Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pesta Penang 2009

Everyone in their childhood should have been to pesta, at least once, not sure about other places, but Penang is the state with a lot of so-called mobile pesta, which myself feel very excited when I am still 5.

Been Pesta Penang few years ago. This large scale pesta has rides that can match with big amusement park like Genting and Sunway Lagoon, not all, but some rides.

Went with Lih Shian, Eric, Yao Hao, and Shi Ning, schoooool mate.

This reminded me of the Computer Graphic assignment: design a playground for alien.

This rides same with the one at Genting Highland. Been this place with friends do let me feel young again.

Random picture. Besides the rides and games are exhibition of plants, Malay business, boring.

Kesian costume guy, he should be there promoting ice cream, but after took photo with him, I didn’t buy from him. haha, bad me.

It’s Christmas Eve Night, not feel like going back soon, at least after 12am to check out the situation in Penang. So we spent some time at Station One.

Playing mastermind. Wrote this game in C++ in Beta year. 

Remember in 2006 and 2007, I went countdown “celebration” in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. The “celebration”end up with public property destroyed, and happened every year. Since last year, I am not going to that place anymore…

Now Penang is having the same trend. Snow spray cans become weapons, people gone crazy like high on drugs, ish. Although I didn’t see it live, but it’s on YouTube.

Peace. Merry Christmas.

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Snailix said...

Bukit Minyak is safeeeeeeeee!

hi chim peng.

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