Monday, January 26, 2009

Pineapple Tarts for CNY

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone~ Moo~

Suddenly feel like want to bake something for CNY. Last year I tried plain cookies and butter cake, so this year, I tried pineapple tarts~

I followed this recipe, from Little Corner of Mine. Instead follow all his recipe, I lacked of certain ingredient, and substituted butter with margarine.

These are my ingredients:

260g margarine
150g fine sugar
2 egg yolks
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon salt

670g all purpose flour
60g of corn flour

1 pack of pineapple tarts fill, about 300g, can be bought from most super market.. (I wanted to make the filling from raw pineapple, but out of time... next time ba)

1. beat margarine and sugar until light. Add in yolks, vanilla extract, and salt, and beat until fluffy.

2. Add in all purpose flour and corn flour, mix well into dough.

3. Instead shape and put the completed dough into fridge, use a soup spoon or any suitable mold to shape the dough. Fill only half of the spoon, compress it, and add in some pineapple fill. Then, put in more dough to cover the pineapple fill, compress it again, so the pineapple fill will be surrounded inside.

4. Unleash your creativity, use sharp tool to carve it before bake.

5. To make the tarts look golden brown, use the white from eggs to spread on top before bake.

6. Bake the tarts in a preheated oven at 180 degree Celsius for 17 minutes.


好吃 (delicious~)

Pineapple pattern.

开心 (happy)

健康 (health, but the wording blurred after baked)


牛 (Cow)

My cousin who carving the tarts. This 'project' is completed by 3 persons: me, my cousin, and my sis.

如花 限量版 纪念系列 (2 only)

It's 6cm in length, so clumsy.

The world Exclusive V's Edition, HA.

And a lot other more.

This is my first time, moreover, the recipe from websites have not included photos for every steps, so I am quite 'try and error' while making this tart.

I do followed the recipe, by press it into 0.5cm thick on a pan, and put in fridge for 30 minutes, but it failed... So I use my way: using a spoon to shape it.

Lucky, the taste is nice~ (At least me and my grandma  said nice~ From 50 pieces, now left about 15 only~)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

The 20th Chinese New Year in my life is coming soon, and since grown up, I had to help out to prepare for the celebration, fix this fix that, buy this buy that.

But today not going to talk about the preparation. HA.

Zodiac sucks. Yesterday I flipped newspaper, and saw the zodiac pages. I finding for Taurus, and read about it's fortune in 2009. Sucks. I am on my own again.

Human is like this, when people talk about good things, happy; if bad things, "I don't believe!"

Anyway, I believe 2009 is a good year~ Welcome the year of cow, moo...


Thursday, January 22, 2009

I got new Spec~

HAHA, happy.

Blek. RM340, ouch.

Not good to tell how 'crazy' is the spec's power.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to you my baby, time pass fast.

Remember first time I meet you, you are so 'empty'.

I share with you my story, my life. Mostly, if not everything.

I told you my story, and you listen, quietly, and never say I am silly or stupid for the story that I told you.

You are so helpful. When I forgot something, you are always there to remind me.

Thank you,, today is your second birthday.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to my blog~
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

(copy from somewhere~)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

First time to Penang (3)

Second day click here.

Today is last day of their Penang trip, can see that everyone has a kind of tiredness, just like every last day of vacations. Cheer up~ Let's enjoy it~

Morning we went to Raja Uda, a good place for morning food and Chung Ling Butterworth graduates~

Chung Ling Butterworth
Where there is not enough time and out of typical tourism destination, Chung Ling Butterworth can become a good place to visit too.

Guard: "mau buat ape?" (What the purpose of visit?)

Me: "cari cikgu." (meet counselor)

Guard: "Tulis nama sana." (Write your name there.)

Me: "OK~"

Go through.

The time was 10 something, was the school recess time. All students were buying food. I missed the food! Laksa! Rice! Wantan mee!

3 of us started to chat about our school time, compare, critic, seeing those students with short pants, short hair, blue skirt, makes me feel so old... They looked at us like some kind of outlanders.

("Kor kor is your senior, ok?, Don't look at kor kor like that la...")


Took a photo in front of Chung Ling famous "tomb stone". Notice that students who cycle or motorcycle to school is getting lesser. Obvious is, the cars are getting many and many.

Chung Ling is one of rare school with their commandment, and require their students to memorize all of it. Glad I still remember.


Driving searched around Raja Uda and Apollo, I just can't get Jawa Mee for them, it's either finished, or closed. Besides laksa, Jawa Mee is another rare food that hard to get outside Penang.

Nevermind la, Old Town Cafe has Jawa mee too. (sucks one)

We ate prawn mee at one Raja Uda coffee shop, nice~

Queensbay Mall, Penang
It's about 1230pm, and shall go on island, in case they late for the flight at 4pm. A ferry ride during the day is another good experience.

