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Day 2: To The Islands

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When I woke up at 8am, Calvin was watching TV at outside. After woke everyone up, we went for breakfast. Luckily, we found 1 popular Pan Mee shop.

But I didn’t see where is 家嫂 … This shop has slightly expensive price, maybe to their reputation, or they chopping tourists.

But… it’s delicious~ With Aloe Vera drink.

The boss is a 70++ year old granny, who talked a lot of story to us.

Some things he told us:

  1. Stephen Chou been to his shop.
  2. 香港无线电视 crews and actors eat at his shop while filming in Sabah.
  3. And other actors etc.
  4. He hiked Mountain Kinabalu twice in his life.
  5. He has an illegal Philippine worker, who married at 12 year old, and has 18 children now… wow.
  6. Sadly, they can’t afford to send them to school, and even worst, they don’t have birth certificates, makes them no proper identity.
  7. bla bla bla.

Later on, is to shop for Nana’s contact lens. Because we are going to island hopping, spectacles are very troublesome. Lucky I already got my free contact lens sample.

After that, back to our room, checked out. X-Plorer backpacker also allow us to keep our luggage there after check out. So we can go for our activities without our heavy luggage~


Next planned destination is Island Hopping. We drove our rented car back to airport, and get a cab to Sutera Harbour Resort. Cost us RM30, if not mistaken.

Kota Kinabalu International Airport Terminal 1. High class.

Sutera Harbour Resort entrance.

Harbour at noon time. Undescribed beautiful.

I feel like want to jump into the sea right now.

Big big boat!

The price for island hopping is RM35 for 1 island, additional RM10 for each island. By the time we arrived at first island, we need to pay RM3 conservation fee to the park administrator. (all prices are for each person)

Boarding time. Everyone carrying few bottles of drink water and food, because we going to overnight on island, and the food there is crazily expensive.

Moving~ The boat driver is shy.

Call me dump, but I just never see sea water in blue colour. And when the sea water splash into my mouth, then only I remember: sea water is salty! It’s about 10 minutes boat ride, and we reached Pulau Manukan~

Pulau manukan
Bikini girl is having sunbath. The first thing in my mind when I step on the jetty, I want to jump in the sea right away!

FYI, Pulau Manukan is one of the 5 islands that formed Taman Tunku Abdul Rahman marine park. Another 4 are Sapi, Mamutik, Gaya, and Sulug, each with different properties.

I bought Dicapac, some plastic container that can put camera inside and use under water. But sad is, the performance suck, but still better than nothing~

Anyway, this is Mr. coral.

Wa, never play in sea water for years!!!

Little Coral on the shore.

Crystal clear water.

DSC02372 DSC02374
Bobby and Nana.

This is the only resort on the island, cost minimum RM700 per night. For non Malaysian, even more expensive.

Quite a lot of Koreans visit to Islands, one of it is in the above picture.

Nana feeding fish with himself.

Small fishes swim around me. Fish naturally afraid of anything, they tend to swim away when you approach them, but after you stay there for a while, they get familiar, and start to swim around you.


Trying to catch them. But human reaction can never faster than fish… So far only Nana caught one, with a big plastic bag.

Bigger ikan bilis (is it ikan bilis?)

Retard Kelvin stared at the fish, and start to sing song: “I wanna eat you, and you, and you and you and you~” yer.

Collections of fish that appear in this park. See there is shark in the list.

It’s about 4pm, we waited at the Jetty to hop to another island – Pulau Sapi, and the time we spotted these fishes.

Fishes from the Jetty.

All sorts of fish.



Good bye Pulau manukan…


Pulau Sapi
This is one exciting island, with not much people, and we are gonna overnight here.

We rented a 6-person tent for RM30, saved a lot of money~

Done. Doh, where enough for 6 persons?

Water here is not as impressive as Manukan Island, but the sand is much finer and white.



Kinabalu City at night. Sun set 1 hour earlier than here, it’s only 6:40pm.

There is no food on the island, so we already prepared damn lot of biscuits as our lunch, dinner and tomorrow breakfast.

After dinner is some nonsense activity…

Clear water at night.

We tried to dig a deep hole, hopefully will reach water, but we never expect, at night sea level is reducing… so, no water.
There are a lot of activity happen on the island at night, crabs will only come out to play water and find food at night.

Mr Crab smile at my camera.

Some funny incident in the night:

This island has not much infrastructure compare to Gaya Island and Manukan Island, so at night, the total people on the island is less than 10 I guess.

There is only 1 spot light on the island at night… Nothing much can do, Bobby and others wanted to sleep early at 7:30pm.

While my pants still not yet dry, so I decided to walk a while on the beach. Suddenly, I heard some noise in the dark trees, some rubbish bins being push down.

WTF? I looked in the shadow, and saw a big creature is searching for food, around it still have another 3 small creature… Damn, a family of wild boars.

I SMS Bobby not to come out or make noise, because they are just about 3 meters away from our tent. And also tie our biscuit tight, so they can’t smell it.

While I stay under spot light, holding my phones. When the wild boar leave, I quickly changed my wet pants, and sleep.

Wild boars came and leave, came and leave, the whole night is an excited one.

It rains lightly at night, twice, and the sandy tent is really not comfortable to sleep in, especially without a pillow… but is indeed an unforgettable experience~

Finding Electricity
I can’t sleep so early, and my phone out of battery, so I holding my charger walking around the pondok, hoping to find 1 electric port that can charge my phone, and I saw 1 only.

Damn, used by spot light, out only light source. If I pull it off, means if anything goes wrong, the wild boar came out again, or alien attack, we all mampui (in deep shit). So, after wandering until 11pm, I went to sleep.

Stay tune for day 3~

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