Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My phone is a "she"!!!

Human nature.

Most cool machines, cool gadgets, people just like (love) to call them "she", example, "the ship is sinking! She is sinking!", or "this sport car is my wife".

I call my PC a "she", and her name is "Hungry PC", and my skate is my wife too, although don't have a name yet.

Actually do you know that even hand phone has gender? From TienSoon new techblog, I found that my phone, Sony Ericsson K600 has a codename, Mirai.

Cute name?
Her name is Mirai.

And for another popular SE phone W810 is Helen.

Fusion white W810 

For other Sony Ericsson phone's codename, please visit here.

TienSoon pointed out that all Sony Ericsson's phone has female codename, only FEMALE. haha!

So as a conclusion, phone do have gender, maybe not all, at least for Sony Ericsson.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Ended of Beta Chapter

Acknowledgement: this title is originally by K-5.

It's fast, the time is fast. Beta year of MMU study has ended.

Remember first time I am here, WE used to say "Melaka Sucks!", seniors in Melaka always describe here as Desert; in term of entertainment, Melaka really sucks, but that is not a big problem for me, as I don't require so much cinema and Starbucks; but in term of food, Cyberjaya is expensive and very little choice... And I love Melaka for food.

Summary of Beta
I have gain a lot, and of course lose some, but all these 'property' I do treasure well, to write down on blog so can remember forever; of course not all can be written here, but I try very hard not to forget any page of this story.

This is the most interesting part. From Melaka to Cyberjaya, Friends break apart by a 200km(??) highway. Here IT friends are Aaron the Black, Ramesh the Milo, Su the Milk, Kok Ming the Cocker etc, not much.

In first semester, all my classes has many 'people', but I don't know them~ Some I think are together from Melaka, some are so-called-seniors who fail the same subject N-times.

After joining CLS Orientation Camp, my friend's list fold to 5 times more, and because of the camp, YCS formed, soon 1 year anniversary.


Everything happen with a reason

A lot of my friends are made after an event: discussions, group works, club activity, etc. In class, although study for 3 semester, I still can't know all names, or at least some popular one.

Thanks to group work, I know Leekian, Teressa, hao ming etc.
Thanks to club activities, I know Xuan Hao, SiouKee, Bobby, Eddy, Lens, Johnny... Too many, don't blame me to left some of you out.

And because of these friends, we have a small inline skates community~

The hater part.

After entering beta year, I realize university is no more like secondary school. But in Alpha year I still feel same like secondary school, haha.

Screwing subjects is my current profession, especially the latest final exam. Although previous result still consider not bad, still maintain above CGPA 3, but it's dropping slowly, slowly.

Love the time rushing assignments, making my programs work, writing report. It makes my life feel less empty.

And now I know more about myself, my strong ability, my weak ability, my study style, timing, requirement, target.

So, I still have control of it.


My House
A lot people don't know where is Cyberia Cresent. I have to describe like: "in front MMU one ah, the colorful wall one ar~", then people will reply: "oh~~".

My house is beautiful, no wall facing direct sun shine, in front my balcony is a land of trees and forest, sometimes can see squirrel playing hide and seek in the bushes right in front my house.

My room is big, the biggest room in the house. I am smart, paying the same price, but getting my private washroom(but sometimes other may use it), big area, with balcony, 2 fans, 2 lights.


Aiya, forgot to mention, no borders, no walls, and the house door is my room door. Yes, I staying in living room~

My house has 6 persons: Su, Yeoh, Jia Syan, Jing Xiang aka Ah Kong, and OTG, one more? Me lo. All engineering students except me and Su.

My Love Story
Once upon a time, there is a little girl...... haven't start yet, no story, maybe next chapter?

So, this is summary of Beta, gain and loss, is the brick of building dream castle, every moment is so valuable; Like solving puzzle, every pieces are so important, cannot lost one.

I am still very glad I choose MMU, I am still very lucky to know you.

Friday, May 23, 2008

A sudden release.

At last, my exam that continued for 2 weeks, ended.

I being very stress out, although some people do thing I am 'god like', which is not.

Now declare the beginning of long 3 weeks holiday, and waiting for the result.

No matter how is the result, I am in my best, my BEST.

This is a photo I took, while talking to my friend on phone, Hao Ming tear his Machine Architecture paper into pieces, I just laughed out on the phone!


Thanks to friends who chatted with me and encouraged me when I felt so stress. Good luck and enjoy your holiday, you deserve it.

