Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Workplace~

On Tuesday, we finally got our place assigned into ‘boxes’, means we finally get our own admin-right PC~ Facebook and Live Messenger here I come~


I got admin right to do anything to the PC, include install any programs I want. Just… I don’t like the giant bulky fat ass 19”CRT monitor who took half of my desk space, and also the keyboard layout. The performance is good~

This box I sharing with Iskandar, he is sitting behind me, doing different project.

Life is getting busier. Wish me good luck in this internship~

**p/s: But if I slept, my boss can directly see me… ish.

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ren said...

good luck!
ur office got "office" feel.. haha

VHanded Cheepeng said...

hehe, moderate aircond, just nice for me~ But still going toilet so frequent... Ha, lucky my place is the nearest place to toilet, can go lepak.

keeyit said...

Means good to you...
My desktop is blocked with install any application by yourself.
That's the policy.

ivan said...

Nice and cool in your working environment, man!
Why no any decoration for you and your girlfriend? :P
Wish you all the best in Internship!


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