Friday, March 30, 2007

Things to know before study in Multimedia University, MMU.

OK, I state myself as a first year(Alpha Year) student in MMU, and all the information that I given here is purely based on my personal experience and observation.

I love computers. And I want to study Software Engineer in my Degree study, and MMU is definitely the best private university I ever seen, I never regret to choose this university. Here I am not going to talk about how to apply or what courses do MMU offer(you can get all these on MMU website, ).

What differentiate local university with private university? Cost, and races ratio. I know this touched sensitive issues, but it's a very serious problem to know before study there for years.

In primary and secondary study, both my schools are mostly(more than 99.9%) Chinese dominated, and I seldom mix with other races. Moreover, news like race discrimination and fighting between races in university and secondary schools always appear in media, I still remember the UM cases....

However, in private university that allow whoever can pay for tuition fee(or study fee) with not really bad result to enter the university, therefore, the ratio in the university is quite equal between races. This make the discrimination difficult to happen. My observation told me that MMU students are friendly.

People always said MMU is Money Making University, and their tuition fees is the highest top 3 in Malaysia. Why don't you check on Inti website? It's roughly the same as MMU tuition fee, plus MMU has strong attachment with the giant company like Microsoft, Ericsson, Motorola, and more. So when you seek for job, this may be your advantage.

Accommodation in MMU is ... more than enough. You can choose to stay in on-campus hostel(I strongly not recommend!), or choose off-campus accommodation, like Ixora Apartment, Emerald Park(EP), Bukit Beruang University(BBU) and more.

MMU accomodation

Ixora Apartment
I choose to write about this first, as I had stay here for almost 1 study year.
Pros: This is a beautiful place with swimming pool, tallest building in Bukit Beruang, nearest to MMU, and with a shade from Ixora to MMU, so worry for raining.

Cons: Expensive, lousy management, noisy voice from Indonesian students, throwing rubbish, eggs, and water bag from higher floor, and fatal accident happen here last year. Management like to control us, no girls allowed in boys apartment.

Emerald Park
Near to campus, especially to faculties building. 4-storey only(won't cause fatal fall).

Cons: Expensive rental, expensive fixed utility fees, but if over used still need to pay more(is that called fixed?) Environment in the apartment is dark, smelly, no place to hang washed cloths, look exactly like underground tunnel.

University Green
Pros: No restriction from management unit, beautiful and cool design, with swimming pool.

Cons: Quite expensive and far from MMU(about 15~20 minutes walk), no shade.

Taman Dahlia House
: Cheap in rental, quiet. If lucky, can meet owners that provide electric appliance.

Cons: Quite far from faculties, no shade, a little bit deserted.

Bukit Beruang University
Pros: Quite cheap, no restriction(can bring girls to boys' house)

Cons: so far~~~

On-Campus Hostel
Pros: near, near, near.

Cons: 3 persons sharing room, very restricted, expensive, full of birds' shit, very smelly, noisy.

Transport and Entertainment
Hehe, I think I am writing the most interesting part... Ok, I admit that sometimes we need some entertainment. In Melaka campus, you can only find 1 movie theater in Mahkota Parade, and that place is obviously the most crowded mall in Melaka. Besides that, another higher class shopping mall, Dataran Pahlawan, was established last year, just right in front of Mahkota Parade. The nearest shopping center must be the Jusco and Tesco. These places provide daily utilities. For transport, there are plenty of buses passed by everyday. Just ask the bus driver about the location you want to go and they will guide you. Taxies are widely available in Melaka, but all are not in charge by meter, but purely on their mood. Sometimes I feel that travel in KL is cheaper than Melaka.

Hope these information can help those secondary school graduates to choose their campus rightly, especially those who want to enter by June Intake.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Make sure it's HDCP certified before you buy LCD Monitor

These months, I suffer a lot from my current PC: 4 minutes boot up, 5 minutes to start Photoshop CS2, 5 minutes for Macromedia Flash, and 2 minutes to shut down. This is the slowest PC in the world, and I am always planning for a new desktop PC for my degree study in MMU Cyberjaya next semester.

