Monday, July 23, 2007

The history that never record in text book.

I have been tagged!! This time was tagged by Kleio, and it's the first time by Kleio too... Said she want to know more about me wow... *as friend only la*

OK, even I am in university life now, no need to wake up at 5:50am everyday, but I still prefer the life in secondary school, so much, why? Keep reading.

My secondary school life routine.
I studied in a popular high school, which means those high school that only selected high grade result in UPSR only can enter. (I am not showing off, because there are still thousands of people who have the same standard as me). In that school, of course, not discriminating, there are mainly Chinese, or to be exact, there are only 1 Malay and 1 Indian in my form, which is total of 450++ students, so our main medium in school is mandarin, and Hokien, of course.(which Penangite don't speak Hokien?!)

Every morning, my handphone alarm clock will rang at 5:50am, and I am the earliest to wake up everyday, to brush teeth, to iron my shirt(if no one iron for me), and the shitest thing is, found out that all my school uniforms are soaking in the pail... And quickly squeeze it and iron it till it is dry... shit!@#$% . Then to make a cup of Milo(or what ever hot drink), with bread bought by my dad last night, (but not every time). Wake up my brother is my job. He will always sleep back even I woke him up a few times. I then walk out to the junction to wait for bus at 6:20am, while most people still sleeping, and still very dark. My bus never drive right in front my house, because the road is too narrow for bus. That time, both parents and grandparents still sleeping. I remember there was a female old dog always accompany me to wait bus, and she has a bunch of puppy(but all dead at last).

There are different stories in school everyday, and I will just skip it now, and talk about it later. SO now, the bell rang, and everybody is going back. In my year, we science students need to take an extra subject, called EST, English for Science and Technology, and because of that subject, I always have 1 hour extra class, with 3 hours per week, and that subject caused me to stay at school after class for 3 days out of 5. So I need to wait together with the evening class students to go back with my school bus, which is 7pm, really shit. Why don't just go back? Yes, I waited for public bus at the same bus stop for 1 hour, and need to change bus at terminal some more, and the total journey become 2 hours and half; and I don't want to disturb my parents.

So, what I do in school after class is to eat lunch, sometimes with friends, sometimes alone, continuous by few hours of study, then, it's FOOTBALL time! Luckily there is a gang who play football at the field at 4pm every day, so I joined and play with them, and had knew some friends. But my football skill still so so only~~~

My "PageRank"
Just a joke, I am not a website for search engine. In school time, I am not popular among opposite sex friends, as I am quite. I admit I am shy to mix with girls, which end up with no any significant love spark happen in the 5 years. From the guy's view... hehe, I am a kind of crazy! We talk porn joke, disturb teachers, copy homework, make noise. And glad that everytime there are any events, they will invite me, although most  of the time I will reject, because of transport problem. Too many to mention, those who read this post, you are.

My Relationship
In the 5 years, although I am shy, but under the hormone influence, I do have feeling towards opposite gender. The most significant girl in my school life is a cute little girl, slightly short than me, 1 year younger than me, with a spec(sometimes with contact lens). We joined the Games Steward Club (a club that manage all the on field sport, judges, and preparation). The first time I meet her I was not in the deep, but what happen is, we are the same member for Science and Math Society too. I started to put an eye on her, and started to like her. Everytime I passed by the corridor, I saw her with a guy, I told my self, maybe they are just friend, till her friend told me they are couple, really sad.

Miracles do happen. After a year, we contact again. She was broke up with the guy, as the guy really sucks!(I know the guy too). She is the one who made me install MSN Messenger, she is the only contact in my list, and she is also the one who can let me chat for 5 to 6 hours non stop. That year, she still don't have her own handphone, and we can only chat during Saturday and Sunday through MSN Messenger (I don't have Internet connection at home, but I do have a laptop, so can only bring it to my dad's shop to online). I have many first time experience: my first time to sit side by side with a girl, chatting crap, but feel so happy; she is the first girl in my life who sang birthday song to me, although is through a recorded CD; she also wrote 99 Happy Birthday to me, and she is the reason for me to study hard, to love life, and the reason to do everything.

