Thursday, June 25, 2009

During Work Hour…

Just completed a part of my project, waiting my boss to upgrade the server, so I can continue with my project.

This is my first blog post i my office. Currently is 4th week of my industrial training. Everyday’s routine is kind of stable now, wake up at 8am, work from 9am to 6pm (hopefully, sometimes until 8pm), and sleep before 12pm.

Not sure about other friends, but I feel my boss assume I am his super employee who has 5 years experience. Maybe I am not up to his expectation, compare to his previous trainees.


Yes, when sometimes got stuck, and no one can help me. No supervisor to guide me, no senior to teach me. But I know there will be solution somewhere, I just need to Search. (Thanks Google~)

Working style here is kind of like I-am-my-own-boss style. Because my boss has another office somewhere else, so he will only come here to see my progress about 10 minutes a day. So I can come late about 10 minutes, go lunch anytime, go toilet 100 times a day, Facebook, Live Messenger, and also an admin rights workstation to install anything I like. (but no torrent download~).

My job scope, is much more than I expected: design requirements, design program architecture, coding, testing, server setting, everything. Weird.

But, it’s happy to work here, never regret. I learned a lot. Hopefully all these knowledge can be used in my Final Year Project next semester.

Although tired, thanks there are always friends. When got my allowance, belanja you all makan~

아자아자 화이팅!

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casey said...

Thanks in advance for the meal. xP

Jeryl said...

i wanna to have a work like yours in the future! gosh ><1

VHanded Cheepeng said...

casey: come cyber lo...

Jeryl: Ha, then you better prepare for it, it's not easy like Hello World.

christina said...

wow u better not let your boss know ur blog!! 100 times in the toilet oso nobody

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