Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sabah Trip Plan: Part 4

Sorry for my recent extremely down mood.. So I write something cheerful today.

Reservation on Laban Rata and Kinabalu Park is booked. But is unheated room, around 7 degree Celsius at night. cold!

Poring Hot Spring
Is located beside Kinabalu Park, which is the place we start and end our hiking. Are you thinking what I thinking? Haha, of course MUST go to hot spring to wash away the sores and aches of muscles!! WA.HA.HA.

Poring Hot Spring are rich with sulphuric mineral, people believes that it have healing properties.

Some section of the hot spring water.

If we are lucky enough, we may see Raffesia, world largest flower which require 15 months to bloom, and only last for 7 days.

Loking forward to this~~

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