Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lost in China Day 4

Not a productivity day. We had missed the train to Lhasa, and not gonna miss this flight too. Still having the trauma from day 2. Got breakfast, walked around, and stayed at guest house till 3pm, before grabbed airport bus to catch flight at 7pm.

Electric bike that widely used in China.

No one put on helmet in Chengdu.

Say good bye to Sha sha

How I describe Chengdu? It feels mostly like Malaysia, things are still in order, taxi drivers are using meter, drivers are not very friendly. However, it is cheap to travel here, cheap food,  if you can take spicy, cheap accommodation, cheap transportation.


Arrived Chengdu Shuangliu Airport at 5pm, waited till 7pm, but not seeing our plane. Airport announced that our flight was delayed, and distributed dinner boxes for us. 

At 9pm, another announcement came in: Flight to Lhasa will be delayed until next day, and arranged a bus to bring us to temporary hotel. God! This trip just can't be smoothed! 

We checked in the nearby hotel arranged by airline with 2 buses of passengers, when all of us turn on lights and aircond at the same moment, the hotel power safety switch was triggered. It came on and off throughout the night. Our only pass time is to play poker cards in dark.

A new announcement came at 11pm: flight to Lhasa will depart at 1am, and require us to check out and depart to airport immediately. It wasn't a convenient hour, but I am glad to depart as soon as possible.

It is finally here! A 5 hours delay.

The original plan was to enter Tibet by train, because it might help in acclimatization. Flight into Lhasa took 2 and half hours, once arrived, will immediately exposed to low oxygen and low pressure environment, thus easily trigger high altitude sickness. 

The plane arrived at Tibet Gonggar Airport at 3am, and greeted Tashi Dalek (Tibetan greeting) with silk scuff by our poor little tour guide who waited at outside airport since 9pm, with cold wind and 15 degree Celcius. There has no arrival hall for that small airport.

It was an hour drive from airport to Lhasa, our accommodation place. Sky was very dark, and stars are bright. That was something only available at 3500m above sea level. 

Checked in at our classic Tibetan hotel at 5am, very tired. But, we just made into Tibet, finally, the real adventure just began.

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