Monday, May 25, 2009

Never been this clumsy for years.

I studied Web Services for whole day, forcing myself to understand, and remember the steps in writing WSDL those shit, so on Monday, I can answer the paper correctly.

Now is 2:34am, I just finished study, and wanted to sleep, so, set alarm to 9am, so I can have final preparation for exam at 2:30pm.

Yen asked me: “tomorrow your paper is what time?”

me: “2:30pm, let me double check ya…”

(yes, correct, it’s 2:30pm, but…… it’s not Monday, it’s Tuesday.)



This let me feels like, Mario suddenly pick up a mushroom, and extend life.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Low update.

The final exam is going on now. It had been 1 week, and this was really busy.

During this time, my partners for whole day are computer and notes. This is really depressing, although there are housemates who always come to my back and smack my head, ask me c++, invite me to shoot some zombies, call me out for dinner, with them is about non-sense chatting, laughing, smacking, but it is still lack of something. Maybe I just need someone who can chat peacefully.

Yesterday was Friday, went out with the bunch of housemates for Sushi King and movies at night. Having our time in there for about 2 hours, eating, chatting, laughing, smacking.

The backdrop. This branch is at Alamanda.

Curry Rice. I love Japanese Curry, because I won’t sweat after eating it~

Wasabi challenge, take 1 big piece of wasabi and eat it, no swallow! We found out, to prevent the tearing and nose running effect of wasabi, when put into the mouth, breath. It works!


The first time I don’t see any MMU Students in GSC.

The movie we watched was Monsters VS Aliens, it’s a must watch movie, non-stop laughing since the first 10 second until the credit shown up.

HA! The big giant insect behind there is so cute!


Every morning when I open my eyes, I will see the sky. I wish I can see a sky full of clouds, means the day will be cool.

This morning was very cloudy, 9:30am, a good timing to walk around under the sky. Get on my headset, and walk to Convenient Mart for a High 5 bread and milk.

The environment is so quiet. After grab some breakfast, had it at playground there with a cat.

- “I want more bread.”

This is the familiar cat at B1 with a blue Blink Blink collar.


So, I still have 3 more papers to go, if free, please NUDGE ME to give me some support, thanks! (just 1 enough, too many is annoying!)


Today’s Quote:
Bejeweled on Facebook is like drug, better don’t start it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Secret Conversation Between Dean and Bill Gates

18/05/2009 18:20
log: Secret conversation between FIT Dean and Bill Gates

Bill Gates says:
yo comrade

Chin Kuan says:
let's talk about our project we abandoned few years ago.
you promised to build a bridge from FIT to mid valley.

Bill Gates says:
i couldn't recall that we had a project before

Chin Kuan says:
and sponsor FIT students new laptop every sem.

Bill Gates says:
anyway, how's the campus? i expected the aircond system to be completely spoiled in 2 years time after completion of FIT building, and that shud happened by now

oh really

Chin Kuan says:
i can see that you are quite busy, so maybe this minor project you will forget.

Bill Gates says:
not until u produce 100% of high quality students

Chin Kuan says:
the air cond, yup, as expected.
and the computers in microsoft lab all gone.

Bill Gates says:

Chin Kuan says:
because some leaking roof.

Bill Gates says:
i heard that they changed it into some lousy-acer widescreen lcds?

Chin Kuan says:
so, now we request you to fund on the Patch for the roof.

Bill Gates says:
well, i can't possibly do that, as everyone know, i'm no longer the richest man in the planet

Chin Kuan says:
yes sir, because low fund. The new president is transfering all the fund to build tunnel road.

Bill Gates says:

Chin Kuan says:
surface is too hot.

Bill Gates says:
i'm more interested in making the BSOD pink
unless u can produce some better proposals for that, i might take it into consideration

Chin Kuan says:
BSOD is BullShit Orang Department?

Bill Gates says:
anyway, your contribution to the campus has been a good one, i appreciate it very much
well... kinda, that's one of the variation... they can call it like Blue Shit Or Dung

Chin Kuan says:
sure, that department is quite doing their job, and i am considering giving them pink color wall.

Bill Gates says:
that sounds great
do u need any funding for that?

Chin Kuan says:

Bill Gates says:
hmm... then i shall contribute around 10 million for it. do change the furnitures to all pink in colour too..

Chin Kuan says:
as requested by the department head, they need exactly 4532 tin of paints.

Bill Gates says:
write my name on it
now that's a lot

Chin Kuan says:
i hope RM10 million is enough for it
but quality come first, I strongly suggest those paint import from UK.
as you know, higher price means higher quality, just like your windows.

Bill Gates says:
yea you're right
i should have employed you to join our programming team

Chin Kuan says:
sorry sir, i am just one of the member in BSOD, can't really contribute much.

Bill Gates says:
you are just being humble
anyway, i like humble people

Chin Kuan says:
yea, many people said that, i deny all.

