Friday, June 29, 2007

Me with Digi Yellow Man.

Digi Yellow Man always been the best mascot out of the 3 mobile phone service provider, with the simple and soft song: I will follow you..., already won a lot of fans, but not me, I am neutral, in fact, I am Maxis Postpaid user.

Yesterday when I went to The Curve, I saw 2 Yellow Man in action, and I quickly take the chance to snap some photo with them.



Digi is the sponsor of the blockbuster movie, Transformer. I just watched it yesterday night in 1 Utama(not The Curve!). The photo I took with Digi is at Cineleisure, but after that I walked back to 1 Utama for Optimus Prime. Crazy?

Here are some video clips about Digi VS Celcom(but Digi always lose), I don't know who is the designer, but please just take it as entertainment.

My first spaghetti.

2 days ago, I try my very virgin spaghetti cooking skill, hehe. With a very limited tools, I try it, with Eric.

OK, first get a pack of spaghetti, cheese, meat balls, hot dog, and the main taste source: garlic and tomato sauce.

Then,..... shit, where is the can opener?! So I walked to the opposite road to get a lousy can opener, very manual, not the mechanical type, and cost me RM3.80, damn. Pour the sauce into a bowl and put it into electric oven(I don't have microwave oven).DSC08313

Fill the steamboat boiler with water, and put all the spaghetti into it. According to the package notice, it just need to boil for 9 minutes, but after 15 minutes, it still not soft enough, maybe the boiler is not set to enough power.

After 20 minutes, the sauce and cheese in the electric oven still not hot enough. Electric oven sucks! In the hungry condition, I took the sauce and pour into metal cup, and put on the steamboat boiler to heat it up, hehe. I tasted the spaghetti, and realized I didn't add salt...

giant serve.


Then, I think everything is fine, and started to divide the spaghetti into 3, but, that 1 packet amount is enough to divide into 5 persons! Luckily there are 6 persons in my house, can finish it. But the problem is, we just cooked 1 can of tomato sauce, so have to divide into 5, and the taste is not enough.


look nice right?

Here is the outcome! Chef vhanded first spaghetti!

Friday, June 22, 2007

The guy behind this blog.

Wow, saw this meme from Hcfoo site, looks so nice to

Hello, I am VHanded aka Chee Peng, I am 14 years old.

That's a joke.

Actually, I am 19 years old, but still wearing a 14 years old look mask, and when I tell other people I am 14, they believed; when I told them I am 19, they ask: "real ar"?

Born in Penang, 17 May 1988, a Dragon Year in Chinese Calendar, but I am not as fierce as a dragon, but quite quiet. I born in a big family, with both grand parents, parents, and 4 sisters and brothers. Not talkative, unless it means to something, and sometimes I tried to be talkative, but feel like everything I said are bullshit.


I studied in Kwang Hwa Primary School at Butterworth, Penang, and with over average result, I score well in UPSR, and being offered a chance to study in Chung Ling High School Butterworth brunch(familiar? the school that always appear on newspaper after government exam,hehe.)

Secondary study was the best period of my life. The first time in my life, I feel proud, success, failure, and love. I have being a Karate-Do "player" in my school co-curriculum since form 1. In form 3, I was awarded MVP by my master, and in form 4, Penang state level, and form 5, national level.

playing in school gym.

Later, I was chosen to undergo National Service in Padang Besar, Perlis, the northeast place I ever been before. The training there is not that stress to me, as 5 years of Karate training already trained me well. In the camp, accidentally, I felt in a cunning feeling, which I think this is immature, but thanks to her who changed my life, hope you find your happiness.

Can you find me? Click to enlarge.

Now, in Multimedia University aka MMU. Here, I have my many first time: first flight, first dinner that exceed RM25 per meal, first high class coffee, first meal in Secret Recipe, and first time having someone celebrated birthday with me. And I learn something: to experience, need to pay....

My first flight.

However, I still prefer my life in secondary school, everything was so peace, friends are so near. Now although I have flexible life, but I am not happy, I feel like lack of something, I don't know. Is this a common period that faced by everyone?

Recent photo of me.

OK, I think this is the brief history of mine, and this guy of history will keep writing the steps into the future.



One more, I am single, for those who like baby face boyfriend, can send e-mail to me, hihi. Feel free to add me to your Friendster at v.handed[a]gmail[dot]com, there have more pictures.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Days Without Internet Connection.