Samsung SyncMaster LCD 940BW
Without any consideration, I set my target with large display area and the most important is widescreen, as I can see wider, moreover, Windows Vista is recommended to view with a widescreen monitor.(Vista like influencing my decision...)

First, I target for BenQ monitor FP92W, it's a widescreen monitor, but since most people said that Samsung produces higher quality graphic, I changed my mind and target Samsung Widescreen monitor. From 22" 226BW, 20" 206BW, and now downgraded to 19" 940BW. 

Some because of budget, but the main reason is I don't need that high spec of it, as I am not a gamer(I sucks in games).

Click here to see the spec of Samsung SyncMaster 940BW.

HDCP? What is it?
One interesting feature of 940BW is it support HDCP. What is it? HDCP, stand for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection, is a technology developed by Intel to protect digital audio and video content when it travel across Digital Visual Interface (DVI) or High-Definition Multimedia Interface(HDMI).

I read the explanation from Wikipedia, and also from several sources, quite complicate, and here I am going to explain it in English.

We all know that High Definition (HD) video and audio will conquer most high quality media in the future, see Sony's Blu Ray and Toshiba HD-DVD HD Format War and you will know. However, not all monitors or audio devices can play HD contents. To do so, the devices must have the license to play it, while only HDCP certified devices can do so.

What's the purpose?
Good question. Intel develop this technology to restrict users from playing HD content on a non-HDCP complaint video output. When you play HD-DVD on a non-HDCP device, it may restrict your quality to DVD quality, or just show you a black screen.
Here are the purpose:

  1. Authentication process disallows non-licensed devices to receive or play HD content.
  2. Encryption of the actual data sent over DVI or HDMI interface prevent eavesdropping(steal data in the middle, or "men in the middle" attack) of information.
  3. Key revocation procedures can ensure that devices manufacturer who violate the license agreement could be easily blocked from receiving HD data.

How it works?
The procedures for your output devices to play HD content is like sending information through Internet.

A unique set of keys will be sent from graphic card to monitor for authentication, only if the device passed the authentication process, the data will be encrypted and send to the monitor to play. More technical detail explanation can be found on Wikipedia.

Samsung SyncMaster 940BW

Windows Vista came out for almost 2 months, and I believe it will change the most display devices in 2~3 years. So, if you love movie, please make a better future investment, and this LCD display is not expensive, I can found RM745 at Low Yat Plaza. I will write a review of this monitor and my whole set of PC when I buy it, but maybe 3 months later....

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yahoo! to offer unlimited storage

Today I visited LowYat.Net to search for some new threads, as usual, I will browse the latest news at the main page first. Wow! Yahoo! will provide UNLIMITED storage to it's e-mail service, Yahoo! Mail!

This surprisingly offer will start on May 2007, in conjunction with Yahoo! Mail 10 years anniversary. Back to 1997, when Yahoo! just came out with the e-mail service, I played it once, but during that time, e-mail functions still not complex as today, very limited usage, and, not to mention, a freaking small 2MB storage, can't even send a mp3 or photo.

Now, I am using Gmail from Google, just because of the 1GB storage space in year 2004 gave me a good impression about it, and until now, I still love Gmail.

Do we really need unlimited storage?
Since I started to use Gmail in 2004, I seldom delete my mail, unless the mail is junk or duplicated forwarded mails from friends. Gmail upgraded their storage in year 2005, and increasing. 3 years later in the future, or now, I just used up 24%(706MB) of my 2833MB storage.

With unlimited storage, people tend to store everything in their accounts. This is a new kind of pollution--digital pollution. More and more data stored in the online account, all sorts of information, useful or junk, all together, while in the other hand, the e-mail service providers keep adding storage to their servers...

Now Yahoo! successfully show something to Google, and sure Google will show something to it. (hope is the final release of Gmail, yea!)

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

First in my life, I was tagged...

This is the first time I being tagged, "thanks" to Wei Yin...

Here it is:
Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names.

