Thursday, December 24, 2009

Good bye, Wei Jun

Since graduated from Secondary School, we had lost contact. We are in different class, and the chance that made me know him is through the weekly Karate-Do training.

He is not a tall guy, with quite heavy eyesight problem, I guess, because he needs to slim his eyes to see clearly during free sparring training.

Although he is short, he can defeat opponent which bigger and taller than him, even with higher rank than him. I can see that, not because he is skilful or fast, but he is very brave in going front and attack, Points! Even myself with higher ranking also will feel pressure to train with him.

Remember one time when we waiting for class to start, he and another friend want to borrow a textbook from another friend. But since textbook has only 1, so textbook owner challenge them to say “I love you” to a girl in front them.

Wei Jun is smart, he went front, and said to the girl: “Do you heard a song name I Love You?” He got the textbook. Funny.

Last 2 weeks, when I browsing my phone contact, I saw his name. Still wondering if he changed phone number. Never imagine, the next day I received SMS about his accident.

After coma for 7 days, God of Death took his life.

From someone’s blog, know that he is a full time vegetarian, with a good heart. See from Facebook, MSN PM, all friends are very upset and concern about this incident.

For people who already leave us, we can only accept. I can’t forget, because they are the characters who went into my life.

But for people who still around us, we tend to ignore and hurt them all the time… Human nature, we need to lost to learn appreciate, and hopefully, we learned.

May you rest in peace, Wei Jun.

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yung . said...

Life is very unpredictable. Love life.

Erictan7 said...

RIP wei jun.. ya.. even though we lost contact after school.. till now i still remember talking to him. remember training karate with him.. we should appreciate people more..

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