A computer that without an Internet connection, is almost equivalent to junk. - Internet addicts

Since last Monday when I came to KL with my father, I am almost outdated. I live without Internet connection, no blogging, no surfing, no online banking, no communicating, almost no everything, and even no chance to read blogs of you all. 

Some important procedures for PTPTN loans and credit transfer faced problem; my new PC order process also got stucked; course registration almost get screw; however, I still manage to read and reply e-mails from my phone, thanks to the coolest Gmail App.

One thing I won't forget is, during the course registration, we need to be fast to get the perfect time slot, therefore, I have to sacrifice my 3G connection to connect online using laptop with my phone as modem, and it's damn damn expensive! During peak hour(7am~7pm) is 1 cent per kb, while during off-peak(7pm~7am) is 0.5 cent per kb. I did it at night, and it's cheaper, but still cost me RM10++! shit!

During the isolated period, the only and cheapest way to online is to carry my laptop, and walk about 950 steps to library, and steal some WiFi signal from outside of library...

Now I got my connection, but that stupid system only allow 1 PC to connect to Internet in 1 time, sucks service, not enough for 7 persons in my house, so will apply for Streamyx, have to wait again...

Kleio, I still owe you some tutorial to create template, and Hcfoo, I still owe you 1 meme, will write it as soon as possible.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Oh no... my traffic!

Last week, I just moved into MMU, Cyberjaya, to continue my degree study, after finished my foundation study in MMU, Melaka. And guess what? I am totally deserted in a city without Internet connection!

And that's why my traffic dropped, and I seldom read you all's blogs... Will try to reconnect myself in these few days.

Now I am in MMU, Cyberjaya campus, outside library, but trying to steal a little signal from the WiFi in the library, so pity.DSC00666

Ok, will stop now, running on battery power. This campus is god damn big! I walked for 15 minutes or 950 steps from the entrance to here! If I count from my house, will become 20 minutes or 1150 steps.(I am one of the rare breed who count steps for distance instead of time, because the speed of everyone is different, but the steps are almost the same, am I correct?)

Saturday, June 9, 2007

I think this is my first car accident.

Yesterday, me, Yue Wen, Hooi Chew, and Zhao Yi went to Pacific, or exact place is the Vietnamese Restaurant at China Town, for some chit chat. I didn't see her for so long time, and she really have long hair, as I thought.

We chat until quite late, until we are the last customers of the day, and I have to send her back. On the way, I told her 1 sentence I never said before: 我还没发生过意外啦。(means I never involve in car accident before), and she quickly reply "choi!"(a common respond of Chinese when heard people said some unlucky sentence). 

When almost arrived her house, I drove to the wrong side, so I reversed my car, I look into the reverse mirror, and see nothing, then I pressed more gas to reverse, and suddenly "bee!!" (reverse indicator) and followed by "pong!!"(K.O.!).... Holy shit, not that evil? People said that it is very unlucky if you said you never involve in accident, is it true?

From scientific way to explain this, I think the person who said that will be surrounded by over confidence, and thus lead to some accidents.

Broken Bumper

I knocked another car, and ran away like coward... After that, feel so guilty, like want to go back and pay for something. (if serious)

Never over confidence in handle your life. I can't sleep for the whole night, not because of that accident, but another common problem for teenagers. Thanks for Li Shian who try comfort me, although not really effective.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

PayPerPost is crazy.

Walao, this morning, when I sign in into my PPP account, PayPerPost is giving an opportunity entitle Do You Love PPP? It's simple, just write a testimonial about it, and create a buzz, and $25 is mine! But look carefully, it's a video post! This make me stop dreaming...


I think the traditional way to write sponsored post is the best way.

What say you?

-this is not a sponsored post-haha

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Learn the Universe from Earth with Meade MySKY

Previously I watched an old movie, named Contact. It's 1997 movie. The story is about a young female astronaut, name Ellie, who received signal from outer space and the respond of her and the entire planet to that signal. That movie is a good inspiration for many people to realize that we are just a small small fraction of dust in this universe, and we have to learn more, and more.

Meade MySKY: Hottest New Astronomy Gadget
For those who like to watch and learn stars, nebulas and galaxies, I believe you all have the same problem: difficult to locate the system's location. Even a professional astronaut can't point out the exact location of the systems accurately. Now, a new gadget called Meade MySKY, with 30 thousands of celestial objects database stored into it, and a color LCD screen, with a simple point-shoot-and-identify way to guide you through the ocean of stars.