Ok, start it now:

  1. I am 19 years old. ( because people will think that I am 14. years old)
  2. I don't like to clean my room, because messy give me a sense of busy and inspiration.

                 you know what is this? My table.

  1. I always wake up around 8am in the morning, even without alarm clock. (biology students may explain this)
  2. My past time is to blog. (Some said blogging is a waste of time, but if it can let you get some income?.....)
  3. I seldom eat junk food, no Coke, no Pepsi, no Twisties.
  4. I am a black belt Karate trainee, don't play play... but since I can't compete in this sport, I decided to switch to other sport.
  5. I love photo editing, like snapping photo together with Lee Hom, get on TIME Magazine. Next time may try to get on Fortune or National Geographic.
  6. I will study Software Engineering for my degree, and will try my best to work in international software company like Google or Microsoft (I know many people hate Microsoft)
  7. I prefer original software. My future PC will be running with genuine Windows Vista Home Premium. Using original not mean that I am rich, just as a responsible to the company. If you want to use it, paid for it, don't dig a hole on it. I don't want to see other people using pirated version of my software in the future. Fight for original! (although currently I still can't afford to buy original Photoshop which cost RM2300++)
  8. I love outdoor activities, like jungle, or just a field. I don't like shopping mall, bored of Kuala Lumpur.


OK, now I finished my 10 weird things and fact of mine. Now I hereby pass this game to:



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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Intel processors' prices will drop by April?

My friend saw an article at LowYat.Net, and he told me that Intel will coming out with their new price list for their high end processors--Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel Core 2 Quad, by April 22, 2007.

To prove it.
That's my attitude. I don't like rumor. I want an exact answer. So I quickly Google for "April 22 Intel new price", and the first result is from RegHardware, a popular site about latest IT news.

Here is the current price list and future price list:

Models Current Price After 22 April
Q6600 RM2978.00 RM1855.00
E6300 RM640.50 RM570.50
E6400 RM851.20 RM640.50
E6600 RM1106.00 RM784.00
E6700 RM1855.00 RM1106.00
E4300 RM570.50 RM395.50
E4400 - RM465.50
E6320 - RM570.50
E6420 - RM640.50

* all prices are converted from USD to MYR with 3.5 rate.

Wow! Now I can target a higher performance processor!
Last time, I customize my PC(just customize on paper), and it cost me RM5000++ for that desktop. That time, because of limited budget (RM5k?, yes indeed.), I just target for E6400, and it cost RM815... Now with the new price list, I can use a lower price and get E6600! Yeah!

Instead of getting a cheaper price processor to cut down budget, I prefer to use my budget to buy better processor, for better investment, right? hehe.

I do some research on the Quad Core processor, and found that the price in Malaysia is much higher than the US price. At LowYat PC Zone, the Q6600 cost RM3360, RM400 more expensive than convert from USD.

Some upcoming processor like E4400, is a 2GHz, 2MB L2 cache, and support 800MHz FSB, while E6320 and E6420 will come with 4MB L2 cache.

Looks like Windows Vista bring a new revolution to the IT industry. The upcoming Pikom PC Fair at 14 April may have the least processor sell in the history, maybe.

Here is the site I found the news.


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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yes! Now I am USD10 richer!

Yesterday night, I sign in to my Gmail, and I saw 2 mails from PayPerPost. I feel so excited when I saw the title of the mail: "PayPerPost pay out opportunity_post 69284".

Yes! I have received my first payment from PayPerPost! 30 days ago, I wrote a post about "Get Paid to Review Me", and after published for 30 days, I got my first USD10 from blogging! The post is at my first blog, The Fifth Dimension.

Now another problem...
I quickly log in into my PayPal account, and saw the unclaimed amount. Without hesitate, I just click on the "Accept" button. But, that's not that easy... I need to have a Credit Card account so I can accept money... Before PayPerPost pull back the offer in 30 days, I had to figure out how to get that money...


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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Graduates! What is your profession?!

Yesterday, I watched the movie, 300. It's about the Battle of Thermopylae of 480 BC, an alliance of Greek city-states fought the invading Persian Empire army at the pass of Thermopylae in central Greece. Vastly outnumbered, the Greeks held back the Persians for three days in one of history's most famous last stands.

