

Award Winning movie
Al Gore just won an Academy Award for his film, An Inconvenient Truth. I strongly suggest everyone watch this movie, go and download it, or send me your address, I post the movie to you. The movie is so real, so close to us, so hurt.
(I am also anti privacy people, but for this I got exception)


So, before you spent another plastic bag, or thinking to left the light on for nothing, think again, the mother nature that you stepping now is crying, can you hear her?

I am trying all my best, DO NOT TAKE ANY plastic bag while buying small stuff(1.5 liter bottle and assorted biscuit tin are consider small) to turn off light when not use it, to explain to people around, which make them think I am so kiam siap to pay for 1 buck electricity... But I still doing it, one day, when people realize, I believe that.

It is difficult to get a man understand something, if his salary depends upon his NOT UNDERSTAND IT.--Upton Sinclair

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why do I need a garage?

In Malaysia, we seldom park our car in garage, in fact, we don't have a garage, but just instead park it at the road side, or in the garden area.

So, if I got a garage, what I will store inside? Maybe my old computers. Since I am a computer lover, I have a few old PC, ranging from Intel Celeron with 300Mhz to AMD K-6, with 16MB RAM too. That's is so antic until I don't want to throw it, but I got no place to keep it too!

With a storage solutions, I can dump all my antic PC in there, with a small amount of rental.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tonight, Malaysia will showing off to the world again.

Since Russia be the first country on Earth to send human to the space, the whole world is like addicted to this space-tech chasing game, one and one shot their machines, animals, humans, instruments up there.

(left one, Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar, right one, Dr. Faiz Bin Khaleed)

Tonight, it will be our Malaysian time to show off! Our first astronaut,  Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar, will fly on space. As Malaysian, I do feel some proud of it.(Although this is just rely on our money, not our technology)

Hope when he fly up there, he will complete his tasks, no to play teh tarik on space station, and, hope he can come back safely.

Maybe most people think, this is just another waste of money, but, if a small amount of Malaysian can use this incident as their inspiration to explore the universe and make benefit to our country, the 130 million may worth it.

Don't forget to watch TV tonight, RTM1, 9pm live broadcast.

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Free Hug, back to the real us.

Since the Information Technology advancing, people have their own cell phones, IM accounts, and these faceless communication is changing us, I can't tell is a good change or bad change, but the world seems like adopting it.

Just now read a magazine about a guy, Juan Mann, who started a Free Hug Campaign. The campaign is an example of random act of kindness, a selfless action just to make other feel better.

In the campaign initially, people was not thrust him as his motives was not clear. But sooner later, friends around start to promote the campaign, and people in the Pitt Street Mall, Sydney,  were hug in a piece.

Banned by local authority
Juan's action was banned by the police, due to him didn't obtain a public liability insurance worth $25 million for the action. To show that he don't need that, he collected signatures of 10,000 people, and he was allowed to do his campaign.

My opinion towards this campaign
Yes, I strongly support this guy. Although I am heavy Internet user and feel more confident in this communication, but a long time ago I hate this kind of interaction.

Everyone will feel sad, feel down, and what is the way to feel good again? I am not those materialism guy, give me money or any luxurious gift is useless to me. Maybe a simple sentence with full of encourage? Or a hand to hold? Or a hug? hug is the simplest, no word required, no additional meaning included.

For those who have their love one, call them out, show them this post, give them a hug; for those who remain single, don't be too depress, half of the world have the same feeling like you, include me.

Wonder if I start that campaign in Malaysia, will I get caught and remove my nationality? Who know, this government like to make irrelevant judgement...

A hug, make us back to the real us.

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Xiang Xiang!!

I like to attend people's birthday party, especially those with messy eggs, flour, paint, the dirtiest the better.

Yesterday is our grandpa-- Ah Kong a.k.a. Xiang Xiang's birthday! And we all kind enough to buy him a birthday cake from Secret Recipe. This is the conversation in there:

waitress: What you want to write on there?
me: Err... We write ourselves.
waitress: what color you want? Green, red, blue?
me: Err... Give me all 3 colors.
waitress: .............?(smiling)

What to write? Me, Te, Yeoh, and Su each wrote something on it. Since the cake is Cappuccino Cheese, and the top surface is blank white, so, it's time to unleash our creativity!