Where to get it?
wow, seems like you are interested with it. This cool gadget can be found at, with other astronomy tools like best telescopes and binoculars, with very reasonable price that you can get in the market. Browse around the website, and I sure you will find something that you love.

-this is a sponsored post-

Monday, June 4, 2007

Understanding Blogger Template structure

Hi hi, since I change the template, Kleio asked me to write something about how I did it. And since holiday started, I am kind of busy, busy for my dad's work(and a little bit lazy, ha). But I never forget it, and try to spare some time to rearrange it.

I think you have to understand Blogger Template first
Yes, after some arrangement, I still think my tutorial is quite messy. The simplest way should be understand the template structure in Blogger template.

If you played with HTML, you should know everything should start with <body> and end with </body>, and those in the body will be displayed. Take a look at this:

010: <body>
020: <div id='outer-wrapper'>l<div id='wrap2'>
030: <!-- skip links for text browsers -->
040: <span id='skiplinks' style='display:none;'>
050: <a href='#main'>skip to main </a>
060: <a href='#sidebar'>skip to sidebar</a>
070: </span>
080: <div id='header-wrapper'>
090: <b:section class='header' id='header' maxwidgets='1' showaddelement='no'>
100: <b:widget id='Header1' locked='true' title='Second Sidebar (Header)' type='Header'/>
110: </b:section>
120: </div>
130: <div id='content-wrapper'>
140: <div id='main-wrapper'>
150: <b:section class='main' id='main' showaddelement='no'>
160: <b:widget id='Blog1' locked='true' title='Blog Posts' type='Blog'/>
170: </b:section>
180: </div>
190: <div id='sidebar-wrapper'>
200: <b:section class='sidebar' id='sidebar' preferred='yes'>
210: <b:widget id='BlogArchive1' locked='false' title='Blog Archive' type='BlogArchive'/>
220: <b:widget id='Profile1' locked='false' title='About Me' type='Profile'/>
230: </b:section>
240: </div>
250: <!-- spacer for skins that want sidebar and main to be the same height-->
260: <div class='clear'> </div>
270: </div> <!-- end content-wrapper -->
280: <div id='footer-wrapper'>
290: <b:section class='footer' id='footer'/>
300: </div>
310: </div></div> <!-- end outer-wrapper -->
320: </body>

This is the basic structure in a new Blogger Template.(the line number is just for reference, taken from Webtalks, thanks.)

lines 010 and 320 are body-tags. Your code for template must between these 2 lines. In between body tags, there is a basic wrapper, called outer-wrapper. Outer wrapper define the overall size of your blog.

In outer-wrapper, is header-wrapper(lines 080 to 120) and content-wrapper(130 and 270) and Footer(280-300). Header-wrapper define the size of the header of your blog, while content wrapper define the size of your content under header.

In content-wrapper, there are 2 minor wrappers, called main-wrapper(140-180) and sidebar-wrapper(190-240). Main-wrapper define the size of your blog post, while sidebar-wrapper define the size of your sidebar.

Click to enlarge

Or tree structure:
template tree structure

In each wrappers contain widgets. What is widgets? A small small components that you can add into your blog, in the template they called it Page Element. Originally, sidebar contained Blog Archive and About Me widgets. See this:
page element

Now have a brief understanding of the template structure? I will write about how to change the template in my next post, stay tune.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Next generation of pointing device: Multi-Touch

First time I heard of this technology is from the upcoming Apple iPhone, with the multi fingers multi pressure input method. And now, Microsoft recently(30 May) announced their top secret project: a software hardware combination, called Microsoft Surface.

Multi touch vs Mouse and stylus input.
As I said, Multi touch is getting more and more attention from technology world. It first appearance was 1982 at University of Toronto and Bell Labs, and it was 25 years of history(not really new as iPhone).

Multi touch allow 1 user to control the object on a surface, like rotate photo, zooming, moving object, and all functions that can be performed by old school mouse and stylus, with just fingers. In Microsoft Surface, it even allows multiple users to control the objects simultaneously.

Will there still be keyboard in the future?
I not sure, maybe Multi touch version of keyboard will appear, and may be more flexible in changing functions and locations of keys, but the traditional keyboard is still the best hardware to perform wording and shortcut input, as I can feel the shape and feeling of each keys, side by side.

Still not familiar with Multi-touch? See this.

Microsoft Surface first release will cooperate with T-Mobile and target to hospitality industries. Microsoft hope can target it to home users in 3 to 5 years in the future. Current estimate market price is USD5000 to USD10,000 per unit. Maybe 5 years later is time for me to change a new PC!

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