Friday, April 10, 2009

Malaysia F1 GP, it's hot, but cool!

I used to be the one who don't like F1, because I don't like it to be call sport. Sport should be some activity or games that everyone can play, not only those selected drivers, with a million dollar super machine. I do agree that skill is important, but what they competing, is technology, that's what I thought. However, I do impressed by the technology.

Thanks to Aaron who invited me, with Ramesh and Soon Keat, so first time I stepped into Malaysia F1 Sepang Circuit. The event was a 3 days event, and crazically, we went for all 3 days.

Students from XX school visiting the circuit. 

The first day is actually practice session, and the entrance is FREE.

Posing with the Human Machine (this is just how I call it, so cool~).

Petronas invested in this Ski-Doo, something that impossible to use in Malaysia. Weird.

Ferrari Collection. I can just say, all merchandises are overrated. Luckily I am fan of neither one, hoohoo. Aaron bought 1 shirt, but sadly we said it looks like from Petaling Street.

Mercedes McLaren. One day I will own this... model car.

This is just part of the fever of F1. These peoples are not queuing for tickets or drinks, but for driver's autograph! The queue is at least 200 meters.믿어요! It's just the first day!

The first day was practice session, so the crowd is the least. We are freely to enter any seats to watch the show.

First session is GP2, here it is:

Top speed around 200km/h, oh... so so only. The engine noise is just slightly more than those Mat Rempit's bike.

And this is F1:

Top Speed around 310km/h on the track that I shot.The engine noise... WOWOWOW!!!!!

This is really pumping in Adrenaline into my blood! When the car passed by, I can feel my heart beat increase, and the excitement of the environment, is really really great. Now I understand why those Mat Salleh (foreigners) willing to spend thousands dollars just for a match!

Day 2: The Qualifying Day

This is the ticket looks like. Consider very lucky, I just paid for RM100, and got Grand Stand seat, worth RM500~ Sponsored ticket actually, by QuestNet.

Entering the circuit. Everyone will go through a bag check, to prevent visitors from bringing in water and food. If you want anything, buy in there with price 400 to 500% higher.

Aaron, Keat, and Ramesh, and the cameraman, me(see my shadow?)

"Thanks" for remind us, bullshit.

It was Aaron's idea to reach at 10am, just for an autograph session with Ferrari drivers. (He is really mad towards F1 Ferrari, when he talks about it, will feel so excited and jumping)

It's so hot.

"Where is Schumaker?", I asked.

That is very lame. Only that time I realized that guy already retired few years ago. I am seriously not F1 fan, and never watch F1, and know nothing about drivers etc. Just interested with the car.

So the latest Ferrari drivers are Kimi Räikkönen and Felipe Massa. Dumbly, we queued under the hot sun for 2 hours, from 10am to 12pm, and rewarded with Kimi's autograph and sunburn.

(I was the last one!! The people behind me has no chance to reach Ferrari~)

First time I saw Segway in Malaysia~ It is another cool vehicle that balance on 2 wheels arranged side by side and automatic balance itself.

Asked from the Salesgirl to try it, yea~!


Just lean forward, pull backward, and navigate left and right, easy~

The complex of Sepang Circuit.

My skin can be peeled off, layer by layer.

The race was at 5pm, so we went home at 1pm, and went back there at 4pm.

Ferrari is like Manchester United, the supporters and game results are so fixed and predictable... but no more. A new team, Brawn GP, has pwned all the others easily. It's qualifying match, not that excited, but the engine's sound has made me feel high.

wtf is this pic?

Proven I am the tallest among them.


Day 3

The race was at 5pm. We knew it will have a jam, so we departed at 3:30pm, but still caught in the jam for 1 hour.

This said: don't buy Proton. The girl was so nervous, jumping, while the men are so frustrated. Sorry guys.

The weather was cloudy, and forecasted will have a thunder rain. We reached there 30 minutes after the race started. Damn the traffic jam.

The current result when we are there.

See this corner, the car started to drift, means the road is getting wet. Rain is coming. 

The sky.... Finally, it rained.

Water being splashed up~ The race still going on initially. See the people at the hill there? Rain is nothing!

But the rain getting heavier, and was forced to terminate, the winner will be based on immediate result, which is this:

22 - Jenson Button (Brawn GP)
10 - Timo Glock (Toyota)
06 - Nick Heidfeld (BMW Sauber)
09 - Jarno Trulli (Toyota)
23 - Rubens Barrichello (Brawn GP)

Brawn GP rocks.

What you looking?

This guy definitely bought the wrong ticket. This is F1, not football, no Liverpool!!!!

After the race ended, so push the car back into the workshop.


So this is my weekend, very happening, not to mention I still have 2 exam papers the next day.

Thanks Aaron for asking me to join the game, I have new perspective towards this 'sport'. Really impress that human can create such technology, and the most impressive, driven by human.

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Erictan7 said...

wa!! u went.. shit. cool man.. but unlucky it rained in the middle of the race... maybe i will catch the rain in the future.. wooohhhmmmmm!!!
btw u inspire me to eat vege^^ ahaha

casey said...

wah... RM100.
Currently broke so very sensitive to even spend RM1...

IMO, sports is one which the person sweats. LOL

Che-Cheh said...

Wahwah so exciting.

You got Kimi & Massa's autographs ar? Jealous nya. I didn't go this year. No sponsor. Hahaha

This season F1 is very interesting. Ferrari must score point in the next race. OR ELSE... hehehe big boss scold.

VHanded Cheepeng said...

eric: Yea, a good experience~ and, take up the 30 days vege challenge, you will notice the effect yourself.

casey: yor, why so broke... some work also will sweat, but cannot call sport. sport is something can do together, can can swap with the meaning of game ma. ha

che-cheh: I got it, but not mine. haha.gave to aaron, i am not fan of ferrari also, ha. Yup, ferrari is in deep shit, both drivers are not doing well this time.

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