Bill Gates says:
i might consider of increasing the funding by another 10 million

Chin Kuan says:
sure, with this 10 million, i believe we can improve our FIT elevator system.
I read a catalog about the world fastest elevator, 60km\h, i am considering to fix 20 units in FIT, straight into each room and lab.
this is a top secret project, hope you can secure these conversation.

Bill Gates says:
no problem comrade
we shall continue our discussion as i'm having another meeting in 4 minutes 14 seconds 44 milliseconds later

Chin Kuan says:
oh... really accurate.
so, i shall stop here, you continue for Windows business.

Bill Gates says:
by the way, i hope to implement the EASE - Fuzzy Elevator Controller system, which is from your current Technopreneur Venture business plan idea
i heard it can control the elevator using controller/via sms, that sounds so futuristic

Chin Kuan says:
sure, that will be useful, for those students who are too busy doing revision at home, until almost late for class.
i can see they are really trying their best
so, dont forget the 20 million funding, i will make MMU a new look for your next visit.

Bill Gates says:
not a problem, i shall inform my personal secretary about that, and they we shall further discuss it later
thank you comrade

Chin Kuan says:
thank you, have a nice day, hope your windows 7 wont show blue screen as frequent like vista.

Bill Gates says:
good luck and hope you're alive when i see u next year
that is already one of the vision of Microsoft Operating Systems standards, you will always be seeing that

Chin Kuan says:
oh... smart people always has smart vision.
i am just too dumb, that's why i remain FIT dean.
got to go, there will be football tonight.

Bill Gates says:
great, chat later



** It’s purely base on creativity, if there is any matching, will be considered coincidence.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday

Last year, on the same day, I wished for something. Maybe it’s too ambitious, and it never happens, but I had felt quite lucky. Never mind, so this year I will lower the target~

I wish…

Don’t tell you all.

Thanks for everyone who remember, 本当にありがとう。감사합니다. I am really touch, want cry liao.

Thanks to Yen for Ice Cream, leekian and engsoon for phone call, teressa for “international greeting”, ben1, ben2, Timi, Siou Kee, Nana, Chin Chieun, Su, for SMS, and others~

This is just too much I got on my birthday. It’s ok without birthday cake, birthday present. The only present I wish is hope someone I care will remember this day, a SMS, a call is enough to touch me cry.

Thanks again, everyone~

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A scary dream… I experience death.

I never feel this in my life before, the feeling of death, and I believe all living beings never feel it.

In last night’s dream, I experienced it. I don’t know is it the real feeling like real death, but it’s so real.

Here is the dream:

I am a security officer, on duty protecting something or someone. At my guarding position, is my partner. He is in quite high position. We ambushed in grass.

Suddenly, a group of people, wear like ancient china soldier, came from behind us, and shot us down. They left us there.

Minutes later, they came back. Trying to get some information from my partner, but he refused, and was pulled apart by those terrorists. I still can remember the bone breaking sound, it’s very horrible.

After killed him, they come to me. The only thing in my mind is: please don’t pull me apart, please.

And one of the terrorist pull out a gun, and shot straight into my head.

For the moment, I don’t feel anything. Environment is dark. I didn’t see any bright exit described by other people who claim themselves experience death.

I woke up from dream straight away.

It’s 6am, and still dark.

After a while, I wondering am I dead, I try to touch things around if I can touch them, and see if I have shadow, those stupid tests. The experience is so real.

Suddenly I missed someone, really missed.

Is this some kind of message? Meaning?

Hot!!! Tak Tahan lah!

Over the past month, this crazy weather had made me can’t concentrate in study. Everyday, I woke up with sweaty body, and bath for 10 times a day can’t cool me down.

Until 3am when I want to sleep, my bed is warm… Which is the kind of warm that can make people sweat. So, I decided, to sleep on floor. Not bad, I had been tried for 5 days.


I just place my pillow under the spinning fan, with a blanket as surface layer. Still hot, but better than sleep on bed.

Another reason I don’t use bed is because the sunlight at 9am in the morning will shine on my face!! It’s not like this when I moved in! This phenomenon expected will last for few more months…


The Star said, this sweltering heat due to “normal” dry spell. F*** you! Normal?! 35 degree Celsius is abnormal.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Gamma 的第三个学期,还有两个礼拜就结束了。




Saturday, May 9, 2009

Web Hosting Geeks

I had been recently upgraded to PR3 by Google, ha~ After few years of blogging finally.

However, when I search through PPP for suitable opportunity post, I hardly get a satisfy one, because most advertiser will target blogs or websites with a proper webhosting, not blogspot, wordpress those kind.

I recently came over this site, , which is a central service that write review about other webhosting, like their quality, price, features, all neatly arrange into tables.

Besides, all reviews are also categorize into multiple categories, like Best Blog Hosting, Best PHP Hosting etc. This make people who who has suitable hosting category to make up their mind easier and faster. On their blog, customers can get useful tips too.

Maybe I shall consider changing my blog into

Sunday, May 3, 2009






Final exam is coming, please give me motivation.


Kim is drinking Slurpee from 7 Eleven. He is a 不倒翁。aza aza hwaiting.

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