In this movie, the Spartan King, Leonidas, lead his 300 soldiers to the field, with 700 Arcadian soldiers. The leader of the 700 soldiers saw the very few amount of soldiers leaded by Leonidas, he was so angry, so Leonidas asked some questions to Arcadian :

Leonidas: You, what is your profession?
Arcadian Soldier: I'm a potter, sir.
Leonidas: And you, Arcadian, what is your profession?
Arcadian Soldier: I'm a sculptor.
Leonidas: And you?
Arcadian Soldier:I'm a blacksmith.
Leonidas: [Turning towards the Spartans] Spartans! What is your profession?
Spartans: Harooh! Harooh! Harooh!
Leonidas: See old friend, I brought more soldiers than you did.

Even though this is a last stand match, but at least Spartan can survive longer than other, as Spartans' profession is to war. They have their profession.

The World is Flat
These day, MMU Foundation students are digging their skull to choose their major in the upcoming degree studies. I personally choose Software Engineering, Data Communication, and Security Technology as my first choice, second choice and so on. Each major is to train you into a professional, majoring in the courses that you choose.

A popular book, The World is Flat, by Thomas L.Friedman, discuss about what technology can contribute to globalization. Since Columbia found newland, the globalization started, and now entered globalization 3.0(sounds like software version). In the book, the author list out the changes of economy, country, and employment, and the factors that contributed it.

In this flat world, jobs are not limited in your own country, with Internet, people from oversea can get your job, and your business. So what you should equip yourself, before you boss found another cheaper and more hardworking IT professional from India?

"In current time, to be a fruit knife is no more enough. We want our tools to have multiple function, like Swiss Knife."

The tool that I mean is you. Facing the pressure from all around the world, employers(not mention Intel and Microsoft that kind of giant) is trying to find the cheapest workers to produce the most output. They hope their programmers do more than 1 task, instead sitting in front the monitor for 10 hours a day, employers do prefer if you can communicate with clients; for a truck driver, instead of delivering stuff, your boss too hope that you can manage the store room, or even buying food for the workers.

Equip yourself with several skills may seem difficult and useless now. Example for me: instead sitting in front PC with NFS Carbon or DotA, I involve actively in Engineering Society(I am IT student), Trinite(a high budget prom night), MMU Vista Launch, but I never let my academic down. This more or less will train my management skill, let my change into a small Swiss Knife.

I admit that I am greedy, I hope there is an ALL-IN-ONE course, that include the 3 courses that I like, but it's impossible, unless I take all 3 degrees. But, by just choosing 1 major not mean that you cannot be pro in other majors, you still can learn the skills by your own. One of my friend's brother study Data Communication, but he is pro in hacking and Linux. In his industry training, he still need to fill patch for his hosting company's security hole, while other employees don't know how to do it, he is cool.

The skill I mean is not just refer to IT knowledge, for engineering  and other field, it still works. Try to equip yourself with multiple profession before you graduate, you won't regret. In interview, don't tell your boss that you just know only how to program. Every IT employees know that, not special at all.

So now, graduates, what is your profession?


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Friday, March 16, 2007

Do you all know about

Everyday when I check my traffic sources, most of it will redirect from, and some from other sites. However, links from search is the less, I remember someone said: "As we all know, most of our traffic came from search engine." ,But I say, that's true only if your blog can stand at the top 10 result of the search, but how many can do it?

Last month, I found another ping blog service, call, and since that day, I ping on both PetalingStreet and BlogsMalaysia. But until 1 month later, or today, the traffic from BlogsMalaysia is still so less! 1 site can direct 60 visitors, another just 1 visitor, or 0.

Quite sad to see the result. Both are providing the same services, but BlogsMalaysia was too young to compete with PetalingStreet, as it just in testing stage. How good if all bloggers ping on both services, and make the traffic of their sites increase dramatically?

Please help that pinging service survive.

Notice: I am not writing sponsored link for

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

To turn off PC every night or leave it on?

