Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Farm

Since the last time we called Mr. Grass Cutter to cut the long grass in our yard, it’s been almost 4 months.

Now is raining season, thanks to the rain water, the grass grow extremely fast, and averagely, every strain of grass is taller than us, SERIOUS.

One Sunday afternoon, Jujubear suggested not to call Mr. Grass Cutter, save money. Instead, we clear the grass by pulling out them, one by one~

This reminded me of playing Facebook Happy Farm when harvesting the grass. HAHA. But this harvest can’t eat, can’t sell…

Initially, the grass is much much taller than any human on Earth.

Slightly lesser, we are making the ground bald.

Ewyn is “playing” with grass. The grass is so sharp. My hand got cut by the edge of the leaves. So we have to put on gloves to continue.

Bobby pulling the grass. It must be pull out from the root, like in Chinese sentences: 斩草不除根,春风吹又生~

Partially done.

This is the jungle passage we passed by everyday. Going class is like jungle trekking.

Second batch of clearing is in evening, with more housemates helping.

Haha, saved each of us some money~


Until now, we completed only 1 side, another side has some delay, because it was protected by Mimosa aka 含羞草, hate those spiky thorn.

Will continue then, until it’s clear.

This is the current look the yard.

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sioukee said...

Go guys, hardworking nia!

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