Sunday, November 1, 2009

Salad UNO

Jujube scored A+ for a subject that he think impossible, feel super happy, and wanted to treat us Pizza, haha~

I ordered a bowl of salad, and got to play UNO with it.

Got a lot of engineering knowledge need to apply. Everything need to start with base, then layer, then use salad to reinforce, etc.

Very messy I know, fail engineering example. But we spent 1 hour plus in Pizza Hut because of this, no one want to eat, so me and Kelvin got to finish it…

Yay, finished finally~







Look at some other successful example: 



Of course not my creation, just copy from forwarded mail. 





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Khayshi said...

won't the person feel overloaded with cucumber? LOL!
Plus too much of cucumber makes the blood pressure goes lower

VHanded Cheepeng said...

Hoho, maybe share among 100 people~ I didn't know that cucumber can reduce blood pressure?

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