Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 1 at The Land Under the Wind

I don’t know how to start, or where to start. This Sabah trip had been planned for more than 3 months, with a sudden crazy thought out of no where: “Let’s go climb Mount Kinabalu.” Hoho, I just wanted to do something crazy before I graduate!

Did quite a lot of serious research, accommodation, transport, place of interest, price, booking, Google Earth and Google Map, GPS coordinate, equipments bla bla bla, finally it’s 7th January 2010~ hoho~

FYI, Sabah, which most other country known as Borneo, has a fancy name, The Land Under The Wind.

4 of us: Me, Bobby, Kelvin, and Nana. Woke up at 6am, trying to wake up Eddy to fetch us to Putrajaya Central… In the end we took bus there (Eddy slept dead d)

So, skipped those parts from on train to LCCT and breakfast, and finally, we are on the plane!

Even this is not the first time I travel by plane, but the feeling of force changes when the plane took off still makes me feel excited. This time is a 2 hours journey, I already finished reading the magazine, and slept.

Finally landed. Oh? Even Malaysian visit to Sabah requires permit! We are allow to be in Sabah for 3 months only, just like travel to other country, except without passport.

First thing is to rent a cheap car. The price is quite expensive than Langkawi car rental, we rented a manual Kancil for RM90 a day, ouch. At least still cheaper than taking cab everywhere.

So now I know, SAA cars are from Sabah… Seen a lot in Cyberjaya, don’t know how they carry here.

To cut cost, we lodge in 1 of the backpackers lodge located at Gaya Street. Have to say, I love their services and their friendly people!!!

The resting area of X-Plorer.


Makan Makan Makan!
One of the purpose of travel is to eat. Was quite excited to check out the local food, wish it’s special to us.

A Malay stall, in a Chinese shop. This is really rare in Penisular. But at Sabah, this is very common. In fact, I can’t really differentiate Malay, local Bumiputra, and Illegal Philippines, yes, there have a lot of plilippinos, illegally.

Sabah Mee Rojak. Super nice, till I can remember the taste when I typing this.

Beautiful Mosque. Available a lot of mosques and church in Kota Kinabalu.

We visited Sabah Museum. The only thing that impressed me is the 16m huge whale skeleton. Sadly, no camera allowed. But overall, I feel their museum has more real things than here, which only keep replicas…

Next, we need to confirm about the boat to Island hopping on next day, so we went to Sutera harbour. Sutera Harbour Resort is the giant player in tourism, they have business at Kinabalu Park, Poring Hot Spring, and also Mount Kinabalu, damn, I hate monopolize.

But undeniable, this is the most beautiful port I ever seen in my life. (Maybe I never visit to other places, so for now, it’s the most beautiful~)

Wish I own 1 of the boat behind~

The sea water is so clear, with a lot of fishes in there.


Mr Kelvin wants to eat fish.



After checked out the price and timetable, and damn lots of photo, we leaved. To makan again~

Market is the place where we can see a lot of local things: people, their pattern, their economy, their FOOD etc. It’s a market consisted of wet market, vegetable market, and delicacy market, sluppp~~
Selling food. This looks like the Putrajaya Stall during Fasting Month. Good thing is, most of their things are damn cheap.

While we walk around, suddenly I saw this super giant alien prawn! It’s big right? Later on still have bigger and scarier one! They purposely arrange the giant prawn at the corner, and can see every tourist who pass by will have the same WTF look. Funny~ Prawn is expensive, RM18 for 1.


Philippine kids playing at rubbish dumpsite. This scene is so normal there, and most probably, they are children without proper identity, means no birth certificate, because of their illegal immigrant parents.

Poor scene. But our parents time is also playing like this gua~

Beautiful sunset…

Our dinner are big fish, prawn, and sotong.

Nana with a RM3 coconut. 3 persons share.

Pasar Malam (aka Night market). Nothing special, with a lot of Gucci, Nike, Adidas, LV, you know la, all replicas….


Back to our room…
From second floor view. Bobby and naked Nana. The room structure is very special, has 2 storey, second floor need to climb a 75 degree stairs, geli.


My night is to swallow 2 cans of beer, watch a funny comedy, then slept nicely till the next morning. First day passed very fast, quite satisfy one.

Stay tune to Day 2.

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