Thursday, October 23, 2008

Compare Web Hosting List with No Fear~

"" has been used for almost 2 years, and it works well to me, not until when my visitors increased, and I feel like she need a new domain name~

What name shall I gave her?
Despite that I love this current blogspot subdomain name, I may continue to use VHanded as my new domain name, if I happen to register one, make it HAHA.

But to have your domain name, then I shall have my own web hosting too, to host all my pictures, videos, music, flash applications, java applets, etc. Some of it can't be hosted on blogspot, sad.

There are many factors to consider when choosing web hosting, like price, service stability, storage size, bandwidth, and more. But there are so many web hosting in this world, how to make comparison?

Lucky there is a new site, call Web Hosting Rating, which the site will collect other web hosting services in one site, and make comparison for each aspects, like best budget hosting, best blog hosting, best forum hosting and a lot more.

For web hosting that not yet on the web hosting rating site, they can submit to the service and make comparison with other web hosting too.

Lazy people like me, this is a gift! I don't need to Google around and make comparison one by one anymore! Thanks Web Hosting Rating!

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~@nGeL~ said...

hey..angel you alr..i guess u noe who am i..member of green club, assistant of recycle Angelina..

Anonymous said...

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