Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tiger Woods says I suck

This is my first time try out golf.

The weather at 3pm is just nice, cloudy and windy. The place? Cyberpark.

The price is really cheap, RM4 for 50 balls, and RM5 to rent the golf stick. It’s ok, the golf stick are all in good quality, no bend.

Calvin’s pattern.

My pattern.

Wong Kok’s pattern.

Why this world is so not fair… They never provide golf stick for left-hander…

It’s a very nice game to release stress, while swing the stick, say the name of someone or something you hate. F**k exam!

Aiming. For a first timer, it’s quite hard to accurately hit the ball in right position, always swing the stick, but hit nothing, hahaha~ Purposely wear a white Polo Shirt like a golf player, but it didn’t add my skill points, haha.

Among all, I am the worst~

There are field for short distance goal too.

Almost!!!! (Fake one actually)

Almost!!!!! (This one is real..)

When get bored with normal golfing, try snooker style. Shit Wong Kok is behind me doing all those nasty postures…

Also found out they have all sorts of facility in the park, like cheaper pool table games~ HAHA.


Hoo… hectic semester, need some rest once in a while. Jia you!

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Eddy said...

O.O Cyberjaya got such place!?

VHanded Cheepeng said...

Got!!!! Damn cheap somemore, let's go next time~

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