Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Recently Story.

Skip the work part, I wanted to write something about the photos I took in these few months.

This is the kitten who temporary stay at my house for 2 weeks during the break. According to Hao Ming, she jumped over my head while I am sleeping, 100 times per night. But she is cute, only during sleeping.

She used to sleep on bed, so my roommate Chicken Wing need to sleep on the floor.

This is my roommate, Chicken Wing. He slept on the mattress, while I slept on the floor, with the purple-yellow square pillow. One night I woke up, the walk to my desk to check out the time, when turn back, he is on my pillow! All happen in 15 seconds.

Chicken Wing with his casing-less PC. (Of course, later he get a casing for it) Don’t ask me why call him Chicken Wing.

Seriously, the last time I ate durian, is before I enter foundation. Very miss durian!!!~ Don’t forget to drink some salt water after durian, it really helps to reduce heat.

Bought a new water bottle. The old one spoiled 2 months ago, been using a mineral water bottle for some time, had cumulated some toxic in my body. Love this bottle~

Kim with his Homemade-Onion-Potato-Mushroom-Tomato-Vegetarian Spaghetti. Very satisfy one, so big portion.

These few days learn 1 thing: When there is a reason for you to protect, you become so strong, yet, you become so weak…

Jia you!

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sioukee said...

lol.. the cat XD
and your spaghetti!

VHanded Cheepeng said...

sioukee: the cat is nightmare, my spaghetti is paradise~

sioukee said...

or so you say..

VHanded Cheepeng said...

yes it is.

CarrotEgg said...

eat durian.. bo jio!!!! :(

ren zhi said...

the bottle..
2 of my classmates using it.. haha

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