We dropped by Queensbay Mall to have a light shopping. This place makes me so unforgettable... ask me personally if want to know.

Got this little custom made key chain from them.

Kamsahamnida. どうもありがとう。

Interview session
How is Penang?
lee said,
- Penangites drive very well, (and reckless). 
- Penang island more stuff to play and see,
- 2 very good tourism spots I like are Kek Lok Si and Bukit Bendera.
- .........

Reached airport at 1530pm, I am so nervous that they will almost late again, and I never drive to airport before, just assume airport is easily reach by road sign. Lucky there is a half hour delay from AirAsia.

Both girls safely reached Cyberia by 8pm after some waiting and transferring station. Thanks for giving me an unforgettable memories.

First time to Penang~(part 2)

First day click here.

Second day, we departed 9:20am, to Penang Island~ First destination is to fetch up Su. Sorry for not memorize the map carefully, I lost several times just to get to Su's house.

Kek Lok Si
First destination of the day. An old Buddhist temple located at Ayer Itam, the day is so cooperative in the morning too, cloudy.

Pond to "free" turtle. (Actually they still captivated in the pond, just free from some restaurant table)


Walked up the path to the temple, along the path are stalls selling souvenirs, and some beggars, Leekian and Joanne gave them some living. Girls are just kind.

Buddha standing along the wall.

These are the clay roof tiles used to build and expand temples. Our names are written on top the clay, to wish our family a better life.

大雄宝殿 (Da Xiong Bao Dian). Guarded by 5 Buddhas for each directions. The feeling of religion and respect is strong in the temple, makes us so discipline.

Wishing bell. I hit the bell, and wished for something.

万佛宝塔 (Wan Fo Bao Ta), the pagoda of thousands Buddha.

Made up of 9 levels, and can be able to walk up through circular stairs in the pagoda. We walked up the pagoda, and is able to look at half of the island, it's beautiful~


Suddenly, Hao Ming appeared from no where;

(he was holding steering) 

Under neatly arranged tanglung.

See a Koi jumped out from water surface before? I got it with my camera, actually just simply snap the swimming fish, but it jumped. Am I lucky? Yes I am.

Bukit Bendera aka Penang Hill
Just a 5 minutes driving distance away, the time is about 2:45pm and the weather is hot. Just the right time to go on there for a 3 degrees Celsius cooler than surface.

In cable train. 

View from Penang Hill, so high~ Komtar is so small.

Batu Ferringgi
Famous for their beach, and in fact, it's just beach and hotel. Su suggested to go Rasa Sayang Hotel for their beach, so we went there.

Beach under hotel management is always better, because someone do pay and maintain it (of course not us~)

Su and Hao Ming lied on the sunbath chair, while the rest of us playing sand and water, writing names, digging holes.

Digging holes is my favorite activity on beach, dig it near to the sea, and build up a wall, to prevent the waves fill up my holes~

(this is a failed one)

  My name~ wrote by leekian.

"Go into sea!" said Joanne. "No~~" said leekian.

Dinner is at Gurney Plaza. We wanted to have it at Gurney Drive hawker stall, but the weather suddenly not cooperated, rained...

Sakae Sushi we end up. After dinner was a short table pool session. We had fun.

Went back home by ferry. The sky was not clear, and barely seen any stars. However, the air was fresh, because after rain.

So this is roughly second day, everyone was tired, good night~

Thursday, January 15, 2009

First time to Penang~(part 1)

I am Penangite, but driving in Penang makes me feel like I am some kind of outlander... HA.

With Lee and her roommate Joanne took a morning flight from LCCT to Penang. We missed the first train, caused the following activities delayed, and we arrived late at LCCT at 1045,catching flight of 1110.

"Attention Mr. Oh CheePeng, Ms. Leekian Lim, and Ms, Joanne Puah, kindly proceed to the check-in counter immediately." (broadcast to the whole airport and even on plane for several times)


Immediately ran to check-in counter, passed through scanner, and to the boarding gate. Obviously we are the last 3.

p/s: this is Lee's first flight.

Arrived in Penang after 45 minutes, and waited for my dad to fetch us up, and dropped us at my place. YES! I got car now~

First day, I don't plan to show them around the island, so I Googled for all the destination in Seberang Perai.

St. Anne Church
A place where I passed by many times, but just never step in before. Since there are so limited tourism spot in Seberang Prai, I put this in my list, and it's really nice!

The main hall of the church. Still have other buildings, where a sucky camera like mine can't snap all at once.