And this is the masterpiece:
DSC09355  Since he always Pek Chek(frustration), so we give him a word: Don't pek chek!!

The time we reach home, he is bathing, then watch C.S.I on his PC upstairs. We used a lot of technique to make him come down, call him to skate, but he just insist. (Of course la, suddenly so weird, and that day is his birthday some more...who dare to go down....)

And we have to use the final way: pull(carry) him down! You pull his leg, I pull his hand, and reach downstairs. He looks so innocent...!! (Don't la! My hand hurt la! Why lah~ Put me down!)

We want him to sing birthday song to himself, he just too shy to sing it, so I have to start the song, so he can continue: 生日快乐,我对自己说。。。(translate: Happy birthday, I wish to myself.....) Then, he cut the cake. Actually we want him to use his nose to eat cake, but since he already wash his face, so we just force him to finish 1 piece of cake in 1 shot...(which I tried later, really impossible!)


The "party" was very short and simple, and he has to bath again since his whole body was cake and cream by Chia Syan...

1 last time before I sleep, I think back: hey! We never sing birthday song to him! Paiseh la! Next year la!

And 1 funny thing: we can't find lighter, so the candle was not lighten up, just on there as decoration, hoho~

Happy Birthday, Ah Xiang!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Why I want to Eat at Fridays?

Haiz, since the last time I went T.G.I. Friday at The Curve, Damansara, was 2 or 3 months ago. Since the semester started, I was always busy , and now is exam week!

But, when think about what to do after exam,... hehe, should find something to pamper myself, after so long hard work.

Usually enter this kind of high class restaurant, I will order main course, like pasta, than other side course, like ice-cream, as it seems more worth(I am like kind of cheap bastard, do I?)

But this time, I want a better pasta! (Yes, pasta again, I love pasta)

I visited their website, and flip through the menu, yes! I found Pasta~ And, what the? The menu is so long!

Here is the list of pasta:
Bruschetta Chicken Pasta
Cedar - Seared Salmon Pasta
Jack Daniel's Chicken Alfredo
Cajun Shrimp & Chicken Pasta
Blackened Chicken Alfredo
Grilled Portobello Pasta(NEW)
Garlic Chicken Primavera

Ok, I give up, just look at the name, I can smell it, and I think the last time I been there, I ordered Garlic Chicken Primavera, and the next visit to Fridays(hope is Friday), I want to order Cedar - Seared Salmon Pasta. Why? Don't know, since all seem delicious, I just simply pick one.

And for drinks, I usually depend on mood. But mostly, I order juice, prefer lemon juice, which let me suddenly sour till my eyes can't open!

Hope exam end soon, and give me back my freedom~~

Thanks to Nuffnang to provide me to write this post.

Malaysian can now withdraw money from PayPal!

Wohoo!!~~ From Yung blog, he found out that there is a new function in PayPal--withdraw. And I checked it, really, there is a new tab name withdraw.


The new feature allow us to transfer PayPal value into our credit card, or debit card, with a few conditions. 2 days ago, I sent an e-mail to PayPal, and this is what she replied this morning:

We apologize for the delay in responding to your service request.
Totally understand that you want to know more information about the new feature to withdraw PayPal balance ,right ?

Now ,if you have a credit or debit card on your PayPal account which displays the Visa logo and you'd like to withdraw funds from your PayPal balance to your card, here's what you need to do:
Log in to your account at
Click the 'Withdraw' subtab.
Click 'Transfer funds to your card'.
Fill in the required boxes.
Click 'Continue'.

Due to local regulations and issuing bank guidelines, it's not possible to withdraw funds to all credit/debit cards. **(I need to reconfirm this line)

There is a minimum and maximum withdrawal limit to withdraw funds to your card. To view your maximum withdrawal limits, log in to your account and click 'View Limits' on the Account Overview page.

Click 'Fees' at the bottom of any PayPal webpage to view the fees for withdrawing funds to your card It usually takes 5-7 working days for your funds to post to your card balance. It may be longer depending on your card issuer. For additional
questions, contact your card issuer.

For non US account withdrawal, one need to pay USD 5 for 1 transaction service, and about 5~7 business days to process it. I really feel so excited, as I don't need to sell my value somewhere else with 3.3 or less rate, haha!

As it still charged a fee, so it is wiser to withdraw a huge amount than 10 USD in 1 time.

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