Sunday, July 12, 2009

What shall I do with my First Internship Salary?

I still don’t get my salary yet, but I can feel, it is near~

Since I completed my work yesterday, so I had some time to think what I want to spend when I get my salary.

Starbucks for parents
My mom once asked me: “Starbuck coffee nice ar?”. I also don’t know, because never try before, so I just answer, “It’s different”. (but I tried San Francisco Fruit Coffee’s mango ice blended~ That’s why I can tell it’s different)

Same with my dad, who also never try before, maybe is the price, and also the culture of Starbucks. This time I belanja, so just drink.

Want to get rid of my current 1GB x 2 RAM, it’s getting not enough for some games. Shall consider 2GB x 2 DDR2800 RAM. But this is not so urgent yet.

Unavoidable Housemate
Already bugged me since before I start my internship. OK la, everyone got free ice cream la~ Don’t hiam lo, 11 ice cream is a lot.

A New Wallet
This one has a big big hole at the bottom. Lee always said: 破财破财。That’s why I am so poor these days.

I want I want I want! The Penang Asam Laksa, not curry mee!


What else I can spend? (Don’t leave a comment asking me to give the remaining to you.)

First I thought I can write a lot, but until this line, I feel enough…

OK la, keep the rest.

Wish my income here ASAP~

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Snailix said...

my mom asked for starbucks/coffee bean too!

sioukee said...

I want ice cream too :)

casey said...

make it 13. one more for sioukee & me. =)

VHanded Cheepeng said...

casey: Ok, I will put inside plastic bag wrap nicely, and pos laju to you.

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