Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sign of Overwork.

Today’s work is kind of slow and only little progress, spent whole day debugging and Google for new tool that can help in my project.

Again today I back home at 7:30pm, little bit down mood. Lucky back home, still left Bobby haven’t eat dinner yet.

(eating at Cyberia)

Here is the conversation between me and Bobby.

Bobby: Eh, tomorrow go watch Transformers lo.

Me: Tomorrow? Jujubear said he booked Friday la.

Bobby: Tomorrow Friday la!

Me: F&*)%^ you la, tomorrow Thursday only la.

Bobby: F^%$&^*& you la! You work until don’t know what day is it?

(Faster check my watch’s day and handphone. Shit…… Today is Thursday…. I really thought today is Wednesday……)


I am overworked….

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