Although it ended, seems like what I want already achieved, but I feel it's a kind of empty, shouldn't feel in this way.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

VHanded is PR2 now!

Realize that I stop writing s-p-o-n-s-o-r-e-d  p-o-s-t?

Just because my blog was growing too slow to catch up with PPP popularity. While my blog still PR (N/A), they already targeting PR1 and above.

So, after I earn enough money to get my skates, I quit, temporary or permanently I not sure, so I just make this a pure blog, write what I like.

After I reformatted my PC, I didn't install Google Toolbar, and forgot about monitoring my PageRank. Until today, I install a plugin from Firefox extension website, then I found that my blog was PR2!!

From the history of monitoring it, it remains PR(N/A) for a year,  P/R 0 for a month, then continue PR(N/A). I sick of it, assume Google blacklisted me, which I also not sure what is the reason. For your information, my blog is 1 and half years old.

Triple Confirm
From,,, all return PR2. I know Google won't do that to me~

Page Rank 
Currently I won't write s-p-o-n-s-o-r-e-d  p-o-s-t.
Thanks to all visitors and bloggers and friends and anonymous that make this happen~! I know a lot of sites out there already ranked PR 3 or 4, sorry for my overreacting here, I am just over excited with this sudden score.
Sorry have to write so many "-" in between, heard that Google Spider is sensitive with those words.
What is PageRank (PR)?
In case you don't know, PR is a Google way of ranking to rank the websites in their indexes, with a scale of 0 to 10, by the number of links as votes to your site.
More about PageRank Algorithm, see here.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


凉凉的风 暖暖的光
白白的沙 清清的水

绿绿的树 灰灰的石
快快的我 乐乐的你







阳光下躺着 睡着

星光下走着 数着

海面下游着 找着

夕阳下坐着 看着



我想去热浪,就当这是我下学期的目标吧。 加油!

最近的考试好压力、好压力。回想起上一次我去旅行是什么时候?2005年吧。 想去吗?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Few minutes intimacy with a Jumping Spider

Caution! This post may not suitable for reader with Arachnophobia (fear of Spider)

Me: Hi, spider, what is your name?

Spider: ... (jump away)

Me: Don't run~ Let's be friend~ (surround my hand around it)

Spider: ... (jump up my hand)


Me: Can we take some photos?

Spider: ...(posing around my thumb)


Me: Why don't we change places?

Spider: ... (jump to my other fingers)


Me: Show me what you got...

Spider: ... (flying around, with it's web, like Spiderman)


Me: OK, impressive. Want to take some close pic?

Spider: ... (pose few sexy poses on the floor)





Ok, this sounds boring to talk to a spider. What I found out from the picture I took, they do actually have hairs on their body and legs!

I not sure whether I am Spider phobia, because I can play with spider of size less than a thumb's nail, not more than that.


  1. Only 9 species of spiders around the world are label with POTENTIALLY FATAL BITES.
  2. yearly death toll as low as one person per year, worldwide.
  3. The species of my "friend" up there is Plexippus setipes, a kind of jumping spider (I think)

More interesting fact can be referred on Wikipedia~

Today's Quote:
When people boring, they will try something strange.

SNS at Lake Garden

This is the largest SNS we ever been! With total of ... er, 15 persons shown up?

guys from MMU are Me, Su, Hao, Ben, Kok, and ... should we count Eddy in?

Kok that lucky fellow won the lucky draw t-shirt~

Random pose.

Pre skate pic, MMU rocks!

I realized I didn't took much picture during the skate, as the terrain is quite sloppy, UP and DOWN, UP and DOWN,.

And at the almost the last round, I don't know which part went wrong, and I felt.

Some minor scratch, no pain no gain, haha~

In such a high speed downhill skate, and I only have minor scratch on right hand and left palm, is very lucky indeed. People too wonder why so minor only? No injured on knees.

I am getting Pro in falling, hehe.

Looking forward for the next SNS in Putrajaya, we will skating with Singapore Skateline Members!

Today's Quote:
People said bleeding on birthday is not a good sign, but it's lucky if compare to serious injury.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The most satisfy birthday.

"Wish all your dreams come true."

This is the most satisfy birthday I feel since 2005.

Not because I get any super gadgets;
Not because anyone treat me to nice restaurant;
Not because I receive any presents;

just I got SMS by someone I care of.

Happy need only a simple reason. HA.

Happy Birthday.

