Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Finally, you are gone…

Remember the first time I saw you, you seem special, and you were my only one. I spent quite some time with you, until she appeared.

She had a foxy tail, and, definitely, better than you, in everything. So, slowly, I gave up on you…

Ok, enough crap. It’s just about Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox.

Since Google remove the support for old browser like IE6, it forced organization to upgrade their browser to the supported version. This is Google’s initiative to push the Internet forward, and I totally support it~

Internet Explorer 6 died on 1st March, 2010.

Aten Design Group organized a funeral for IE6, which quite hilarious, but it’s a respect for a browser which been on the Internet for 8 years… RIP.

Visit the official website at www.ie6funeral.com

Photos of the funeral, from flickr.

Handwritten message from Team Microsoft. SAD.


IE6 last look.

Don’t cry my friend, IE6 will be remembered.

Before closing the coffin.

We will miss you.


Wonder will they make a funeral for Windows 98 or 2000?

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­☼≈• ­†ímí •≈☼ said...

funeral for win98?

95 first la, pls.

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