Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hello Banting.

This morning fetched Yeoh and OTG to LCCT, they are flying back to Penang, see you all after holiday~

Me and Su not yet have our breakfast, and according to plan, we gonna visit Banting, for first time~ Never been there before. (Maybe got, just that time I don't know the place is call Banting)

Siou Wei should be followed us, but she can't wake up... Ketam.

Had Leekian as our "so-called" guidance, she showed us around her little hometown. Really a bad timing, Banting now is having a serious water crisis. Everywhere can see families carrying water bottles to fill water from other towns, from illegal pipe water, from government's distribution. Like scene in Africa... haiz. Already 3 days, how to live without water? Hope the service back to normal soon.

Banting is not as 'ulu' (deserted) as imagine. It's much more better than Cyberjaya the god damn intelligent city, although the road is not as wide like Cyberjaya, but at least is somewhere human can stay, with sufficient basic stuff like hypermarket etc.

Guess the name of this apartment: it's Tasco Condominium...

Tasco also got condominium... It's a real condo, the name is because the lower ground of the condo is Tasco Hypermarket, serious!

Dog of Banting. (taken while waiting her)

As Lee said not much shops available in Banting(due to water crisis), she fetched us to Jenjarom, another small town near Banting, which not affected by water crisis. Had our breakfast there. Paiseh for seeing us eating, Lee eaten at home, ha.

Then is some simple car travel around there. Can see a lot 4WD vehicles filling water from neighbor town to Banting. Got one car, he has a big tank beside his car, but without cover. See the water split out every time he accelerated, turned, and go on bridge, we laugh that the water in the tank will be emptied when he reached his house~

One more, Jenjarom motorcyclist DONT wear helmet.

Then, as she had stuff to do need go back, then we have our own plan.

Pantai Morib~
Wanted to visit this beach for so so so long time! Today I been there~ Distance is about 20 minutes or less than, from Banting Town.

A big crack on the sea side pavement.

The beach is not many people, maybe quite away from town, and the time is low tide, can see a lot people walking on the surface to catch "lala".

See people?

Shaded, very nice.

The monument at the beach. I don't really know the meaning...

Morib cat.

beautiful scene~

3 scopes for RM1~ (bite once, melted)

Spot this Syabas (some agency related with water supply) around Banting, the situation is really serious I guess.

Ha, little souvenir from Morib Beach, I don't know what it calls, but I call it Durian.

Today's time is mostly spent in car, looking around. Oh ya, I drove for the whole distance (except the time in Lee's car), never have such nice driving experience~

At least when I feel like going beach, I can find somewhere. (But far leh... 1 hour distance from Cyberjaya...)

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