But what happen at last, I do warn you all not to beat me: I gave her up without reason. That time was just after SPM exam, and school day was ended, and until now, I still don't know the reason I do so, but what had passed let it be, we are good friends now, and hope she feel happy with her current "angel". Actually, I not sure whether she was once has feeling towards me or not... Girls out there, can you translate for me?

My Academy result
Em, anything that related with Math, Science (physic, chemistry, biology), Chinese are no problem to me. I score well in these subject, although not the best in my class, but I am very confident everytime take these papers. What troubled me are history, moral, and Malay. I admit, my English is much much more better than Malay, and I know nothing about Moral(really a fuck up subject!!!). History? Hidup VHanded! That's all I know... My worst subject in SPM is my Malay, 4B, followed by Moral, 3B, but what surprise me, is my history scored 1A!(Another shit that I can't explain)

My CoCo
CoCo stand for Co-Curriculum. This is the most satisfaction event me in my high school life. I am a Karate fighter for my school. In form 3, my master found out my talent, and I was awarded The Most Talented Player together with another senior, Sito. But that time people called it MVP, it sounds cool. In form 4, I was selected to fight for my school in Penang Isshinryu Karate Federation, and I won the first gold medal in my life in below 55kg Free Sparring Men Category. In form 5, I was selected to join MAKAF(national level) in Perlis, with other seniors and juniors. Although all "dead", but it's a nice experience. I am also the Discipline Master of Science and Math Society, while the girl I mentioned was the secretary, hehe.

I think this is the rough history of my life, I have a life blog during FORM 5, at , but now converted into sponsored post.... Feel free to dig out all the old posts.

I am not tagging anyone for this, as this is the longest post I ever wrote. (any relation?)

Since anthraxxxx ask to write about his high school life, so I tagged him, lo.

***I can't get a single photo out of my PC, as I already backup all the school time photo in a CD and kept in Penang, and this post is quite 'blank' without any picture...

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yung . said...

woot, your secondary school is CLHS? If so then you are my juniou loh lolz.

Herm many alike in the secondary school routine, except that I need to wake up at 5am, wait for bus at 5.40am. very early right? Luckily it's over. hehee

but my results was obviously upside down to yours. but still consider my lucky I can enter MMU lolz.

nah don't worry. your content is okay, even without pic. :)

anthraxxxx said...

Nice entry. Do you mind if I write this one?

vhanded said...

Yung: I am Butterworth CLHS, not Island part one, but you still my senior, haha. Thanks for reading my longest post.

antraxxxx: Yes, you can pick it up, I will add a link to your site, looking foward to read your secondary school life.

Erictan7 said...

OMG... i knew u had a gal u admire.. but i didnt know u install msn msger coz of her... ur story's cool.. i like it...Gals are easy to handle, juz speak up and they wont run. Confidence is the key. tag me if u wan. lol..

anthraxxxx said...

I wrote mine already. Take a look.

vhanded said...

Erictan7: OK, as you wish, tagged you. Thanks for your 'tips', currently no target at all...

Anthraxxxx: Yea, I looked already. A nice experience huh? I still love my high school life so much, everything so balance.

Kleio the Muse said...

Of course that gal has got feelings for you. You dumb-dumb lah if you don't know this yet. Poor thing this gal.

LOL. So you are like me too - hates history. I meant local history studies. Freaking boring.

Wow, so you are a Karate expert eh. I salute you for that. Master VHanded. :D

Nice post you did here. Thanks for indulging me ;) I enjoyed reading it. Thanks again.

yung . said...

Ahhh I don't want to be ur senior I dont' want to be so OLDddd!!


vhanded said...

Kleio: emmm... at least i have 1 more friend now lo... Sometimes just too scare to know the truth... By the way, I am not expert la, now stop training, losing skill...

Yung: just few years older la, not very old.(but still consider older than me, hahah!!)

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