Monday, February 9, 2009


Went there with Su, Hao Ming, and Siou Wei.

Fo Guang Shan (佛光山,or FGS), is located at Jenjarom, somewhere beside Banting. Drove from Cyberjaya at 6:15pm, and reached there at 7pm.

Had dinner at Banting. Actual plan is to fetch Lee to go FGS together, but she was caught in traffic jam, that time was 8:45pm, and the schedule said will close at 10pm, so... sorry ya.

I never expect the crowd to be that big! No place to park the car, traffic jam, even walking is difficult. Lucky we found 1 shortcut~

Under the big cow~ This year, the theme is 生耕致富。

3 of the Chinese Zodiacs.

See the super big crowd~ Siou Wei and I 2 photo freaks snapping here and there, while another 2 guys ar... so sien.

The water lantern. People light it up, and say their wish.

Guan Yin stature beside pond.

show about the life of Buddha.

Before enter the temple, need to wear this kind of protective sleeves to prevent the floor from scratches, I think.

Posing with one of the shadow in the Buddha school, siao.

Do you know FGS contain 9 relics of Sidharta Gautama, the discover of Buddhism? Lucky to see it, and pray to it.

The time about 10:45pm, and the crowd still like 9pm. Bought few drinks to Lee's house.

Sorry sorry! Didn't take you go, still so late come kacau. Lee's dog is much bigger than any dog I seen, but like scare of me... why leh?

In real life, first time see a dog can listen to command like sit, lie down, turn, so funny~ But only she can command it~

Guess what is this? Drink invented by Lee's sister. Carlsberg + Lemon POP. 有一种Lemon Tea的味道。

It's my first time play mahjong. After some explanation, game started. Miracle, I won the first round; and 2nd round, and a lot more rounds. It's not hard, even Su also can play!(^.^) Don't know is you all purposely let me win, or I just being so lucky.

I learned Mahjong~ It's damn freaking fun. Thanks for teaching me.

The time was 2am, got to go back lo.

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Snailix said...

Seaw Weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

You were extremely lucky on that day! If not mistaken, you won all the rounds. Seriously! *_*

VHanded Cheepeng said...

sw: where got... you let me win only...

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