Sunday, January 3, 2010


This is the 3rd day of 2010.

While writing this post, I paused at the first line for a while, don’t know what to write actually.

Look back in 2009, is like roller coaster of my life. There are so many ups and downs, and same like roller coaster, I can’t control if I am going down, or going up. Just as relationship…

But 2009 is the year I tried out most things, visited most places, do most things.

I always have a stupid thought: I wish I can visit some new place with someone special. This really motivate me to work harder, so hard, and the end, I realized I still standing at the same spot. This thinking is just too naive.

For worst things that happened in 2009, I try to swim up the source to find out what is the cause; but what I realized, no one is wrong. If there is, it will be my personality, who only knows to keep going, without realize when to stop, sorry.


Obviously, my 2009 resolution wish is not achieve… Will bring forward to 2010: I wish I meet someone so special who will appreciate me.

Always be positive to future, and again, don’t easily give up, else will regret forever. Jia you~

New Year Countdown at Queensbay Mall, my first new year countdown in public.

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