(all my before-20th-to-do-list, mostly never success yet, include primary and secondary wishes, haiz. Never mind, not in hurry~ I will achieve it one day!)

Today's quote:
Happy need only a simple reason.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Can you believe this? In Area 51.

Area 51, I believe many people heard of the conspiracy theories of this facilities. Located at Neveda, US, this Area 51 always been related with alien technology reverse engineering facilities, ultimate weapons labs, UFO landing zone, life recreation technology, time travel technology etc.

Due to the top secret weapon invention and testing lab, so no people allow to enter, or fly over, so after decades, people created this kind of imagination.

Just North West of Area 51, there is a big weird thing: it's not alien's UFO, not latest jet fighter, not President Bush. See it:

Can you see it?


It seems clearer now, but...

What the fuck is Colonel Sanders doing in Area 51 ???!!!!  

The exact location is

Latitude: 37°38'46.00"N

Longitude: 115°45'4.71"W

To see it, use Google Earth or see it here using Google Map.

View Larger Map

I Google around for the truth of it, and seems like KFC really built the world biggest ads on Earth!

This is "The Making of The Colonel"

Size: 87500 Square Foot
Number of human resources: >50
Professions: designers, engineers, scientists (including astrophysicists), architects and other professionals
duration: 3 months from planning to creating it.


November 14, 2006



Only alien can see this from space...

Today's quote:
Human... think too much, haiz.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Caffeine is bad, thrust me.

A lot of people said they don't have effect on caffeine, I used to said that. But recently, I found that it strongly affected me.

First experience
When the time I bought this PC, I drank a cup of coffee at mamak stall at 12am, end up I woke up at 1am, and roll and roll and roll until 4am, can't sleep, so I decided to wake up and assembly my PC.
That time I thought the 'caffeine' is the PC, not from the coffee.

Yesterday Experience
Yesterday I had 2 exam papers to sit, so I make myself a homemade Nescafe. Later 5pm after exam, I went Old Town for my 'lunch', and ordered another cup of coffee. But, the new worker made mistake, and she gave me 2 cups of coffees! So, I just take both.


At night, my whole body numb and stress, from neck, shoulders, arms, and both legs. I can't concentrate on everything, so I went to sleep, but can't sleep. Even slept, easily woke up by any sound and mosquito, 10 minutes once!

Is that caffeine effect?!

Weird Dream! Shit!
The whole night having a god damn weird dream, something like I setting up server in my computers, downloading Apache, hosting games, etc. Damn stress dream! In real life I can't even do that!

Went for a Jog
At 6am in the morning, my limbs still feel numb. I believe the numbness is because of bad blood circulation. (But caffeine should increase blood circulation, isn't it?) I woke up and take a jog to Cyberpark (it's a park in Cyberjaya, but nothing looks cyber in the park, only a big clock).

This is the path I ran, from Cresent to Cyberpark, then walk surrounding MMU, and back to Cresent. (click to enlarge)
I need 15 minutes non stop jog to reach Cyberpark. The rest I just walk, used 55 minutes to make a round of MMU, about 4.87km.

After jog
Feel much better, numbness gone, everything back to normal. I think I can go back to my bed now, lucky no exam today.

Caffeine Fact:

  1. 4 cups of coffee per day is consider too much, depends on bodyweight and type of coffee.
  2. overuse of caffeine make the person nervous, anxiety, muscle twitching, etc.
  3. Caffeine increase stomach acid, high usage overtime can lead to peptic ulcer or gastric.
  4. 300mg caffeine is consider overdose, which 1 cup of brewed coffee(207ml) contain 80~135mg. Averagely 3 Cups = 322.5mg, I am seriously overdose.
  5. Caffeine too have benefits, read yourself from the link below.

** from wikipedia

Today's Quote:
Never never never drink too much coffee if you have a very important stuff to do tomorrow.

Friday, May 9, 2008

I try to help, although not much.

2 days ago, I read an articles in library, and the sentence struck me:

Current university students don't equip with these 3 qualities:

- care of this world;
- make own judgement;
- have moral courageous (or means take moral action)

What they know is to study hard, get a god damn good result. Even parents also encourage them in the wrong way.

You just need to study hard, the rest don't care.

Later at home, I knew that I didn't read news for a long time. And when enter, the headline make me want to cry!

On May 2nd, Myanmar was facing suck a big disaster, 22500 people dead, 40000 missing, and increasing, while I don't know anything until 7th May! And no one talk about it too!

