Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 3: Do nothing Day.

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Damn the tent is so hard to sleep without a pillow, my bag is still too hard as a pillow… Kakak said the tent can sleep 6 people, but 4 people already damn cacat.

Small rains happened twice during the night, so got to wake up to close the tent, and reopen when rain is over.

Woke up by Bobby in the morning. When I opened my eyes, it’s already sunrise. WOW, Sabah sun raise at 6am, let’s breakfast~

breakfast is actually some leftover biscuit from yesterday: Chipsmore, Tiger cracker, etc, no shops on the island open yet. After that we visited another side of island. Sadly, my camera out of battery… but lucky is, Nana super DSLR still in business~

Till the next boat is 5 hours more, let’s get wet, hoho~

Again, damn my camera out of battery!

The sea water in the morning is quite calm than afternoon, so we can see clearly those creatures in the seabed. Fish started to appear, the further, the bigger and colourful.

I saw many kinds of fish: Retard-Fish, Zebra-Fish, Red-Fish, Long-Fish, White Fish, Blue-Fish, Oren-Fish, and many more~ (names come in my first impression, no offense to those fish).

Retard fish like to bite our legs; zebra fish is the super Tiger Cracker consumer; Red-Fish is red; Long fish is long; bla bla bla.

Again! Damn my camera with no battery! Else I can show you all how are those fishes look like.

Looking at those fishes, I feel that all lives are so miracle… After billion years, whole world is full of life.


Back to KK
Sun is getting hot, and it’s time to back to Kota Kinabalu… Oh man, I love these islands! Still stay back in the same X-Plorer Backpacker Lodge, missed their service.



DSC02456 DSC02457 DSC02458
All the food above was introduced by the friendly guy at X-Plorer, yummy, but, expensive la… After is a straight 2 hours sleep, never sleep well last night, with rains, wild boar, and hard pillow.

Malaysia Monument. Seems like abandoned, poor place.

Milo Cincau.

Cooks in prison.

“Tolong display kalau da jual  Kalau tak, potong gaji. – Arahan Anti Max” (Please display the unit after sold one, else, deduct salary – order from Aunty Max)

Pork soup.

Then shopped for a pair of shoe for tomorrow hiking, and a shirt printed with Orang Utan, satisfied~

Stay tune for tomorrow main event~

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