Saturday, February 28, 2009

One day trip to Korea

Early morning follow Kok Ming and KLS to this little small Town, call Little Korea. Located in Ampang, I never realize there is such community in Malaysia, that can let me REALLY feel in Korea!

See the flyers and you will know.

The shopkeepers are Korean;
The people who passed by me is Korean;
The lady who served our lunch is Korean;
The men chat at roadside with Hangul;
The posters and flyers on the wall are in Hangul;
The shops' name are all in Hangul;

(except the car still Malaysia's number plate)

This is the shop we first visited. I guess the Korean shopkeeper already get used with monkeys like us who say: "wow" to biscuit...

(because most of their products are imported from Korea)

All products are written in Hangul. 

I thought Milo also has Korean version... Ha, 미로~

One of the restaurant.

Hungry, so bought a pack of biscuit. Erm, it's a kind dry noodle snack.

The Dream Tea of Sil-Ron-Ti (Searon Tea)

After that walk awhile, saw a lot of:

  • English Language Center (must be for those Korean to learn English)
  • Restaurants are everywhere.
  • Mini marts.

We ate our lunch in a restaurant, call 무진장 (Mu Jin Jang). Guess we are the first customers of the day, and last customer of the month. Just weird why no people come this little town.

In the restaurant. All their menu written in Hangul, I can read it, just don't know what the hell is it. Lucky the waitress served us menu with photos. (noted: she is Korean too, luckily can speak basic English)

Ordered something I don't know. "I want something not spicy".

Here it is: Beef + vege + egg + rice + don't know + sauce

Without mention, they will serve together other small dishes of food, like fried vege, kimchi, etc. Nice nice~

2 of us have to finish so much food. Wow.

Wong Kok ordered a set of beef rice~

It's quite satisfy for the meal, feel worthy with the RM63.

We had to leave earlier, so  informed the KLS, bought some gifts, and leave.

Malaysia Korean Learning Center.~

Bought quite some stuff.

Favorite~ Don't plan to drink it, just display it on my computer~



After Thought: 
Restaurant is quiet, good place for couple. Nice place for Korea lover.

Exact location: 3° 9'21.13"N 101°45'6.57"E




** (I forgot I got sore throat and cold... this worsen it, got to sleep early.)

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비빔밥 먹고 싶어.=)

VHanded Cheepeng said...

oh! Now I remember the rice I ate is 비빔밥 bi bim bap~!

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