Sunday, August 16, 2009

ExxonMobil Visitation

That day (Thu 13th Aug), applied half day leave from my boss, to visit to ExxonMobil.

Early morning 7:30am borrowed Bobby’s car to ExxonMobil headquarter at KLCC. The event start at 8:45am, thanks to GPS, I reached there just in time with minor traffic jam.

ExxonMobil Tower.

Located beside Petronas Twin Tower. 


Was lead to Level 9, and had a brief introduction of ExxonMobil, their history in worldwide and Malaysia, and the IT Department of ExxonMobil. Only I knew that, ExxonMobil is the Most PROFITABLE COMPANY last year, even during financial crisis. (What I think is, financial crisis is bullshit~)

Was showing around by this Mr., forgot his name, but he is cool. 

While waiting lifts with other visitors. Those lifts are so big, and with 6 of them. Of course, still jam during lunch time.

Safety is their main game rules.

Even at the corridor corner has a reflection mirror, prevent collision, maybe?  HA.

The working environment in there. Employees was attracted by us, haha.

Mr. Tour Guide is explaining the task and responsibilities of each departments.

My favourite chair~ All employees has 1. One day will own 1 too.


Fitness Centre
A fitness centre in level 5, but….. they should buy Nintendo Wii~

Table pool, not bad.

Fusball,  lagi not bad~ 

Gym, not not not bad~


Consider very lucky, even the employee working there has no rights to enter the main server room, but we do~ Sorry no picture for it, as camera is not allowed.

Looks something like this. (picture picked from other site)


Trader Hotel Buffet Lunch
After the tour, we were led to Trader Hotel for buffet lunch. Really impressive lunch, with food around the world, like Japanese, Middle-East, Chinese, etc.

That guy is Jiun Yann from MMU Melaka Campus, used to be in same class in foundation year. Never know can meet him again at this moment~ World is so so small.

Japanese sushi~ I was full at that time, can’t eat much. Since is paid by ExxonMobil, so don’t too force myself, still need to drive back alone, dangerous to drive with full stomach.

Still can get back Cyberjaya in time, to continue my internship work at 2:45pm~


IT in ExxonMobil is not base on development of software, but on using the best software that can minimize carbon footprint, and also maximize profit and customer satisfaction.

It responsible to explore, and persuade the company to change to better software or hardware, and maintain it.

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