St. Anne Water. We are so curious what is "St. Anne water". Is it a fountain? Or a well? When we saw it, "oh...". It's a wall with attached water tap. I am not sure the water is drinkable or what, we just used it to wash our hand. Hopefully after washed will let us pass all our exam~

Take note: We are not Christian. (See the blur spot at the right side? Ish, is the water from St Anne Water... It dried finally but caused a dirt spot over there. I only notice it in the second day)

Fly~ (Don't try this at home)

Mengkuang Dam
The largest Dam in Seberang Perai, that's why Penang's water bill is so cheap. My last time been here is 4 years ago, I think, can't remember at all. But it looks still the same~ So peace

So peace. Lucky the weather is so cooperative, no cloudy, and no hot sun light. I like to look into the water,so relaxing. And always can see orange color fish swim in couple.

Joanne busy taking photos. Non stop one...

Sunway Carnival Mall
Suddenly reminded me of this mall, when heard the radio commercial: "Let's go shopping for CNY at Sunway Carnival Mall!~"

The time is about 5pm, still early, so we went there and walk around. And have a movie, Outlander. Nice movie, we feel.
Our dinner at Is Bowl Rice. Joanne's rice already "messed up", so better don't show here.

The movie ended about 9 plus, last destination for the day is Auto City at Juru, a place for night life.

Then, go home, rest, continue tomorrow. Hoo... A happy day.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Songs that I repeated many times during this study week.


原来我只想要你 陪我去吃汉堡 说穿了其实我的愿望就怎么小



现实里有了我对你的眷恋 我愿意化作雕像等你出现


DBSK: You Only Love

最爱一句:You only love, my only love that can never give up.


Greeeen: キセキ(kiseki)

最爱一句:何十年、何百年、何千年 時を越えよう 君を愛してる
( even  if ten, hundred, thousand years passed, I love you.)





周杰伦:最后的战役 (很适合考试时的主题曲)

最爱一句:我留著陪你 強忍著淚滴 有些事真的 來不及 回不去



Yea~ Exam ended.

I don't know what I did for my Computer Security paper, I just... blank.

Don't worry about it now, at last, it's over!


Now I can do what I wanted to do, must be a great one.

Windows 7

I think this is just a codename for it, the real name... I doubt Microsoft will name it 7.

I am not very excited with this new OS, as I am just using my Vista for only 2 years. After the sales of Vista has not meet the required target, they blame the corporate who don't switch to it, and never think that how much cost required to do a overall system upgrade.

For home user, yea, I support Vista; if I got a company with year 2000 PCs, and want me switch to Vista, go to hell. And I still need to bother with all the compatibility problem some more..

Same case with Windows 7. If Microsoft can't solve the system resources problem, they will end up like Vista, thrust me.

The major improvement that can be "seen" is the support of Multi-touch monitor and voice recognition system upgrade. Can imagine the scene like one of the science fiction movie?


The Beta will be released soon.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday Breakfast


This is today's breakfast, muffin + Milo drink.

Consider a nice one~ 美味しい~

Still got 3 more muffins left. I want to learn to make it...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Centimeter's Affair.

I hate to be nerd, but somehow I did what they did.

These are the notes that I read these few days. Total of 21 chapters, averagely 40 slides per chapter, printed into a 6-in-1 handout A4 paper. Which employee need to memorize it...

Consist of 2 subjects: System Analysis and Design, and Software Requirements Engineering. I think is a useful subject in my future, but memorizing it seems... stupid, very.

If want to count the number of pages, I need 2 years. So I used ruler to measure the thickness, hem... about 2cm.

I damn hate this kind of exam. I can understood the facts, rules, I just suck in memorizing those 'properties' and 'factors' and 'bullshit'! (but in my mind, I know which chapter it is, and which section of the notes, which title, too! Just I can't refer... that's sad...)

Sorry if my boredom 'bored' you, I just finished 2 papers continuously.

1 last subject, Computer Security, will be on Friday.

Shit, another 1cm to go. Total 3cm in this semester.

ps: Penang~ I am going to meet you soon~

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Final exam is hectic.

I had squeezed out all my brain juice.

I need a break.

Lucky Bobby asked me to go 7 Eleven to get a Slurpee, so this is my second Slurpee in my life, since before age of 6. (Don't laugh, I know someone who never drink before~)


Slurpee is a frozen carbonate beverage from 7 Eleven, looks like ice blended, but is carbonated, something like what we did by adding Anything to ice and blend together.

OK, I got to continue study. Jia you everyone, jia you to you.

I like this symbol~


The symbol is call Tilde, or Swung Dash.

Don't know since when, I started to use this symbol in my daily IM chatting. "Hello~", "Bye~" etc.

Until yesterday when I replied "~~" to a friend, she asked me: "what is ~~ means actually?"

Em... then I realized, every time I use that symbol, I am smiling.

It means smile.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Moo... Cow is here.

So fast, a year had passed.

Recalling what I did the whole year, em... I am not going to list out them, but I know that I had learned a lot, bit by bit.

2008 is a satisfied year, all sort of emotions: sad, normal, happy, very HAPPY!, all in 2008.

2009? Not sure, I promise it won't feel sucker than 2008.


** Damn, start from today, I had to practice to write 2009!

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