I think most people are having the same problem every night before they leave their PC-- Shut down or let it on? The only reason for them to wonder so long time is because they don't like the 3~4 minutes startup time(like me). But if you let it on, it is really a waste of energy, according to survey from, user may save up to USD90 (RM324) per year for a PC that shut down at night. However, most users may consider the startup time first before electric bill.

Since Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, and of course, Windows Vista, are included with power management system, and these system is becoming more efficient. Some user, especially laptop users, will more consider the power management problems.

What Power Management Systems do Windows using?
Yes, now I just entering the title. Since Windows 2000, Windows already included Hibernate function in your Shut Down functions. Hibernate is like a miracle for a slow machine. It allow a PC to enter a stage that use only 2.3watts, turn off monitor, and even protect data from lost. The best part is, it only take 30 seconds more or less to startup. However, include me, at first also feel that the Hibernate function may have any downside or negative effect, but all these are just myths. Here are some myths of Hibernating a PC:

Myth 1: Turning off your PC use more energy that leave it on.
Bullshit. They said that the power that you use to turn on your PC is greater than leaving it on, but the fact is, the power use to start up is really really less if compare to let it on for the whole night.

Myth 2: Turning on and off your PC will kill it.
This only happen 10 years ago, nowadays, no more. Last time, hard disks won't automatically park their read/write head when the PC off, and thus, when you on and off the PC will kill the hard disks. Current technology already test the of and off reliability of the hard disk, and the frequency is 40,000 times! You will need 54 years if you off your PC once everyday, that time, people already using Terabyte hard disks.

Myth 3: Let the PC running on screen saver will save power.
Another bullshit. Screen saver is design to prevent the old monitor from screen burn, not for save power. While screen saver running, the background activities still running, and if the screen saver is 3D, it use more resources from your graphic card, thus, use more power. A resting PC with 3D screen saver may consume 114.5 watts, while normal screen saver will consume a minimum of 42 watts.

Myth 4: Your PC "don't use" energy when off.
This is only true when you pull your plug off. A shut down but still connected to power supply PC still consume power of 2.3 watts, to power the LAN connectivity. Hibernated PC consume the same amount of power with shut down, or 2.3watts, while Sleep consume 3.1 watts.

Myth 5: Data in hibernated PC will lost if the power cut off.
I try it on my laptop, with Photoshop, Mozilla Firefox, Live Messenger. I turn it off, took out the battery, and let it discharge for 2 hours, but the data and programs still inside after 2 hours.


The power that you consume also closely related with what monitor that you using. CRT will consume relatively more power than LCD, that's why I always turn off my monitor while I am away, even my CPU still running. I think this already answer most users problem, and according to Energy Star, 50% of US computer users already started to use Hibernate instead of let the PC run through the night, this obviously will save our environment.

With collaboration with Energy Star, Dell and most PC manufacturers already included a 'Sleep' button on the keyboard, to provide faster sleep mode.

How to enable Hibernate?
To enable Hibernate, go to Control Panel, click on the "Power Option", and set a specific time before Hibernate. Standby is another good way to save energy, but the technology used by Standby is store the data in your RAM, so it needs more power than Hibernate, which temporary store the data in your hard disk.

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Titanic 2 will on screen this summer?

1997, a story that happen on Titanic was moved on screen, until now, it still holding the top selling movie's throne, with  US$1,845,034,188. That's a very huge amount, and people hope can earn money with it's name.

Recently, I saw a trailer from YouTube, it's about Titanic 2: The Surface. I felt curious, and watch it. Actually, not a real Titanic 2, the clip is just done by someone who with high creativity, although it's not real, but it's interesting.

The story in the fake trailer is about rediscover of Titanic, and the exploration team found Jack Dawson's freeze body, and they took him to the surface, defrost him. But after revived Jack, scientist and government treated it like experiment tools. He escape from the "jail" and realized that everything had changed, he was in the future, and Rose was dead. It's another sad episode.... 

