Sunday, December 13, 2009

Assignment on 1800m

There is a concert (in fact I not sure who are the artists) on Genting Highland, friends are going to attend it, and over night here. I use here, is because I am on genting. He.He.

I am not attending the boring concert, nor the casino. Just want to spend my time here with cool weather~ And enjoying assignment at 1800m above sea level.

Seriously, the working mood is much better~

It’s already December, there should be a lot of Christmas decoration, even here. Maybe it’s too big, so the decoration is only concentrated on few places.

LED Santa.

First World at night. I just realized they actually play bird’s sound in there, to create a jungle environment~

Bubble Christmas tree.

Lighting Deer.

Santa Claus~

This one geng. Chinese New Year or Christmas? Choi San Yeh become Santa Claus..     

OK, work work.

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