Sunday, June 7, 2009


I born in a mandarin speaking family, Malay as national language, English as international language, and Cantonese as entertainment language.

Sometimes these languages will confuse me, in terms of grammar and vocabulary. However, I love mandarin the most, partly is because it’s my mother tongue, and because I feel mandarin and Cantonese can carry out the expression, with some postfix like “la”, “ma”, “lo”, “leh”, “liao” etc.

Consider broken English in Malaysia and Singapore, I don’t feel it’s a shame, it’s more like a culture, of our own. But of course try not to use it in a formal occasion~

See this:

Don’t do that.

compare to:

Don’t do that la.

First one carry a strong meaning, and second one carry a soft approach meaning.

Another is symbol. Used only in Live Messenger and SMS. These little characters really help a lot in describing my tone at that time.

Angry: Don’t do that!

Happy: Don’t do that~

Emo/sad: Don’t do that…..

Uncertain: Don’t do that?

See the effect? Maybe only me who care about the symbols, haha.

Most of the times, I am conscious about the “postfix” I used, but it really add up certain emotion in it, like emoticon, so, it’s not something bad to use it.

Ha, what is this post about?

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