CREATED BY: Robert Blankenheim
MOVIES USED: Titanic, The Abyss, Demolition Man, Austin Powers, The Basketball Diaries, Hulk, In the Mouth of Madness, Romeo + Juliet, Escape from Alcatraz, The Shawshank Redemption, Con Air, Se7en, The Interpreter, Catch Me If You Can, Primal Fear, The Fugitive, Forever Young, The Beach, Spider-Man 2, The Aviator, UHF, Contact (audio), The Bourne Supremacy (audio)

The trailer was perfectly cut and paste, running smooth, roll from scene to scene, really good if this trailer can become a real movie.


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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

How to download video from YouTube?

Since February 2005, YouTube was founded by 3 PayPal employees, by using Adobe Flash technology. The first purpose to design that website is to publish friends' birthday video, who even know that after 2 years later, it's value can achieve USD1.65billion? Now it already belongs to Google.

To protect the licence of a video, YouTube only allow viewers to view the video live, and not allow the viewers to download it. This is for good sake, but some users don't like to view the video just in the Internet browser, they want to download it and view it with other players and show off in handphone, then, what should they do?

Method 1: Firefox
Firefox got a lot of extensions, one of it is Media Pirates: The Video Downloader. But first, you had to install Firefox, you can get it from the right side of my sidebar. For the extension, you can download it from here

media pirates

media pirates icon

After installed the extension(or plugin), go to, and search for the video that you want to download. Notice the Media Pirates will become clickable. Click it and it will link you to page, click download it now, and save the file type as ".SLV", that's all. After download it, play it with FLV player. You can get the player at here.

Method 2:
Download it directly from web. Notice the URL box below?
Copy the URL, enter, and paste the URL in the box, then click the download button on the right side of it, done. The FLV Player can be download here.


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Naruto VS Windows Shortcut key

Since the retarded Naruto animation started 2005, people around the world are getting retarded mad with it. I don' know what reason, they catch every episodes, discuss about the characters and storyline, wear their stupid costumes, and even learn their transformation techniques and hand gestures.

retarded naruto

Transformation technique?! You gonna be kidding!
Yes, some mad fans(they really mad) really went to buy the Naruto guide book and learn every spells and hand gestures. They think they can become panda by saying certain spells and hand gestures? Wake up la!

Instead learn those stupid and retarded knowledge and techniques to train yourself become a retarded ninja, why don't you train yourself become a more efficient PC user?

Windows Shortcut key
Do you all know by using mouse, you will waste a lot of time. I know, maybe 3 seconds to hold your mouse and click on your target is not much, but if you do lots of editing and browsing work, you will waste a lot of time, that's why not only Windows, mostly all applications support shortcut key.

Universal Shortcut key
These are the shortcut key that use by all applications(should be all, I think).

CTRL-A     =     Select all
CTRL-C     =     Copy
CTRL-B     =     Bold
CTRL-I     =      Italic
CTRL-Z    =      Undo
CTRL-R    =      Redo
CTRL-O    =      Open
CTRL-N    =      New documents
CTRL-F    =      Find
CTRL-S    =      Save

CTRL-......almost every keys have function

Besides some little(yes, little) shortcut keys that I listed and use everyday, you can also learn it from applications.

Below I will use Windows Live Writer as example:

shortcut key

by pressing Alt on your keyboard, you will note that the "File" and other members of menu bar will have a short line underlined there. Now press any of the underlined characters you see, for example, press F for File, and the File menu will drop down. This is the method I use to learn shortcut key.

Instead press CTRL-S on my keyboard, I prefer to press Alt+F+S, step by step approaching, which carry the same function--Save.

Maybe most people know about it, but do you all use shortcut key? Or use your mouse to click "Back" every times you visited a wrong pages?

Monday, March 12, 2007

Spamming with Mobik

Recently, I always received sms from friends who started to use a free SMS service from the web. This service is free, cool, and easy to use. It's called Mobik.


My event director start to use it to send SMS to us, my friends use it to chat with me(I know it's ridiculous), and advertisers use it to spread their products, an even "Ah Long" (High interest illegal loaner) use it to spread about their packages.