When the exam approaching, no one ever give a damn to radio, news, media. I know this time I have to do something to help out.

Thanks for Eddy tips, I donated RM100 to the rescue fund for Myanmar Cyclone.

How can I help?
1. Pray for them;
2. Volunteer to help out, locally or remotely;
3. Donation.

How to make Donation?
I send my money to World Vision, using Postal Order (Wang pos).
1. Go any POS Office branch, ask for the amount you need.
2. At front, write down "World Vision Malaysia Bhd".
3. At back, write personnel information and "Myanmar Cyclone".
4. On envelop, send to

World Vision Malaysia
PO BOX 8171,
Kelana Jaya,
46783 Petaling Jaya,


Beside World Vision, The Star and Mercy Malaysia also collecting donation for Myanmar Cyclone Nargis.

This is an emergency, low on food, medicine, clean water, and love.

Featured Pic

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates speaks with The Associated Press Friday May 9, 2008, in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Gates Foundation has donated US$3 million for emergency relief efforts in Myanmar and will provide software to help reunite family members separated in the cyclone, Gates said Friday.

Today's Quote:
Although sometimes human will fight, but in critical time, human helps each other.

Thanks to my YCS! Appreciate a lot.

Just now at Sri Kembangan Mamak shop, we have our usual Yam Cha session, but the end some special occasion happen.

I became like this...

YCS celebrating me and Bobby's Birthday!!

Happy Birthday V(me) and Bobby.. hahaaaaa..

With my Dai Gah Zeh Karen. My eyes can't open, the cream get into my eyes with contact lens! Lucky I wearing hard lens, no big deal.

CK who try to pretend that's his cake.

Cake cutting session (pretend like couple)

Some new YCS member, 2 Karen(s) inside there.

Jameson and I.

Tabulated... Yeng?

Jameson the maid. Kakak, tolong potong kek ya~ pandai. Haha, kidding, thanks!

Sit down, Bobby, no bone for bad dog!

Eddy and Karen, nice couple huh?

Personal Thought:
Thanks Kok Min and all YCS members for this "surprise"~ Actually my birthday not yet come, it's 17th May, you all just make it earlier, as next week is exam week, need to study, gambate!

This is my 3rd birthday cake in my life, thanks you all for arrange this simple event, and my wish is YCS Happy always, another private wish, not telling you all~

Actually every year, the simple thing that can cheer my birthday up: a SMS greeting, a phone call, by someone I care and care for me, enough, as cheap as possible, cake can be secondary, not so important, as long I can feel my existence among you all can really cheer me up, really.

And Bobby, nice to work with you~

Again, Pi x 100x10^23 + 142.573 x 312^56 of thank you to YCS!

Friendship forever.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A severe car accident, with a god damn cause.

My brother sent me a few picture of his friend's car, at Penang. The car is totally damage, with the engine felt out, windscreen broken, wheels bended, and I can't recognize the model of car.

Can you guess what model is it?

Side damage.

Even the rear was damage.

Bricks tabulated around.

Can't guess? It's a Honda City, my favorite car. The driver is safe, maybe because of the air bag. From the damage of the car, I guess the car rolled on the road few times.


How can a car damaged like that?
I believe everyone is guessing: must be a drunk driver la! Or some illegal street race lo! No No, scroll down and see:














This is the cause, some ass hole stole away the metal sewage cover at the middle of road, and that poor Honda go through it... Must be in very high speed.


I not sure about other states, but in Penang, all metal drain covers or sewage covers were gone. Brainless people always steal and sell it away for income. Now, most covers were replace with cement, while other remain open air, waiting to grab a life one day.

Today's Quote:
I think standing in a supermarket and be a promoter, taking RM700 per month is better than stealing these metal! You cheap ass murderer!

Saturday, May 3, 2008







































Friday Night Skate in Putrajaya

I love Putrajaya Skate! And can't describe much about the feeling, see the pictures~

These are all the skates in the boot. When we went in campus to fetch Hao and came out, the security show shocked face when he checked out car boot.

Some new species. (I mean the 2 guys)

Portrait like a tree (damn Dan Bai)

Wheels mark in the sand, damn!


On the bridge in front PITC.

Change cameraman.

Kancil Gang, so? Still Kancil.

Current Record:
From PITC back to The Mosque, with distance around 3km, we did it in 18 minutes, about 3.5 times faster than walking speed. That is in low speed, and in max speed may reach in 12 minutes, we guess.

Today Quote:
Yo! I am addicted to speed!

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