Friday, February 26, 2010


Been abandoned this site for some time.

Not because I lack of blogging idea, I have quite a lot to share, but workloads are pressing me so hard.

So, here is another blue moon EMO post~

Been trying to accept what I lost, forever. But things can never be so easy. Memories are something that can motivate and push me forward, so powerful; yet if not ‘think’ it correctly, memories can kill.

Currently, still continue developing system for my internship’s boss, and at the same time, FYP aka Final Year Project. Double workload, with same 24 hours, caused me have to sacrifice most of my time with my laptop.

Last few months ago when my internship program came to an end, I was asked by boss if I want to continue developing the project, I accepted so happily, hoping I can learn extra knowledge to work on my FYP team, yes, indeed, I reused a lot of the concept on my FYP, and also some small extra income to support me until graduate.

All the while, I strongly believe that hard work and time can solve ANY problem, even how IMPOSSIBLE it can be, as long as DON’T GIVE UP. It’s true, and it’s always true throughout my life. Things I want, targets to achieve, I set it, I can reach it.

Then I realized, all the targets are seldom come from myself: study hard is for my family, work hard is for people I care, all for the future of a better living for them. If I am alone, I guess I won’t be studying and working this hard. I took this responsible happily, and wish only they appreciate and don’t treat me as outsider. (hey, there is nothing wrong with my family)

At some point, because of my ego, I lost my temper, and I lost the most important one in my life. Words that said out, can’t be taken back; apologise never been accepted. Everything is gone.

For now, I can never wish to return to any previous stage, things that I promised, I can’t fulfil. Just wish that, you can forgive such a silly guy.


Erm, what I want to deliver in this post? Is up to people who read it. I just wanted to shout out the thought that buried in me for 4 months… Always, jia you. And, some times, hard work don’t return, but DON’T GIVE UP!

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Bobby said...

welcome to life, my friend.

Catherine @ Soo Khoon said...

hey just found u have a blog too :)

chill dude. dont be so stress

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