When you receive a sms, with the sender name "Mobik", and at the end of the message, will attach together with some products like Cola-Coca's slogan. This is why you can use the service for free. Advertisers start to invest in new type of advertisement, instead of traditional TV commercial and newspaper, since nowadays younger don't like to read newspaper.

Is free good really good?
For this question, I think for it for a long time. We all want free things, from operating system to software, we want free. But, some use this service commercially illegally, I think this is not fair to advertisers, as this will dry out their budget faster, but who care? People just want free.

Maybe in the future, every handphones will have preinstalled spam sms blocker, maybe.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Multimedia University feel earthquake from Indonesia

This morning, 2 powerful earthquakes has struck the Indonesian island of Sumatra, and can be felt in Malaysia and Singapore. The first earthquake struck at 6 March 2007, 10.49am in the morning, and the second strike 6 March 2007, at 1:49pm(both in local Malaysian time).

MMU Melaka was closed down because of the earthquake.
Due to some safety reasons, MMU security evacuated all the students from all buildings, and cancel all the lecture and tutorial classes. During the earthquake, I am still doing experiment about gravity  by using pendulum, at 5th floor of FBL building, and luckily I got 9.9m/s^2 for my gravity acceleration, still accurate.

I didn't feel the earthquake, maybe I leave the lab earlier, because I am in charging the security of open ceremony during Career Fair at 1:30pm.

At first, people spreading rumors that all students in FBL building were evacuated. I not really believe it, as I am more believe my own eyes and own ears. But more and more peoples talk about that, and I start to curious about it, until I saw this warning on the whiteboard behind Law School.

Earth Quake

At first I think that that is some naughty student's masterpiece, but with a security guard beside it, and the whiteboard was blocking the road, like grabbing people's attention. Luckily our Career Fair still going on, and the visitors were so crowded, maybe people use the canceled class period to visit our event.

Hope this time don't have too many people sacrifice in the disaster. For more information about the earthquake, please visit And, please, don't destroy our sub marine data cable again.

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Kuala Lumpur and Penang are 5 degree Celsius hotter than other cities.

A report from The Star said that Malaysian cities, like Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Johore Bahru, and Putrajaya, are 5 °C hotter than other cities in the country.

This phenomenon is called urban heat island(UHI), and this happen because of heat trapped in concrete buildings during the day and release at night. During the day, the temperature can achieve  40°C.  Even at night, Kuala Lumpur also can achieve 30°C of temperature, that's really hot! Currently I am at Melaka, and the temperature was very high during the day and night, even just after raining.

The common characteristic of these 4 cities are highly developed with concrete building and tar-covered road. This will absorb a lot of heat. Dark and non-reflective roof is also one of the contributor to cause UHI, and the lack of big shady trees also cause the temperature to increase.

City like Ipoh is less hot, as they have Flame of the Forest planted during the colonial days which help to cool down temperature.

I saw a sentence that I don't like to see: "Malaysia should follow suit and use the same guidelines quickly to repair the damage done", said Ahmad Fuad. Not "should", is MUST! All politicians just pro in cock around, but doing nothing, Malaysia apa apa pun boleh, tak buat apa-apa pun boleh! (Malaysia can do anything, include doing nothing!)

If you're part of this world, so be it. Don't destroy our world.


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Monday, March 5, 2007

The Star gadgets

So long time I didn't update my blog(actually is just 6 days), and I notice a drop of my visitors. These days really busy, I hold 3 positions in my campus activities, and I meeting EVERY night since I came back to Melaka on 25th of February.

OK, cut the crap and back to the title. Windows Vista had been release last month, and the users are increasing. The Star saw that future, and they came out with their own Gadgets: one of the most significant feature in Windows Vista.

There are 4 gadgets: Most Viewed Stories, Market Watch, Star Jobs and Classifieds. The gadgets will show the categorized information, like latest jobs, most viewed important news, share market information, and classified.

Most Viewed Market Watch

Star Jobs Classifieds

For those users who already start using Windows Vista, you can give a try to these Gadgets. My housemates just bought a new Vista PC, and I am really addicted to the Aero Interface of it! Look like I had to get one from the up coming PC Fair.

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